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today's program we will be
at FedEx and they're amazing
programs that is great
I would love to learn more about
what can be done to help
Canadians pick their credit
Canada credit fix specializes in
credit repair
debt settlement in foreclosure
mitigation they provide these
services to all Canadians in
every single province
well tell me about credit repair
what exactly is it
and how do they do it credit
repair is the traditional
mistakes and false reporting on
your credit report as many as 43
percent of all credit reports
and Canada
containers or simply incorrect
information these are things
that can possibly get you
decline when trying to borrow
money such as credit cards
loans and mortgages I really
tell me more our experts have
been able to assist people with
the removal of negative credit
such as collections
written off accounts judgments
foreclosures uneven bankruptcy
I'll we can help clients dispute
any items that may have been put
on the endeavor
or do not report 100 percent
accurate the law states
that all information being sold
on your credit report must be
100 percent accurate
and unfortunately there is a
World Cup sloppy and false
reporting going on
that is so scary how so much
information can be sold on
don't people have a right
absolutely they do have rights
and there are laws to protect
our programs are designed to
help people properly disputed
remove the false and incorrect
data leaving them with the
credit they deserve
and a higher credit score we
consider ourselves the watchdogs
for the credit reporting
the how is Canada credit fix
able to be
so successful at helping fix
these credit reports Canada
credit fix
hires only industry leaders and
experts from the credit
finance and collection industry
they even have an in-house legal
department with a full-time
lawyer in litigation expert
the best part is that they are
even higher ex-employees of
Canada credit fix knows credited
me know your rights
I'll after this recession I am
that many Canadians could
that many Canadians sure could
use debt settlement debt
settlement is another program
offered by Canada credit fix
essentially we will help
negotiate your unpaid
collections and judgments with
your creditors
collectors and debtors how does
pain 30 cents on the dollar
well you can actually lower
people's deaths by 70 percent
sometimes even more the best
part is we use our credit repair
and also try to negotiate
removal up negative credit
report items
this not only makes your debt
payout affordable but should
leave you with cleaner credit to
one other programs do you offer
we give all of our customers 12
months by Deputy
that insurance for up to twenty
five thousand dollars in losses
every year thousands of
Canadians become victims of
credit fraud and identity
left in fact each year this
problem seems to be getting
worse and worse
we like to educate and protect
our clients I
how long does it take to clean
credit are negotiated at our
policy is to work on files
immediately after receiving
payment with little to no delay
once we complete the analysis we
notify the customer immediately
as to the recount ended course
of action
by law the credit reporters
collectors and creditors only
have a set amount of time to
respond with revisions
in other words the whole process
can happen in a matter a balmy
but could realistically take a
few weeks or months in the worst
case scenario
it sounds like you're great
programs must cost a fortune
who can afford these programs
our programs are very affordable
and we even offer payment plans
to help those less fortunate get
the clean credit they deserve
our programs are all inclusive
in flat rate
there are no hidden fees or
extra costs whatsoever
that is totally amazing but how
much is it
let's put it this way for as
little as $39 dollars per month
you can be on your way to better
lower affordable debts and a
higher credit score the
how do people kind Canada credit
very easy
either online at WWW dot Canada
credit fix dot com or
by calling us that one aid 6 6
5 3 0 3 6
for 6 once again pants
one aid 6 6
5 3 0 3
6 for 6 it is as simple as that
either call was now or feel free
to apply online
in the hand today
and thanks for answering my
okay as the camera of
these shoes are killing me yeah

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