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today we are going to review the
data that has already been
entered into your MD interactive
account we will be looking
specifically at the PQRS reports
these reports will allow you to
see errors in your data entry
and any corrections that need to
be made
begin by choosing your favorite
web browser and goto once on our
homepage you can then enter in
the username and password for
your MD interactive account once
you are on your account homepage
you'll want to scroll down and
review the summary of your PQRS
providers under the section
titled PQRS providers you will
see a summary of the data that
you have already entered for
each provider you will notice in
this example that there are
several messages and read these
read messages indicate that
there are still items that need
to be completed and or edited
before you can make final
payment and before we would
submit your data to CMS
scrolling over you will notice
under the PQRS payment
adjustment that they're
reporting errors in this video
we are going to explore more
about the reporting errors below
the PQRS provider section you
will also see the PQRS report
section in this area you can
specifically click on reports
relevant to the data that has
been already entered in this
case preventive care measures
group has been entered for this
provider if you have entered
individual measures for this
provider those would be listed
here for the purposes of this
example we are going to work
with the preventive care
measures group and click on this
report after opening the report
you will notice first the title
PQRS report for preventive care
measures group first let's go
through the sections of this
report on the far left-hand side
you will see a column name
status status is where you will
find information specific to the
errors that exist in your
forms as we move along you'll
see that the data entry for this
particular provider is ongoing
the payment of course has not
yet been made and that the
consent has not been completed
or signed then you will see the
provider's name individual NPI
and tax ID number listed for the
data that has already entered
into the system in this example
you can see that we've entered
to Medicare patients so far we
have yet to enter any non
Medicare patients so the total
patient-centered so far for the
preventive care measures group
is to as you continue to scroll
over each measure from the
measures group is listed in this
case the first measure listed is
measure number 39 screening for
osteoporosis for women aged 65
to 85 years old
underneath that section you'll
see both the performance rates
and the reporting rate for that
particular measure the benchmark
data is not yet available from
CMS but once it is you will see
the benchmark information of
where nationally people fall
within this area once CMS
provides us with that data we
will put it into our system so
that you can have benchmarking
as you continues to scroll over
you will see each of the
measures from the preventive
care measures group remember if
you are entering just a single
measure you would only see the
report for that one measure but
in the case of the measures
group you will see all of the
measures included within that
group please note that items in
red indicate that there is an
error as you can see measure
number 226 tobacco use screening
and sensation has a0 performance
rate which is not acceptable in
order to pass PQRS the reporting
rate is also only fifty percent
reporting rates must be a
hundred percent so there's work
to be done in correcting this
measure but let's scroll back
to the status section so that we
can learn more about these
errors here in the status
section you can see there are
lists of errors or ongoing
concerns with the data that has
been submitted notice that next
to each error listed there is a
blue dot hovering your mouse
over that blue dot will provide
you with more information in
regards to the error as you can
see the first error listed
states that we have less than 20
patients please note that when
completing the measures group
the minimum requirement is 20
patients with just over fifty
percent or 11 being Medicare
Part B for service patients this
error message is in regards to
the fact that we've only entered
to at this point once we have
successfully entered the right
number of medicare patients and
the total of twenty patients
this error will remove itself
the next two errors that you see
regards to the performance rate
and the reporting rates
first the performance rating 0
present is not acceptable in
order to pass PQRS if you were
to hover your mouse over the
blue . you can see that the
measure of concern is measure
number 226 for the tobacco
screening cessation intervention
that we noted earlier a
performance rate of 0% is not
acceptable to pass when you look
at the reporting rate we also
have less than a hundred percent
the reporting right simply means
that each answer has not been
successfully completed for a
patient if you hover your mouse
over it you'll see that for
measure 226 we are missing an
answer for patient becca pass
that will need to be entered in
order to have a reporting rate
of a hundred percent for measure
number 226 the last two error
message listed are simply in
regards to the consent the
consent form currently on file
has a different tax ID number
which means that for this
particular provider and
individual NPI and tax ID
the consent does not exist in
order to remove these errors you
would simply have your provider
sign a consent the correct
individual mpi and tax ID
combination that matches the
data you are entering and the
way in which you billed Medicare
this can be done directly online
by simply clicking on the sign
button under the PQRS report
section you will notice that
there are several ways in which
you can explore data
this will allow you to view your
data in a different format
another excellent way to access
your patient specific
information is to simply click
on the provider's name when
clicking on the provider's name
it will pull the full list of
all of the patient-centered in
this case we will see the to
Medicare patients that have been
entered for this provider then
you can simply make edits we
also have a video on how to make
edits for your patience
feel free to take a look at that
once you have reviewed your PQRS
report and made your necessary
changes you can simply go back
to your home page by selecting
go next to home
this will take you back to your
home page so that you can
continue either creating more
patient records or searching
those records that you may want
to edit or change this concludes
our tutorial on how to read PQRS
reports if you have any error
messages or concerns that are
not clear or you're unable to
edit please feel free to either
join us via online chat or by
calling our helpline at 1 806
344731 are experienced agents
are ready and available to
assist you monday through friday
$MONTH $DAY 9am to 5pm eastern
standard time
thank you
and have a great day

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