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hey hickok45 here with an FN
scar 17s in three late
762 big boy yep old ass car
I don't know why they call it
that that might be a better term
for the two to three right
did I think this thing will do
more than scar
whatever hit so let's see about
that get my ears and tight
ok let's start out with his
green target right here
nice about a two liter know the
way Wow
try to attack this you see that
someone put a pineapple out
the good year for pineapple soon
wow that fast bullets goes right
through it
it's going over there and try
the red plate
I think I know where to hold on
right audience of all places
ok I was holding under it I
did we do that again
calm down all right click
well we have ammo already can't
believe it let me grab another
ok yeah yeah I know what my
problem is but it's cold right
on it plate it will hit it
it's free what I say right
watch this
yeah when you put it on the
plate it hits it
so let's take a quick look at
this thing for gets too hot
you know it's over a hundred
degrees today so it ought to get
warmed up on the saw
so the scar 17s day 30 late 762
by 39 this is some pmc i picked
up to run through it
we're lucky to have a viewer
lend this to us
I've looked at these for a while
now gun shows
maybe you have 2 and 0
experience a little lust for
these things they're pretty
expensive but they are pretty
no doubt about it pretty high
tick the Special Operations
Command you put out the word the
specs i guess not
not too long ago really I guess
it's a few years for guns like
this and this is Evans answer
and they they came up with a
pretty good answer to the specs
is a nice gun
you notice let's go ahead and
take a look at the simplicity of
it it's really interesting
break it down has a polymer
lower just take that pin out and
push a little bit
there it is there's the gun
there's the action the trigger
and then you just pulled off a
but all that pretty cool and
then the ball comes out in
spring pull out the bolt handle
which is reversible you put on
either side
pretty neat I love it on the
left side and make them and then
look at this bolt
yeah pretty pretty simple watch
out this pan
you don't take out the firing
pin and pin comes out
you're losing things that my god
firing pin comes out the career
it's a little tight on the pole
after it's been fired i noticed
i will take it all the way up in
a ball comes out very very
simple to clean very very simple
and then of course your gas
system up here just pushes
against the front of that and
you know
unlike the ARU Europe
short-stroke gas system so
pretty interesting design
only the fire thing in there and
putting back together
so you guys so you take the
firing pin out the full is still
came out and then bolt falls
right other easy too easy to
I've done it once at least
already and not my trick is
bring us back together
I want to forget to put the bolt
handle back into let me forget
this time
ok a little weird thing i liked
the dish
ok again so that my hands I
don't forget to pull it back out
and like i said i could put on
either side i want so I'll put
it on the right or the left
that's why I like it ok bolt
back in stock back on slides
along and put the chassis is
back in here
the lower the pan and she's
ready to go again parts out
no I don't think so so is that a
beautiful rifle or what
this is a good test for today
because like i said it's over a
hundred degrees
the going will get pretty warm I
will get pretty warm
we're not going to shoot a
thousand times or anything it's
not a torture test
you just want to bring it to you
it's a firearm that I know you
have seen most of you I have and
that i have wanted to fire and
finally got a chance to fire one
I really I really a fond of it
so far i have to say empty
magazine last ride over here
all right now the site should be
right on the trigger is is a is
a nice
that's a combat trigger it's not
it's exceptionally lighter
anything it's not your dream
trigger but i have no serious
problems with it other than I
can't hit that
- no actually i should make that
play every every time you do
have to hold up on the plate
just a little bit and I don't
want to really adjust the sights
is not my gun so I'm not going
to mess with them
ideally I would like to put the
sites right on the bottom of
that plate right on the bottom
of it just the way I like to
cite things and so it's kind of
a it's a mental thing
there's a lot of shooting is ok
so i have a hard time you know
getting up
all right to where I need to .
