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one lima beans 508 milligrams
potassium 14-percent DV cooked
or uncooked and no matter the
type things are high in
potassium some are more rich in
potassium than others and some
potassium is lost during the
cooking process but overall this
is your best that if you're
looking to get more potassium
into your diet then are also a
good way to help balance your
blood sugar levels as they are
digested slowly by the body and
help avoid spikes they help keep
you feeling full for longer
periods of time and are high in
fiber and are often used in
weight loss programs for these
reasons there are many extra
benefits to eating beans in
addition to their high levels of
potassium tips for eating more
than zara versatile food that
makes a great side dish to any
meat based on tray you can also
add them to soups and chili as
if they aren't listed on the
recipe as they all off and add
more texture and flavor to the
dish to Brussels sprouts serving
size half cup 0.9 milligrams of
iron 5 % DV 28 calories you may
have resisted Brussels sprouts
as a kid but they're hard to
resist once you learn just how
healthy these tasty veggies are
Brussels sprouts are viable
source of antioxidants vitamins
too late and fiber plus they're
an excellent source of iron and
an obvious choice in helping to
prevent fatigue and other
symptoms of iron deficiency
three kale 491 milligrams
potassium 14-percent DV kale has
been the trendiest health food
in recent years and part of the
reason why it gets so much press
is its level of minerals
including potassium it even
manages to outdo spinach the
leafy green that often gets
brought up in a conversation
about foods hi
potassium in addition to being
high in potassium kale is also a
good source of vitamins A and C
calcium and magnesium and is
even a source of protein
there are many different types
of kale so be sure you try out
several types so you know which
ones you like best curly kale is
the most common with baby kale
rising in popularity and there's
even a type called dinosaur kale
tips for eating more kale can be
swapped for spinach in most
recipes in order to shake things
you can also make kale chips as
a healthier alternative to
potato chips baby kale makes a
great base for a salad for
raisins serving size half cup
packed 1.6 milligrams of iron 9
% DV 247 calories like other
dried fruits raisins are
nutrient-dense streets that
contain large amounts of iron
it's easy to add a handful of
these subtly sweet treats to
your cereal yogurt oatmeal or
salads as part of a balanced
diet to get the most out of your
next handful of raisins combine
them with other healthy foods
containing vitamin C this will
make it easier for your body to
absorb the iron found in raisins
five avocados 485 milligrams
potassium 13-percent DV avocado
has been surging in popularity
lately with fast food chains
adding it to their menu and
promoting its health benefits
one feature of atacado that
often goes overlooked is just
how much potassium it has
avocados are rather versatile
you can simply scoop them out of
their shell and eat them whole
or blend them up in a smoothie
you can cut them in half and use
them as a base for other foods
avocados have a lot more going
for them than just potassium
they're a great source of
healthy polyunsaturated and
monounsaturated fat as well as
fiber it's good to get these
healthy fats daily and keeping
avocado around is
easy habit to get into tips for
eating more
it's easy to eat more avocado
because it lends itself to so
many different meals you can eat
it as a side or incorporated
into the meal itself guacamole
makes a great anytime snack six
Lendl's serving size 1 cup
boiled 6.6 milligrams of iron
37-percent DV 230 calories many
vegetarians worry about not
getting enough iron ore protein
in their diets lentils can solve
both problems and then some
these colorful legumes are
packed with vitamins and
nutrients including iron protein
and essential amino acids plus
they're easy to cook and make a
great companion too many meals
lentils are traditionally used
in Indian and middle eastern
dishes but they can spice up
your soups stews pastas and more
seven spinach 466 milligrams
potassium 13-percent DV spinach
is the quintessential healthy
food and it's no surprise that
it's also high in potassium
bananas get a lot of attention
for their potassium content but
ounce for ounce spinach best
them in the potassium department
when eating spinach you'll want
to opt for organic and go out of
your way to seek it out
spinach leaves are very
absorbent and when grown
conventionally they'll soak up
herbicides and pesticides like a
sponge holding onto them until
you eat it and break it down if
you choose one veggie to go
organic with make it spinach
it's a good idea to add spinach
to your plate as it's not just
high in potassium but also high
in fiber iron as well as an
assortment of other vitamins and
minerals tips for eating more
spinach is the default
ingredient in a green smoothie
and this is a great way to get
more of it especially if you're
not fond of the taste with all
