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hello it's still it taking
speaking home ritual green
chambers and i'm looking at a
book called Jordan's
which is an important book its
14 people in holding
finance business regulating
everything else I'll connecting
whiz the issue
bribery mississippi's
legislation the book is the
Bribery Act 2010
a practical guide from Jordan
such the front the side and then
there's a
back copper it's being written
by Ian O'Shea
and I think the book is
excellent because it really does
Katrina relatively cracks cool
man the law
problems all the legislation and
the index
on what you've got is standard
structure to all the switches
house of Nanking size on
boatloads on at the Sun
scoresheet got
a very substantial amount case
law and statutes which
highlighted sounds course you
have a whole with which sets out
the mall little
as it stands this is a
controversial pieces legislation
up too many people on we have
given it a title
the Bribery Act clear detailed
and up-to-date analysis
of the legislation because is
controversial too many people
and is water resistant people so
I hope that this book will
dispel some other concerns some
people have about what you can
and can't do
when he's a gifted bright bus
the question
when each corporate hospitality
a bride in the light Avenue
aunty Bribery Act which came
into force in July 2011
it's become a matter of urgency
to find out on the quote that
I'm getting from the los tres
this although ET's cool statute
the main sex the Bribery Act
will be on the conduct
basics and that's what a shame
says adding that civil
will keep breaking into most
discussions at the cruel
bribery now it's always being
the view Sony
course that they don't want to
link also sells to have a BA in
Business & Company masses
let people get on that the
market takeover
but in this case sweethearts and
direct you like interference
guidance as to where to go so
what george hasn't done is to
I practical guide to practically
shit that's what this is
it's very very helpful indeed it
starts with some interesting
points dealing with morality and
the fundamental practical
perspectives on bribery
and points up just taste to cry
because across a wide range
societies and cultures even
though in certain countries it
continues to be regarded as on
long palatable total evil
however is in shape search is
widely acknowledged that
is a major contributor to
quality conflict in developing
the mall Karachi distorts
markets increases the cost
Craig raises the credits and
political risks season Rusland
contributes to economic
instability so you can see
was mostly myspace the
parliamentarians to act
the text identifies difficult
interpretation which i think
will help get you involved in
this as well as issues
enforcement and prosecution
on their chops on things like
acted bribery and passive
this is of course only tasting
gonna sit in the short
review what is actually are
contained in this
erudite readable book it's the
last chapter which she examines
the particular problems
hospitality commotion
facilitation payments and so
forth which i think will be the
importance to the business
community so it's not just a
lawyers it should be able for
like to arrange them
hot I'll finally get it's a few
steeled the practical approach
taken by gotta think is
extremely helpful
so little familiar lies you with
the implications of the
now where we going since its
implementation in 8 colours
2011 so thank you to the also
and jordan's
1x contribution to the new
statute on

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By Eoin O'Shea

Jordans Publishing

ISBN: 978 1 84661 194 0


An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers

When is a gift a bribe? When is 'corporate hospitality' a bribe? In the light of the new anti-bribery Act which came into force in July 2011, it has become a matter of urgency to find out. 'Although it is a criminal statute'...the main effects of the Bribery Act will be on the conduct of business,' says the author, Eoin O'Shea, adding that 'civil law will keep breaking in to most discussions of the criminal law of bribery.'

Brand new from Jordans Publishing, this book (as the subtitle promises) provides a practical guide to practitioners, particularly those who act for clients in the commercial and public sectors. The book commences with some interesting historical, moral and fundamentally practical perspectives on bribery, pointing out that distaste for bribery occurs across a wide range of societies and cultures, even though in certain countries it continues to be regarded as an unpalatable, but tolerable evil.

However, as the author asserts, 'it is widely acknowledged that corruption is a major contributor to poverty and conflict in developing countries.' Furthermore, 'corruption distorts markets... increases the cost of trade, raises the credit and political risks of overseas investment, (and) contributes to economic instability...'

Following this thoughtful introduction, the book's subsequent chapters contain clear and detailed analyses of the legislation. Compliance procedures are explained with respect to the new Act -- and worked scenarios and hypothetical, but illustrative examples are frequently used to clarify particular points.

Certainly the text identifies difficult issues of interpretation, as well as issues of enforcement and prosecution. There are chapters on active bribery and passive bribery, for example, followed by examinations of such topics as improper performance...bribery of foreign officials...failure of commercial organizations to prevent bribery...accessory liability and civil liability.

This of course is only a taste of what this erudite and readable book contains. It's the last chapter which examines the particular problems of hospitality, promotion, facilitation payments, extortion and mergers; issues which will be of concern to many a business, or public sector organisation in the UK.

For further clarification, discussion and research, there's a useful section at the back with an extensive list of websites and blogs on the subject. And as you would expect with a work of this stature, further avenues for research abound, including tables of cases, statutes, statutory instruments, European material and international material. The nine appendices include the text of the Act plus additional explanatory notes and guidance.

If you're a practitioner in this field, the practical approach taken by this guide will familiarise you with this important new legislation and its many implications. Propositions of the law are stated as at 30 April 2011.