Pause sub
here you're my name's Dan to
make it has been your day to
tell you guys about one of the
computer repair companies in the
Westchester area specifically in
Mount Vernon it's a mobile
computer our computer repair
army its run by my guiding
and I gotta tell ya I went I had
some computer problems I went to
some other major places like
Best Buy and staples
and I went to a couple good
places to get an idea of what it
would cost to get my computer
and I came across the even and
perfect tak
dot com that's our it spell PE
FB T EC H perfect ac
dot com and now here's the thing
I no fee for diagnostic no fee for
no fee for diagnostic no fee for
a quote
and if he can't fix it he's not
gonna charge you now you go try
to pass by and see what happens
you're paid up front before you
even drop off the computer
arm if on-site repairs not are
realistic he'll take a steamy
scene usually does love the work
but he'll take the computer back
with him no additional fee
so I mean imagine all there is
that's covered arm within that
Mount Vernon area and beyond
I mean if you're close by he's
gonna come take care be like I
he does love the work himself
arm in
he does that for own one good
reason says company if you want
to go above and beyond
are so no matter what it is
whether it's on virus removal
arm any type of harddrive repair
any table
upgrades will save all your
files you picture your music
he can he can adjust your
computer arm to have it setup
with the way use it maybe your
gamer maybe you are use it more
just for surfing the web
are Stephen can go on and set
your computer up for how are you
need to use
so I just want you guys go check
it out check out the website the
website itself
is really high tech it sa
perfect tech dot com go check it
make sure you told and say
that's my name Dan and I approve
this message thanks

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PerfeTech is a complete computer and laptop repair service center; we diagnose and repair damaged, slow-running and badly infected computers quickly and accurately.

We fix slow running computers, Windows errors, system crashes, blue screen of death, systems that won't boot and systems that don't boot correctly. We also repair laptop power jacks and perform memory upgrades and system updates.

PerfeTech specializes in virus removal, computer speed-up, and Windows operating system errors as flat-fee services.

Whether if you have 1 or 100 viral infections, the repair price remains the same, laptop or PC. Don't toss out your older PC, we can most likely speed-up your older computer for a great flat rate as well.

Call us toll-free at 914-979-5429 or visit our website at