of the fruit in the smoothie the
taste of spinach is at its
lowest and all that remains
it's green coloration eight
dried peaches serving size
one-fourth cup 1.6 milligrams of
iron 9 % DV 96 calories if
you're trying to get more iron
in your diet opt for dried fruit
as opposed to fresh dried fruits
pack more nutrients including
iron for serving dried beaches
make a great breakfast companion
a delicious addition to salads
and an easy snack throughout
your busy day a serving of dried
peaches contains about nine
percent of your daily
recommended iron without
weighing you down with lots of
sugar on calories nine salmon
460 milligrams potassium
13-percent DV salmon and other
fish are great source of
potassium and also bring to the
table protein and omega-3s in
many cases you'll want to be
picky about the quality of the
salmon you are eating as they're
not all created equally go with
wild card Alaskan salmon for the
most benefit to your body avoid
farm-raised salmon as it
contains enough chemicals to
ruin any benefits you may have
gotten from it
salmon is a great choice for
your regular menu because it
isn't just rich in potassium it
contains plenty of protein and
is often lauded for its omega-3
content tips for eating more
salmon is most often consumed as
the main entree of a meal and
Phillip form you can try making
your own sushi using salmon as
this adds a bit of novelty and
isn't as hard as it seems
try making a salmon avocado
sushi roll for plenty of
potassium and flavor 10 pumpkin
seeds serving size 1 ounce about
a handful 0.9 milligrams of iron
5 % DV 126 calories if you
stopped eating pumpkin seeds
when you stopped carving
pumpkins as a kid now is the
time to start back up again a
handful of pumpkin seeds or
announce contains about 1
milligram of iron
that's about five percent of the
recommended daily value pumpkin
seeds provide the most benefit
when eaten raw but they still
pack an iron punch when roasted
for no more than 15-20 minutes
11 banana 358 milligrams
potassium 10-percent DV perhaps
you thought bananas would rank
higher on a list of foods with
the most potassium it's common
knowledge that bananas are a
good source of potassium and
interesting to see that there
are five other well-known foods
that have more potassium in and
a banana but that's not to say
bananas are any slouch in the
potassium Department one
medium-sized banana provides a
full twelve percent of your
daily value of potassium that's
a pretty sizable chunk and as
long as you're reading an
assortment of fruits and
vegetables you'll easily meet
your needs
in addition to the potassium
they contain bananas are also a
good source of fiber vitamin b6
vitamin C and magnesium that's a
lot for just one fruit and
because they are naturally sweet
and tasty it's not hard to add
them to your day
tips for eating more bananas are
the ultra portable fruit that
can go anywhere and provide
sustenance wherever you are
but if you just want to eat them
at home that's okay too
they go great cut up on oatmeal
or blended up in a smoothie 12
soybeans serving size 1 cup
boiled 8.8 milligrams of iron
49-percent DV 298 calories
soybeans are another superfood
that packs protein unsaturated
the good fiber and minerals
the good fat fiber and minerals
such as iron a single cup of
mature boiled soybeans contains
nearly half the recommended
amount of iron your body needs
daily another great thing about
soybeans is their versatility
season these nutritional
powerhouse is to your liking or
add them to soups or chili for a
healthy and delicious meal 13
mushrooms 356 milligrams
potassium 10-percent DV this one
was a surprise to us with
mushrooms having essentially the
same amount of potassium as a
of course there are different
types of mushrooms and each
carries with it its own level of
potassium but in general you
can't go wrong with mushrooms if
you're looking to increase your
potassium you can try a new type
of mushroom every day for a
month and still not try them all
rather than always go with the
most popular white mushroom why
not venture out and try some of
the other kinds shiitake
mushrooms are a wonderful
mushroom and provide other
health benefits besides
potassium tips for eating more
mushrooms can be added to any
entree to increase its flavor
and potassium content narrow
popular pizza topping and if you
opt for a portobello mushroom
you're getting a potential meet
replacement because of its heft
and texture 14 no beans serving
size 1 cup boiled 3.6 milligrams
of iron 21 % DV 245 calories
Tendo Ben's contain a splash of
color and a spattering of
essential vitamins and minerals
among them is iron and it comes
in no small quantity just a cup
of boiled pinto beans yields
about twenty one percent of the
recommended daily value pair
these colorful leggings with
whole wheat rice for a virtually
fat free meal that's as easy on
your wallet as it is on your
waistline or enjoy them with
your favorite veggies to
introduce even more iron into
your diet 15 broccoli 316
milligrams potassium 9 % DV what
isn't broccoli high-end this
superfood makes more lists than
any other food besides spinach