ave so let me take this couple
more on that guy
moon before I try the watermelon
over there
I get the site's up for a ball
hit it
all right let's try that water
I'm not sure where they're
meeting or not
I see some red spreading around
we'll see when we get over
we'll see when we get over what we've got left let's try
what we've got left let's try
that pot it will take up more
shots that he may be on top of
the barrel
I should be able to eat that
all right i'll wait a couple
more rounds on this
look at the video and see where
I'm going now here's one right
here i can hit
i know i'll start a warm-up on
the pot okay
another one on the pineapple
and now the big green target
take that watermelon
even now we've got a pot on top
of that barrel there that John
filled with water carrier in a
I'm gonna go back over put one
more on the watermelon
what it almost felt like i was
doing the left
oh because i feel a little bit
for the right that time I don't
know could be made to be the
light was obviously made the
could be me I wonder what
let's look at this again here
before guess again
I get this way one out some
things about this gun
like I said you know Special
Operations Command wanted this
gun are going like this and i'm
not sure how many troops are
actually carrying the thing but
as I understand its its course
in a select-fire version the 17
h this is the 17's the civilian
this is the 17's the civilian
version in semi-automatic but I
understand it's very well liked
and I'm not heard anything
negative about it there's
probably something negative
about it
there always is that the blast
and a lot of muzzle blast while
it's loud but seems to to do the
the stock is really cool you
noticed it's adjustable course
I know and then also it's a
look at that how cool is that
and you know what we have it
folded we just have to do this
we have to see if it'll shoot
like that
reckon it will be going to get
that barrel
or did something wrong i hope i
don't get my steel hook but
that's pretty neat folding stock
but I don't know the goal of
that stock is to make it shorter
for shooting and you know for
carrying and a young different
applications for you might need
to store and that's pretty neat
that folds you can't do that
with a standard they are because
you get your buffer tube and
when the designer this gun you
know it's a different design so
you don't have the buffer to
seeing actually have a folding
stock on the gun and it make it
much shorter
you know if you need to so my
short packaged it so and
everything about it feels like
quality it should it's FN now
this didn't come on it the owner
put that on there and i kind of
like I wasn't sure at first but
I selected on their course and
the feels pretty good
you just a nice little hole
there otherwise it's just the
way it it comes to weight shift
you know these sites flip up
sights and the front side same
thing you are just rice push
this little button makes your
front sight clear and very very
simple operation you saw how
simple it was to take apart and
and then you also have your and
he controls you have a mag
release here on the side of
course that's what Abby means
that it got there
we got over here your selector
switch safety on both sides and
so it's pretty much ready
I don't think it's not there is
both release on the left
I kind of like that you know if
you've got your bag out and you
release the bulb you could use
for me it's it's great
put my fingers on that release
slowly ok you can with one hand
and operate both at the same
time I really like that
and pretty cool pretty cool what
else about the gun on the
outside here
all set up for your raw swing
and hear hear your attachments
there and pistol grip tell you
about they're all your caste
system right here you can set it
to get set for standard ammo
right now and you just smooth it
is kind of hot but you smooth
that over notch out hot
if you're going to sheep
suppressor and just move that
ok one notch if it were cool to
be simple they were just back
and forth back and forth so it's
set for standard ammunition in
and out your gas system to clean
it you up just a little date on
here and he's take that out and
actually turns over here
I've done that already you take
that out and your gas piston is
they're available
ok so simple operation simple to
clean your rail system of course
all ready to hang everything you
want on that obviously they're
trying to get something you know
for the military that it would
suit anybody and everybody
and of course with all the andy
controls they achieve that and
then also the gun is not very
heavy for a 76 - bye-bye
you know 51 this is a very I am
I waited i think it's eight
pounds but it just doesn't feel
very happy with loaded magazine
and the recoil is very
comfortable it if you notice and
you can tell from the video
probably in the shooting of it
and we load while and jackin
here makes you another mag but
it does it does not kick much
it's also it's not quite as
light of the two to three
I think somewhere between two to
three and three late maybe like
a sudden 6439 you know or even
left just not a lot of felt
recoil or multiple climb and
that's that's in the design the
heavy bolt saw and carrier the
carrier especially and then the
gas system short-stroke gas
system that just works and then
the the muzzle brake
I understand that's part of the
reason you get a lot of blast
but it helps them with the
muscle climb and everything that
gas recoil I don't know
that's always something people
argue about a good reason
if it were my rifle on my
consider changing out that and
put a different muzzle brake on
it but i don't care if it
requires a little more
so what if i could reduce a
little bit that blast i think i
might like that I mean maybe I
just need to shoot some more
what I think I shot a gun before
right now
I guess two or three magazines
throw it just got a hold of it
yesterday against day before and
eating didn't shoot that day
shot a little bit yesterday
right and it's the gun is hard
to hate
let me tell you you'd better not
. up if you know unless your
checking account is really
believe me don't pick one up
don't fall in love with it
because i think you want one if
you like these kinds of rifles
there's just not much about this
thing not to like that it's sure
that is for sure about the last
year i have had looked at them
