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top 5 most viral photos on Mars
number five
face on Mars way back in
nineteen seventy-six the viking
1 orbiter photograph this face
on Mars launching countless
theories of intelligent life on
Mars 30 years later it was
proven to just be a sand dune
Hill in the cydonia region but
up to this time
some ancient alien theorists
still claim that this picture is
approved that aliens visited
Mars in the distant past and
left a message for us to
number four
ours the photograph taken in
2004 by the mars explorer spirit
appears to show a human shaped
object that looks startlingly
like previous photographs
purporting to have captured
Bigfoot is actually Iraq with no
more than six centimeters tall
and does not move
however the photo went viral and
finally made it to anderson
cooper of CNN although Anderson
Cooper found it laughable he did
interview a serious documentary
director number three
skull on Mars several years ago
UFO enthusiasts zoomed in on a
peculiar Mars rock and then
digitally altered it to show its
resemblance to a human skull
according to the website UFO
sightings daily there's an
eighty percent chance the skull
is real and that it's up to
twenty percent longer than a
typical skull making it three
meters long
the picture became viral on
social media sites however
astronomers would disagree with
UFO sightings assessment that it
is a human skull scientists gave
an explanation that the
formation is more likely a
Martian rock that has been
eroded by sand and wind
number two
crab on
ours the crab like or facehugger
from the alien series of movies
was a fearsome creature and now
NASA reports finding a structure
on Mars that looks much like the
terrifying being the photo
became so popular and has
excited some groups and
individuals who contend the
object is an alien life-form
they have provided several names
for the object including alien
John Carter spider and awesome
Marshall Space crab
however researchers at the
National Space Agency are
certain that the unusual object
is a geological rather than a
biological formation the crab
like features seen in the images
is found in the mouth of a cave
number one
woman on Mars lately an
incredible image taken of the
red planet captured something
with a striking resemblance to a
regal mysterious woman standing
guard on the planet's surface
this photo became viral on
social media sites and almost
half of the population of the
human race believe that there is
really a life on Mars
do you believe that there is
really a life on Mars
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With the Mars Rovers roaming the surface of the Red Planet and sending us countless images to study, it was inevitable that unusual sightings and theories would start popping up. Here is the Top 5 Most Viral Photos on Mars.