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if you're a business owner looking for
more local customers I've got something
that's important for you this is an
email from one of our clients letting us
know how his program is doing and he
didn't hit he says we have purchased an
additional track for the fleet to handle
the onslaught as well as hired in
december two new employees to help keep
up there was a professional moving
company and we have them ranked on the
front page of the search engines when
people are looking for a professional
moving company and they are
neck-and-neck with their closest
competitor in very shortly will become
the best rated option on the front page
and that's important because if you want
more customers you have to get this
roughly ninety seven percent of your
customers that are online are using
google to find local businesses and then
roughly eight percent of them are using
reviews to decide who they're going to
give their money to which is what
they're going to purchase right so if
you want more customers all you need to
do is show up on the front page with
more reviews than your competition
thank you know that sounds really easy
but in reality it's actually kind of
complicated and as a business owner
really is overwhelming because you've
got to be a little bit tacky to fix your
website learn how to do online
not only that but you don't have time to
do all that stuff and you're being
bombarded by call centers overseas that
promise to get your front page rankings
which is a lie because you can't promise
that or local friends that do more harm
than good
even though they have the best
intentions for you in most cases we have
to undo the work that's already been
done because they aren't up to date with
the latest artificial intelligence
changes or what's really happening to
rank businesses in a local marketplace
or massive agencies with matching
massive fees which are really kind of
pricing local businesses out of the
marketplace which is why I'm hosting a
free webinar to show you exactly how to
generate your own results without having
to pay anybody myself included
here's why first off I'm it's simple if
you really want to go and generate your
own customers you can do it for free
all it takes is the time invested and I
want to make sure that you've got the
right process in place that you can
actually get results and believe in the
results that online marketing can get
for you because i know this can help
your business and during the event I
don't hold anything back there is no
secret sauce that you have to buy it
nation product for at the end or
whatever I literally walking through
everything that our agency does in order
to generate results for our clients and
if you want to do it on your own you can
do that now here's the catch
chances are if you go out and get
results on your own you'll share this
with your friends your talk about my
business you'll send me referrals and in
the end I'm going to benefit by training
you for free or some of you will be too
busy to do it on your own understand
that we know what we're talking about
and request a free consultation after
the training and if we can help you we
will invite you to invest in our
services and work to make you another
one of our success stories so really
it's a win-win-win now very quickly
there's gonna be three major things that
i'm going to cover on this free webinar
training for you the first is how to
overhaul your website make sure that you
show up in the local search results the
second thing that i'm gonna show you how
to do is optimize your web presence by
going out building high quality local
links in your local market place plus
this new strategy that were using with
content that's actually generating
tremendous results and then the third
thing that I'm going to show you how to
do is systematize your business for
ratings and reviews so that you get real
reviews from real customers and real
testimonials that generate real
referrals and bring in new business from
on line marketing it's going to be a
fantastic event so click the button to
register for free today my name is chris
johnston i'm the president of connection
incorporated and i hope that you enjoy
the event

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Local Business Marketing Strategies. During this free webinar you get to discover the 3 marketing strategies we use to help our local business clients double their sales.

1. How to fix your website for local search.
2. Our local website marketing strategy for backlinking and content.
3. Reputation management for immediate ROI and long term business growth.

The entire event is designed to give you everything you need to generate more customers that are already looking to purchase what you have to sell!

This video starts with the testimonial from one of our professional moving clients Michael. He outlines his need to buy another truck and add 3 new staff to keep up with the demand from our local business marketing systems.

Register today for our free webinar where you get free access to the 3 step process we use to generate these results and more for our local customers!