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some you see term
some you see the term
a stapler what is it what's
included with it
an estate plan is just the
legal documents that will help
one who is your property go to
if you should pass away
who gets to raise your children
if both parent should pass away
what's included
in a typical state plan to the
11 polo group
if you're here in Los Angeles
California what we include
is a living trust get maps for
weary vocal
that would hold you real
property your house
perhaps your business if you own
or to pour over wills
that takes care of any property
at department you're passing
not in a living trust for
putting going to we're going to
to advance health care
quickly right to one for him and
one for her
you to get to make your own
decision that's the power of
is who makes financial decisions
for you
if you care to
advance health care directives
who can make
medical decisions for you just a
as a medical power of attorney
eases would think
to peppery recent authorizations
simple you know when you go to
the doctor now maybe the privacy
who can I talk to who can bring
same trend
bought discovers anybody you
listed for
any doctor at the hospital
anybody takes care about for you
to nomination guardians
world if something should happen
to both you and your husband
you have children are minors you
don't want the court to pick
who's gonna raise your children
your nomination Guardian
part is what it says you
nominate who's gonna watch your
that's what's included in to
post a plan
my name is Jonathan Levin fall
with the Liberty Bowl or group
we're offering a free one-hour
in order to protect your
family's future you need to do
something now
call me at 877
ninety wills its toll-free 877
ninety wills or visit my website
at WWW dot
Valley Estate Planning Dakar
don't like the state
make the decisions for you act

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