at gun shows i'll pick them up
and that is nice the head is
nice like that you know i read a
little bit about them but then
you look at the price tag
you know you get sticker shock
believe me because they do they
run between 25 and 3000
so you know it's not the
available walmart something you
can go pick up tonight
that's just cuz it didn't
totally different category
this is and so you know more
about them not do it
it is one of the guests I say
once a high stack with the the
newest innovations and if not
the newest innovation and this
type of rifle that will fire a
three lights and 6251 this
you know this thing is a battle
rifle that's what the
Special Operations Command was
looking for a new battle rifle
and 762 by 30 was also available
in five six but i mean this this
is a I don't know what the next
step is
yeah after this not I know
there's some other guns to
compete with this rifle is out
they have they're really cool
but you know these guns they
they have really just about
reach the the epitome of the
peak in terms of what you can do
that I can see of course
how do you make any lighter than
this no polymer aluminum or
steel barrel
how do you make it more
comfortable to shoot you know
it's just not a lot you can do
to make it more effective and
from everything I've read
reliability is one of the the
characteristics of this gun
extreme reliability of course
that's pretty important isn't
I hope it's reliable I have not
any issues with it so let's take
a couple more shots and see if
we can hit something
my years in tight
I'm still feeling really bad
about missing that place and a
time so i'm going to put a
double and ani you can get the
site's up or on you two
okay hold the site's up on the
bottom of it about that far at
least it will hit course it's
not just holding the sites there
is it it's getting the trigger
break while you have the sites
right there
ok what else doing that old we
have some bowling pants who have
survived so far
it's funny how to explain to you
about the bowling pins all we
have several targets there
let's take out the we know what
why don't we just take out all
this stuff
what do you think it looks like
it needs to be shot
I should use my side so i might
hit that watermelon
of course maybe I did we might
put another round in recall you
can probably tell from that I
don't know that was shooting as
fast as I can but I was trying
to be fairly rapidly and it's
very soft very soft recoil
no doubt about it let's pop that
watermelon down there
and this bowling pin ride
you know with a really powerful
around rifle round of bowling
pin of only thing will react
more to a 45 acp and then we'll
one of these generally speaking
and why is that because the the
three-way goes right through it
very fast and still easily
knocked it over
but whereas all the energy is
not expended in the bowling pin
I'm trying to say so
so it's not because the three
late is too weak to to knock one
over with authority
it just goes through it pretty
interesting ok what else is John
set up if i forgot any of his
targets there was something
there i was going to shoot at
what we let's see now i'm gonna
hit that plate again i'm still
seeking revenge and redemption
need a little more of that
that was for pretty fast
didn't hurt a bit and I felt
like if I had this thing and
select fire be fun to shoot
because you crank out 20 those
and i believe you can hold it
right on target that much
trouble and again that's one of
the qualities the
characteristics of this that's
so desirable very controllable
very controllable where you know
the m14 what the Christians
criticisms of it was you know
it's nice and select fire in 14
is a great gun but it's
difficult to control and fully
automatic fire this I think
would be easier
even though it's a lighter i
would guess feels a lot lighter
I'm not waiting compare the two
but it just doesn't feel very
heavy it's a very convenient
rifle and just cool
ok it is it even look I like the
looks of it I know maybe I'm
getting a stranger in my old age
but i like the looks of it it's
a good-looking gun got the
all-clear and we have fired
what are we fired today and then
what I fired yesterday
not any hint of a of a glitch at
all just works does what it's
supposed to do and she's a big
you know that is a powerful
round most of you know that
really powerful around and gets
with authority
you can tell when it's that red
plate when it hits that red
so anyway this is a pretty cool
rifle the FN SCAR the scar the
sea part of socom it's a stands
for what combat rifle
Special Operations combat rifle
i think that's what SCA ours and
common acronym for you know
Special Operations combat rifle
thanks what that stands for and
17 h is the military version and
select fire full automatic
capability and 17 s is the
civilian version so and again
they're kind of pricey but
they're really need that
and I really appreciate a viewer
letting us use this and bring it
to it will probably some more
shooting with it today or
life is definitely good

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Discussing and shooting the SCAR 17s. Sometimes referred to as the "SCAR Heavy," due to its being chambered for that serious 7.62X51 (.308) cartridge.
Before watching this video or commenting, please view the most recent Vlog, in which I discuss this rifle and the issue I had with the sights. The SCAR 17s Chapter 2 video will also be instructive.

The shooting is not horrific in this video, but definitely not indicative of what this rifle, or I, can do, of course. The hits on the red plate were all over on the left edge, so when I was holding on the bottom of the plate, it would just miss. When I held up higher on the plate, I'd catch the left edge at times; hence, the reason I adjusted the sights before doing the Chapter 2 video and the reason we're going to post the Chapter 2 video earlier than we normally do. I didn't want those plate misses and the watermelon to give this wonderful rifle a bad reputation! :-)

Corrections: By the way, I think I say 7.62X39 instead of 7.62X51 at one point in the video. Also, I struggle a little near the end trying to remember what SCAR stands for. :-) I believe it's Special Operations Combat Assault Rifle, even though the semi-auto version is not an "assault" rifle.
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