it's going to provide you with
plenty of protein as well as
many other essential building
blocks of life
broccoli is often used as a side
dish but you can also look for
recipes that incorporate it into
the main
always start with fresh or
frozen organic broccoli and cook
until tender try not to overcook
it as the broccoli will turn
mushy and you'll end up cooking
off its vitamins and minerals
broccoli is also an excellent
source of vitamin C and a 100
grams serving of broccoli not
only provides you with nine
percent of your daily value of
potassium it also gives you a
full day's worth of vitamin C
and then some tips for eating
some may not like the taste of
broccoli but it's a vegetable
that can be cooked in a number
of ways to enhance its taste try
roasting it which gives it the
amazing flavor and softens it up
to perfection 16 arugula serving
size half cup 0.14 six
milligrams of iron
one-point-eight percent dv3
calories dark greens such as
arugula have countless health
benefits with a tiny calorie
count vegetarian should consume
plenty arugula particularly for
its rich iron content adding
several servings to your diet
each week can greatly improve
the health of your red blood
cells the easiest way to enjoy
viola is in a green leafy salad
but you can also enjoy it in
soups as a pizza topping and so
tainted with pasta and other
dishes 17 beads 305 milligrams
potassium 8 % DV beets and beet
greens are both rich sources of
potassium beats are a vegetable
that is best consumed during the
winter months as they are
harvested just before winter
approaches if we included beet
greens on our list they would
rank number one but we crafted
this list based on foods you'd
be most likely to eat deep
greens are a bit better but if
you can work them into a
smoothie or as a salad topper
they will provide you with more
potassium than anything on this
list the bait dahlings in beats
are bigger reason to eat them
then the potassium they contain
this is a specific antioxidant
which is found primarily in
beads and provides you with many
health benefits tips for eating
more never buy pickled beets as
you won't be getting all of the
good things that beats provide
act for raw beets and roast them
in the oven
you'll be amazed at the flavor
difference and you'll be
preserving the bait Helene it
contains and getting more
potassium 218 whole wheat pasta
serving size one-fourth cup dry
0.4 milligrams of iron to % DV
44 calories vegetarian should
enjoy whole wheat pasta as part
of a healthy balanced diet
eating pasta is a great way to
curb your cravings for carbs
while getting essential minerals
such as magnesium calcium
potassium and iron while white
pasta contains these minerals as
well it can also weigh you down
with extra carbs and calories so
choose the much healthier whole
wheat pasta options 19
cantaloupe 267 milligrams
potassium 7% DV here's a
delicious way to get more
potassium this popular
summertime fruit will load you
up with potassium as well as
other antioxidants it's one
source of potassium that's a
pleasure to eat
thanks to its sweet and
succulent taste cantaloupe will
also give you a big boost of
both vitamin A and vitamin C 2
antioxidant vitamins that will
help your body battle the free
radical damage that takes place
in the body daily if you're also
looking to lose weight you'll
want to go easy on the amount of
cantaloupe you consume per
serving as it is also a bit high
and sugar and this can turn into
fat if eaten in high amounts and
not burned off throughout the
tips for eating more cantaloupe
makes a great addition to a
fruit smoothie in the summer try
mixing it up with other melons
like honeydew and watermelon for
more variety and an assortment
vitamins and antioxidants 20
colored greens serving size 1
cup 2.2 milligrams of iron 12%
DV 11 calories with staggering
amounts of calcium high levels
of vitamin A and several
cancer-fighting elements
what's not to love about collard
greens vegetarians have another
reason to love these dark green
veggies because they're also
high in both iron and vitamin C
to get the most out of these
essential nutrients use raw
collard greens in a salad that's
filled with other iron-rich
vegetables the vitamin C and
collard greens makes it easy for
your body to absorb iron from
other sources 21 tomatoes 237
milligrams potassium 6 % DV
tomatoes have a lot to offer and
their potassium content just
adds to the number of reasons
why you should be eating them
it's best to buy organic
Tomatoes as these will provide
you with all of the benefits and
none of the drawbacks associated
with conventionally grown
tomatoes when a food item has so
much going for it you don't want
to detract from those nutrients
by introducing chemicals and
poisons at the same time the
lycopene in tomatoes is what
usually makes the news and is
the number one reason why you'd
want to eat more Tomatoes make
sure you cook your tomatoes to
unlock the most likely
impossible tips for eating more
tomatoes can be added to a salad
in raw form try cutting them up
in different ways to keep an
interesting as a paste you can
use them in soups and chilies
