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ok yeah I've been thinking that
the vast majority of on subs of
the side of the mo aren't driven
by the killing and really
fascinated by the body parts and
psychologically they exist in a
realm where fantasy meets
delusion is basically the
perfect blueprint for the
creation of a serial killer bee
I'm rambling aren't I yes it's
probably too .
I think I know what this unsub
may have gotten started about 10
pairs issues I mean that has to
be enough right 10
Spence it's different with the
ladies we need them to match
their belts or handbags or
skirts and fashions change with
the seasons
yes boys are so boring pants
shoes out the door
although it's not like men don't
have their things I dated a
golfer once he had 12 putters in
his closet but this conversation
is reminding me i need new boots
were havin a sale at the mills
on those tall ship kitty heels
you like those two wanna go
yeah you know this kid no no
read fail disqualification
you can retest in two weeks yeah
but he's going to be embarrassed
about it so let's not mention it
yeah that's fine huh the word
well here for you
I'm serious if you ever need
anything just blowing it
you really are afraid of the
dark i'm working on you work a
little harder able to your
already onto password was Colin
: Cullen the vampire family from
Twilight Twilight you ever read
anything other than technical
not much in English okay i'll
see what i can drag my love is
ok thanks as a profile come and
I never really feel ready you
fine i am gonna go talk to
Torres BFF before the meeting
requests come in and gets too
crazy to BFF best friend forever
should go with you
now you have a profile to
deliver your I try to work on a
little more
what do you have my phone Derek
hey I'm Spence is ready for the
why yes he's right here I'll be
don't do that is it woman
oh no don't stop it don't what
problem don't do that
wanna because there are six
elevator related deaths per year
not to mention 10,000 injuries
require hospitalization chill
out of this like pretty good ask
me what you scared me
just go nuts if I don't want you
to get you to be honest is that
full bush
well I'm doing it not the tappan
private creditors front door
no no not today
no not today
is that the alarm because we're
good i'll get back to you on
art well hello
what did you join a boy band
no he's Ian Doyle a personal one
a young boy's life was at stake
I ran the probability of his
survival and it wasn't good if
you want to punish me for taking
a risk and i encourage you to do
that but do not put the rest of
my team on trial for something
that I suggested calm down agent
this is calm and it's dr.
someone with an ax to grind
against the principal what may
be the surrogate for the term
enters in high school he can't
punish you or yours

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