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made a great hideout Korea
I'm doing great hurry and get
thank you so much for being on
the show thank you so much for
having me it's a great honor
you're welcome it's a decir is a
tax consultant
and we're gonna learn from her
today about I have her business
she owns her own business so
we're going to talk about why
did she do that why did she
start my own business
and talk about how she did it I
how she started she grew it
we're going to talk about the
results and her life both
personally and professionally
and we're going to talk about
what she does and one small
business actually doing comes
hero taps so does your age tell
us a little bit about why he did
it why did you start the fifth
well I start my own business
because I
worked for I'm some larger law
firms and financial planning
firms in the past and I really
wanted the opportunity to
provide the types of services to
clients but I believe they need
and how the ER option to do
and how the ER option to do on my own time
on my own time
and in my own way and have my
own business giving me the
opportunity to do but this thing
if you'd like to find out how
she did it and with the results
have been in her life both
personally and professionally
you can watch the full interview
at the Blue in general leslie
let's talk a little bit about
what you do
and so tell us just briefly with
an overview what current
services you provide to small
business owners
for small I
for small business owners I
do all areas the planning up
there's always business playing
like you buy-sell agreements are
different sorts agreement that
you may need within your
business or company
on back of a car to the State
Planning so I'll do that with
their business and their
of L all areas taxation so
if they are setting up an entity
considering setting up an entity
region analyzer to figure out
the best tight for them as well
as the tax advantages are
consequences to that they make
the right
financial decision for their
business of dog and tax
course sometimes on client run
into tax issues
usually before they get to me
and I help them solve them
cell I help provide them with a
lot of tax advice because people
don't always understand that the
tax code was written for
business owners it
its created to help you succeed
so it's important to understand
how it works in your favor
so that you are able to utilize
it to its fullest capacity
and then along with bad I just
helped them with
I'll helping them plan grow
their business through
just think I've already talked
about like networking or
like power partner relationships
because with any business
whether its new or old
you always made the concept
floor pearls and there's
nothing like it in this
grateful thank you so much for
being on the show doesn't mean
that they can learn all about
your business and how he did it
and thank you so much for having
jail well

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Watch the full 12-15 minute interview at

Desiree found the freedom and autonomy she craved by starting her own business as a tax consultant. Listen to her story to get ideas for how you can too.