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splitting a single Ethernet connection
is really easy all you need is a couple
of things continue watching to see how
you can do it
so how does question from quite a few
paper lots how do you split and in
internet connection so the way to do it
with the same core networks which one it
works which does it sort of X like a USB
hub in the in the sense of what it does
but it's not exactly the same not going
to order and technical the
technicalities at the moment but what
does cause it's got all of network ports
on the back so one port is the input and
you've got access to black other devices
into all the other ports pretty simple
so people go year but it's quite
confusing how do i use it
that's what this video's for so my
switches got eight ports you can buy any
sort of networks which ideas for port
ones to 24 port ones what you do need to
realize that one of those ports you will
not be able to use one of those ports is
the input port so for example because
I've got eight ports one of these ports
input so that basically means you its
imports so it's even other devices i can
connect up to 18 cable and they go give
up on TV performance decreases if you
get a switch i'm going to gigabit switch
you can probably get 10 gigabit switches
now you don't really notice any
performance drops because everything
just being passed through it is knows
dhcp your no service I'd things going on
inside the switch was basically doing is
putting routing all your traffic through
the one cable there's no other know the
business going on because if you like
one and have the same IP address from
the router there's no other no other
things going on there so what we've got
is we've got a input cable this blue
cable here's and put cable goes down to
the internet connection so what we'll do
is we'll plug that into one thing on a
network switch so i'll be using port 1
as the input just so you remember and if
it's easy and you don't have all the
devices filled up what you should
sometimes do is put the input on this
side and then start filling in from that
side so you don't know which one is
which so let's use this
cables issues a purple one is our
outputs will go to our computer so good
i switch and always going to do is plug
it into this it doesn't matter which one
you plug the input into which one you .
is output it's just nice to see visit
visually which is which
so maybe you could label it or when you
can have a scheme or something like that
doesn't actually matter which way you do
it that so but i'll switch in their
place and this other end of the ethernet
cable into our computer and finally the
last thing we need to do with the switch
is put in the hard life so most witches
come with a power plug just go to its
power brick just goes in there so we'll
check them now
all rights or switches on and the plans
will start to initialize so we've got
our power lights come on and we'll see
the lights ticking down and you can see
where the device is connected based on
what lights appear so what we can see is
our one is green and are a screen on
that was going off but we should see how
one out eight and blinking so blink as
long as this traffic on the network so
even if not all your devices on and
probably still blank because it is still
things going through your network ports
outside ones up and put next output so
what do your father's computer 1 and we
should now see and ethernet connected
now there's no way around this room with
purely going through the switch and we
gotta chick LOL network speed now it
over to our options you can see if one
gigabit per second so what happens if
you try to connect to other devices
within the switch you have the speed of
wondering about for seeking however if
you're connecting outside the switch
perhaps it will go that's it will go
that but slower or faster depending on
your career connection arrangement so
that's pretty much worse which doesnt
how to use it it sort of splits your
ethernet cable off so you can play a lot
more devices and relatively cheap you
can get for 5.1 surround twenty bucks
generally that 100 millisecond look at
once and the faster it is the first
using the most you can get your
these medications or vista get quite
Brooklyn's gigabit at the moment is the
best fit and this really want a
high-power 10 gigabit one that those
required more expensive and you want to
take much advantage job so yep pretty
much that's how you switch if you like
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With a network switch and a few cables its really easy to run multiple devices off one ethernet connection.