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hi guys this is miguel today I'm gonna
tell you a little bit about how to
customize your facebook fanpage how to
customize your facebook page so that you
can get a higher engagement rate of your
fans and a lot of that information is
going to invite revolve around adding
custom tabs to your Facebook fan page so
that we can connect all of our social
social media accounts and we're going to
be able to keep people on our page and
they're going to be able to get to know
us establish a relationship and as we
build that bridge from the existing
brand and the popular page we build a
bridge over to our own personal brand a
key component of that is having people
get to know you
ok so stay tuned until the end i'm going
to give you access to two free tools
during this video and at the end i'm
also going to give you two tips in
addition to adding custom tabs to help
you increase the engagement rate on your
Facebook page and we're going to do that
at the end ok so stay tuned
so the first thing i want to share with
you is really we're going to be able to
use this tool to create a great
environment on our facebook fanpage it's
not going to jump out at people but it's
going to be right there so they can see
it if they're curious which is what we
want to create ok we'll be able to
create a welcome page so if for instance
if you're running ads and you want
people to see the and you want to
customize the very first page that they
see rather than just coming in on your
timeline we can use this tool that i'm
going to show you to create a custom
welcome page we're also going to be able
to create tabs on our facebook page that
are going to bring in basically our
pinterest boards it will bring in our
twitter feed
it'll bring in our YouTube channel and
bringing will bring in our Instagram
photos and it's also going to be able to
we're going to have great images great
titles on this
tabs and some people are going to be
they're going to click on a tab and it's
going to be lead to a capture page where
we will be able to capture their email
address basically so that we can contact
them outside of facebook which is great
because that's going to give us a little
bit more flexibility in terms of content
things that we can show them where we
can send them or invite them to go look
in terms of links that we can use so
it's going to open up really a spectrum
and it's going to also because your fan
page that you're building with this
broad appeal can grow to thousands and
thousands and tens of thousands very
quickly but we know that all of those
people are not going to become our
customer so we need to be able to kind
of sort without irritating and
alienating the people who like the
content with pitches for our product
right so we need to separate the people
who are most interested in what we have
to offer
we're going to do that through capture
pages and through some of these other
tabs where they get to know us and get
to see what we're all about
ok so i'm going to now walk you through
let me minimize that way and minimize
that one and so the free tool the first
free tool is full so if you go
to I feel like I look funny
what I'm saying that but why
right so if you go to this page then
you're going to be able to add tabs to
your page so let me show you what I'm
talking about this is my page that goes
along with my blog and my youtube
channel and its empowered spouse and i
have some tabs here
okay i'm going to expand those so you
can see what we're in the process of
building and you see I'm in the process
of adding the Sun as well so you'll be
able to add tabs and customize them so
this one is Pinterest and it takes boats
to see my board seat but we're still
within Facebook and we've actually
and our pinterest boards into facebook
so people get to see what we're about
get to know us a little bit more and you
can show them one board so for instance
if i had one board that was related to
military spouses which is what my
empowered spouse targets I could stick
with all military stuff and not show
them any of these other things if I
wanted to have a really tight focus but
i also want because you know where
multifaceted and so empowered spouse
doesn't necessarily have to be a
military spouse right so we all are
involved in taking care of our family
maybe our pets and our kids and our
careers and so we might have boards
about all those things and so i'll have
I'll expose them to all of my boards
rather than just one because they might
find something that interests them and
that connects us that they can relate to
write but you're also see that i have a
tab twitter right so my twitter feed is
also now pulled into facebook so they
can see what I've been tweeting about ok
so they can see I'm setup they can
follow me they can see that i have
followers on Twitter they can see that I
tweet fairly often they can see kind of
what I'm talking about and it provides a
lot of length for them to go to ok so
that's what we're creating you're going
to have your fanpage going to be about a
popular topic right this is my personal
brand but I pull people into this brand
from my bridge marketing brands
ok so you can build you can add these
tabs to your bridge marketing brand page
and you can also add these tabs to your
personal brand page
ok so and the great thing about it is
you can add up to 10 custom tabs to each
page so you can have your twitter your
youtube videos that are related
to the topic for instance you can have
all of that brought into your face
ok so now that you know what we're
headed for let's go back over to do and you're going to be able to
click on get started for three make sure
that you are logged into your facebook
account and you're logged into your
personal profile because you know that's
