Subtitles for US Deploys ‘Secret Weapon’ To Asia That Can Detect China’s Stealth Jets

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us deploys secret weapon to Asia that
can detect China stealth jets the United
States has decided to err on the side of
caution by deploying its northrop
grumman e2d advanced Hawkeye carrier
capable tactical airborne early warning
aircraft to Japan to counter the NASA
threat posed by China's low observable
fighter jets scheduled to enter
widespread service by the next decade
the new anap y9 radar on the e-2d
advanced Hawkeye is capable of detecting
fighter sighs stealth jets typically
optimized against high frequencies like
kaku x c and parts of the S pen's this
means the e-2d can detect all enemy
fifth-generation fighters such the
russian sukhoi pak bought the chin do
j-20 and shen yun FC 31 the US Navy said
it c2d advanced Hawkeyes will deploy to
marine corps air station iwakuni in
February the advanced Hawkeyes to be
based in Japan previously operated from
the aircraft carrier USS theodore
roosevelt in support strikes on the
Islamic state in Syria and Iraq
deployment of the advanced Hawkeyes is
part of a plan to put the most advanced
and capable units forward in order to
support the United States commitment to
the defense of Japan and the security
and stability of the region sent the
the e-2d SI and apy radar system has the
power to see smaller targets and more of
them at a greater range particularly in
coastal regions and over land said its
maker lockheed martin a 2014 report in
the US Naval Institute news says the AAP
why equipped Hawkeyes might be the US
Navy's secret weapon against Chinese and
Russian stealth jets and cruise missiles
china was to have commissioned its first
j 20s into active service with the
people's liberation army air force in
late December 2016 although build by
China as the equivalent of the northrop
grumman f-35 Joint Strike Fighter the
j-20 is nowhere near the f-35 in all
aspects stealth and capabilities some
Western experts argue the j-20 is only a
low observable aircraft lacking in all
aspects stealth the hallmark of a true
stealth fighter
nevertheless the j-20 in people's
liberation army air force frontline
service will present a tremendous
challenge for the indian air force whose
indigenous stealth fighter program has
yet to get off the ground

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