stewed tomatoes also work well
in soups and casseroles there
are plenty of easy ways to add
more tomatoes to your cooking 22
sesame butter tahini serving
size 1 tbsp 0.4 milligrams of
iron to % DV 86 calories sesame
butter also known as tahini and
often associated with hummus can
provide the body with a
tremendous amount of iron
if you're already eating plenty
of iron rich fruits and
vegetables tahini can be an
excellent addition that will
help you reach your daily iron
needs many people eating Heaney
as is but you can also use it to
add some flavor to your favorite
vegetables or to dress up a
salad 23 sweet potatoes 230
milligrams potassium 6 % DV
sweet potatoes are pretty
impressive source of potassium
considering all of the other
benefits they provide you can't
go wrong by adding them to your
regular menu and you'll find
that they're very easy to work
with sweet potatoes have them
used more and more as a stand-in
for white potatoes because
overall they have more to offer
but in regards to potassium both
white potatoes and sweet
potatoes are a good source sweet
potatoes are no one-trick pony
in addition to being a good
source of potassium they also
ranked high in fiber content and
contain beta-carotene as
evidenced by their orange color
try different types of sweet
potatoes to see which ones you
like best
some are sweeter and others are
more savory tips for eating more
sweet potatoes make a good
replacement for white potatoes
in just about every recipe they
can be baked solo and used as a
side dish for many main dishes
they also make a great soup and
when you add butter and maple
syrup to them they taste like a
desert 24 drive time serving
size 1 teaspoon one . two
milligrams of iron 7% dv3
calories with drive time at your
disposal cooking and eating your
favorite vegetables will never
get old time offers a unique
lemon pepper flavor that works
well in many dishes
it also offers plenty of
essential iron in fact dried
thyme is one of the most higher
and Richards you can find and
with so few calories it makes a
healthy savory addition to your
meals 25
asparagus 224 milligrams
potassium 6 % DV asparagus is
one vegetable that provides
plenty of potassium per serving
and also cares well with other
high potassium foods for example
you'll often see a side of
asparagus spears paired with a
salmon Philip this alone would
be a good source of potassium
but consider adding a baked
sweet potato to complete the
meal and add even more potassium
that meal would provide you with
putting from the salmon
carbohydrates from the sweet
potato and potassium throughout
there are plenty of side dishes
you can make that include
asparagus and eating fresh rose
paragas on top of a salad is
truly a treat
tips for eating more when
asparagus is in season there's
no other vegetable that can
touch it in regards to natural
flavor look for it in the spring
and load up on it at this time
you'll find it at a fair price
at your local farmers market
since it will be in abundance
and freshly harvested 26 black
beans serving size 1 cup boiled
3.6 milligrams of iron
20-percent DV 277 calories beans
are good all-around they're easy
on your health and your budget
black beans in particular are
loaded with fiber protein and
iron that means they satisfy
hunger while providing an energy
boost that lasts for hours
vegetarians who are concerned
about getting enough iron need
only add a one cup serving of
black beans to get about twenty
percent of their daily
recommended intake 27 cabbage
196 milligrams potassium 5 % DV
it's common knowledge that
cabbage is a healthy food but
being high in potassium is a
little-known aspect of it it's
just one more reason to get more
of this crucifer this vegetable
crucifer his vegetables like
cabbage are consistently making
the news because of the
promising research that shows
anti-cancer benefits as well as
ok properties they're also shown
as being good for overall heart
health two big reasons to get
more of them
these include cabbage broccoli
kale Brussels sprouts
cauliflower and more cabbage is
also a respectable source of
fiber and is often brought up as
a food that is helpful with
weight loss as it helps to
regulate the digestive system
and boost metabolism tips for
eating more cabbage soup is
arguably the best way to get
more cabbage there are plenty of
healthy cabbage soup recipes
available and you can make a big
batch that provides you with a
week's worth of nutritious
lunches or meal starters 28
brown rice serving size 1 cup
0.8 milligrams of iron 5 % DV
216 calories brown rice is one
of the most versatile foods on
earth it's a staple in several
cultures cuisines and it's
widely regarded as an important
health food it's naturally rich
in fiber it helps rid the body
of toxins and its high iron
content also helps fight anemia
and fatigue cook a serving of
brown rice along with your
favorite bins or veggies for an
iron-rich meal that will keep
you feeling full four hours 29
yogurt 194 milligrams potassium
5 % DV yogurt is one example of
a dairy product that contains
decent amount of potassium well
not as good of a source as many