kind of the foundation of your facebook
account and then you're going to come to
a screen and it's going to show you the
pages that you can work with and I want
to back out and up top you'll see they
have different options so they have some
promotion tabs again I think this is a
paid option and then they have some free
facebook static tabs and that's the one
that you want to click on and you see
now on empowered spouse my facebook
fanpage i have a pinterest tab Twitter
tab and a couple of other what they call
HTML fan gate tabs ok one goes to my
blog and one goes to a capture page that
I created on by leadpages dotnet so you
can go check out that and i'll put a
link down below for you to see that as
well so let's see the other thing that I
wanted to do
let's see if I can create a YouTube tab
so you would go over to create a new tab
and select the one that you want to
create i'm going to do YouTube your
youtube username and powered spots
yeah let's see featured URL
let's see what into input the URL of the
video that you would like to appear
first on tab ok so let me go over open
sign in if i can remember right
okay i'm going to go in
so go to my channel
and killed outright and let's say I
start out with this one cause that and
then up top in the address bar URL gonna
copy that with a control C and then head
back over to hear you can also add a fan
gate so a person can see the content
after they become a fan or liked your
page I'm going to leave that off right
now and click save settings let's see if
that's right and then let's go over to
empower spouse refresh when you make
changes over on blue box then you can
come over here and click refresh
that's my twitter yet let's see and
there's my youtube and so they can see
my subscribers
they also have looks like the
opportunity to subscribe
let me pause that and then they can also
see whatever video you put to be your
first video so you can actually create a
video to introduce the fans of your page
to your YouTube channel and what your
videos are going to be about so they'll
see that more of my videos are about
facebook marketing Facebook marketing
internet marketing other kinds of topics
and so I could create a new video and
introduce that to them as well
ok so now you see i have on empowered
spouse pinterest twitter and youtube so
I'm tying in all of my social media i
also have some capture pages and a link
to my blog and so my blog is here and a
capture page let's see one of the
capture pages you can either take them
all the way to the domain and so it will
take up the whole screen or you can kind
of bring this domain onto facebook and
it will look a lot like some of the
other Facebook pages and it will just be
a narrow picture on the page setup
whichever you decide okay so now you've
got all of your social media accounts
linked people can go from one to the
for instance you build a fan page up to
10,000 that would be great to get a
fraction of those people to subscribe to
your YouTube channel because that's
going to help your YouTube channel on
youtube videos rank and be seen by more
people on YouTube and then that's going
to bring them into your capture pages
your email your YouTube and it's going
to bring you that many steps closer to
finding your next customer on Facebook
every day which is awesome
ok so all of this link together so this
is a very exciting tool and it's all
ok so i also promised you to tools so
the second tool is leadpages if you go
to buy leadpages dotnet dot-com duy
leadpages calm then you'll have access
to a great program that's going to allow
you to create a lead capture pages so
that we can take you know tens of
thousands of people and we're going to
be able to sort them down to hundreds
and thousands of people who are really
interested in what you have to offer and
they want to hear from you more often
and more consistently and maybe more
thoroughly and with video and blog posts
and so forth ok so you're going to be
able to use this second tool and i have
written an extensive review of it and
created some tutorial videos and if you
do decide to buy the leadpages dotnet
program I created some bonus training
videos as well so and then I promised
you to tips to help you with your
Facebook engagement rate that don't
involve technical stuff so one is on
your facebook fanpage you're going to
create and you
great images awesome images that people
want to share they want to say hey look
at this
so we want those kinds of images and the
second tip is you want to create a call
to action so you have this great picture
tell them to share it tell them click
share if you liked this picture click
like if you liked this picture click
like for her hairstyle or click like for
this jewelry or whatever you posted a
picture of tell people to do it and they
will do it and so the last thing that I
want to share with you of course is to
like this video give it a thumbs up
subscribe to my channel by clicking the
subscribe button and then click on the
link down below and enter your email
address so that you can get more
information more tips like this
sent directly to your email about how to
find your next customer on facebook as
well as other internet marketing tips
about blogging and making YouTube videos
and then the last thing when you enter
your email into the capture page that
comes when you click on the link i'm
going to send you a free plug-in so to
speak for your browser and that is going
to be a tool bar that's going to allow
you to better target the perfect people
on facebook and that's going to be for
free so the toolbars for free and then
the targeting the people on facebook is
also going to be free so excuse me
click on the link down below enter your
email address and i'm going to send all
of that to your email thanks bye

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