fruits and vegetables it can
still be used as part of a
healthy diet
it may sound grows but yogurt is
made by introducing bacteria to
milk but these bacteria are
helpful to the body and Canadian
digestion yogurt has been making
the news because of the recent
and growing awareness of good
digestive bacteria and enzymes
regardless of whether or not it
helps with your digestive health
yogurt is still a good source of
potassium and other nutrients
and worth eating on a regular
30 prune juice
serving size 1 cup three
milligrams of iron 17-percent DV
182 calories
there's a bit of a stigma when
it comes to prune juice but
learning about its bounds of
health benefits might help make
it more appealing give it a
chance and you might find that
prune juice is not only
delicious but it's also a potent
source of iron its high vitamin
C content makes it easier for
your body to absorb the iron so
have a glass with your next meal
to get the most out of the other
iron-rich foods in your diet 31
oatmeal serving size half cup
1.7 milligrams of iron 8 % DV
154 calories iron deficiency can
be greatly reduced by adding
oatmeal to your diet just a half
cup serving is packed with
almost 2 milligrams of iron and
with loads of other nutrients
oatmeal is a fantastic health
food that everyone should be
eating more of its an easy and
healthy breakfast food but you
can also use notes to make
granola cookies and other sweet
treats that are both delicious
and nutritious 32 dried apricots
serving size half cup 2
milligrams of iron 8 % DV 78
calories apricots are an
excellent source of iron and
other nutrients they can be
consumed raw canned cooked and
dried but dried apricots provide
your body with the most benefits
and the largest amount of iron
when apricots are dried they
lose their high water and sugar
content without losing their
highly nutritious qualities just
a handful of dried apricots can
provide you with up to
thirty-five percent of your
daily iron intake they make for
an easy snack throughout the day
or chop them up to serve with
other fruits or over a salad 33
potatoes serving size 1 medium
potato with skin 3.2 milligrams
of iron 18-percent DV 278
galleries potatoes are one of
the most versatile foods out
there and they're also one of
the best iron-rich food options
for vegetarians since potatoes
are also packed with vitamin C
it's easier for your body to
absorb the iron it needs
potatoes work equally well as a
side dish and a main attraction
so combine them with other
iron-rich foods for a healthy
meal anytime of the day 34 tofu
serving size half cup 3.4
milligrams of iron nineteen
percent D v88 calories though
tofu is typically associated
with Asian cuisine
this versatile and nutritious
food has made its way to dinner
tables around the world and
rightfully so
tofu is highly nutritious and
rich in iron and other essential
minerals the most people know
about the health benefits many
aren't sure how to prepare to
foo or their unimpressed with
its planned taste
fortunately tofu has a wonderful
ability to take on the flavors
of the sauces and seasonings
it's prepared with so learning
to love it is as easy as
choosing your favorite
ingredients and going from there
35 sun-dried tomatoes serving
size 1 cup 4.9 milligrams of
iron 27-percent DV 139 calories
besides their mouth-watering
taste one of the best things
about sun-dried tomatoes is
their high iron content one cup
contains nearly 30-percent of
your recommended daily iron
intake another great thing is
that you can use them in so many
ways sun-dried tomatoes make a
tasty addition to omelets pasta
sauce pizza sandwiches salads
and so much more
they're also high in healthy
lycopene antioxidants and
vitamin C so add them to your
diet for a health boost all
around 36 strawberries
serving size 1 by 1 point 5
milligrams of iron 9 % DV 114
calories eating fresh
strawberries is a great way to
ramp up your daily iron intake
not only our strawberries viable
source of iron a pint
constitutes roughly nine percent
of the daily recommended value
but the high vitamin C content
helps your body absorb more of
the iron it needs strawberries
make an excellent side to any
breakfast dish
they're great in an afternoon
smoothie and you can also serve
them as a sweet after-dinner

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Vitamin Rich Foods List - Iron Rich Foods List - Potassium Rich Foods List - Health Wellness tips
The Standard American Diet leaves much to be desired, and leaves the body shortchanged on many essential vitamins and minerals. Left unchecked these shortages can lead to a malfunctioning of basis systems throughout the body including the digestive system, neurological system, and circulatory system. It’s essential to get a mix of nutrient-rich foods into the body on a daily basis to give it a fighting chance against viruses and diseases. Here is a breakdown of some of the most crucial, and often overlooked vitamins and minerals, and why they’re so important.
Vitamin Rich Foods List - Iron Rich Foods List - Potassium Rich Foods List - Health Wellness tips

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