Subtitles for Pediatric Intracarnial Vascular Malformations Classification and Treatment - Part 3

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sometimes what happen you that
immediately on
follow maybe 24 hours all for a
few days
because the holding things it's
not taking anymore
shut up so because of the whole
thing I John
you have subdural chronic and
because I'll be subdued
election you may have to watch
the kid mostly a symptomatic
sometime to become a little bit
David because of it what
if they'll already key in the
brain now this
I said this was a two-year-old
get so late
to another indication to do it
only you can see that is all
got him developing already
because of the weakness ischemia
and this guy and we look at the
giant the tide
that completely unique that far
as even
relating to his mother is
concerned and so we created
not because we're expecting
fantastic result like only a1
but repeatedly called leave in
like this and
course that no future get to
we know gallon images look
exactly the same
and FB when did dude I look
exactly the same
and treated in the same be you
the result would you expect
one-shot and
will a biscuit is not from other
countries so but this kid
on phenol is that he's walking
and he started talking so this
is what we did not expect
for did not expect met with the
MRI and CT which look like that
the ticket would make a recovery
but he had emergency treatment
we had three accurately diagnose
reno gallon
done many many radiological
images which was passed any some
of you
usually diagnosed antenatal
all we know getting and it is
about formation
long way got and that good on
book was completely the factory
to get got a lot just dole out
but if you don't do it today
to be baby Minot so why to the
soul beautiful images I don't
understand much but I just took
phone image in folder and did
all the fighting
that the kid had show for that
they've all
billion and %um
school look completely different
you can see that the failure
exit because his only open fault
line side
state looking of anyway the
whole time Julio
and hyphal you doing we could do
it log
you'll with a sleek here and
there is nothing to stop the
going into the brain and getting
bomb into the heart and
so these high school got it
failure and you look like this
complete kill
this is alive night many of
on board and many of
on board and many of convos to the polite we
convos to the polite we
identity that we know getting
this is a full-time
sinus Solaiman for
we have to treat this so we made
three injections as a
that they are treated
differently and that he did
will but we don't have the big
question like to thank you
we have no clue tall trees and
just usable
and all that the kid live too
unfortunately but a bit sport
that kid
so by about it video but he also
had other congenital heart
which require treatment it
wasn't done and the cables or
I think after a couple next
little the presentation is going
to be foster the next legal
to what by AVS and you're in
use my competitive bidding on
location if it's a problem
easy location you over the live
like that we no getting
it's a dislocation use about
upon light like that
and me get cool not like we
don't gotta we get slowly
going to do taking away time and
people the whole this a game you
should expect
excellent your and cured we
expect very very good
you're one of a very very early
nation in which we owe
use punctuated 100 we sandwich
we don't use that anymore but
with just one shot
you can see that is a beautiful
romantic show
by AB 0 supplied by the banjo 88
and the bronco and the so we get
into the NCAA
and we did 100 bucks and
sandwich technique doing get hit
on this
and just with 1 you can see the
he's getting tumbled 88 and this
is an empty
another one you can see that
high cure rate expected
in by ABS when you can just get
up to you use constituted
blue and you just gonna official
simply like this
the fallout TV show that this is
big blue
cost inside the whole by ABN
not any different from that by a
VM have to be treated exactly
the same meta
you have to take care because
these up big guy like me so now
deductible didn't like about it
is that also not an issue
and we use onyx and then like on
that between with the Navy
sold this guy had and will
large a VM between thought was
very good have been able to
complete your
that's why we have created got
inside thing about the
and we have pleaded on it entity
that is a big
your on one station all on Dec
with the car which looks like
this you
I think up to doodle side about
permissions I
stall because supplies some
attention dude
shot in get should not be
diagnosed at doing
specialized as we do we'd
to have a look at the finest get
upon about ovation
de Paul with malformed finest
and many of them have
chance we could come from that
you love so they need not be
should not be treated like to
shadows and in fact if you
haven't read
you have been at a meeting of
the kids and you have a look
at the clinical examination of
the kid only when
the kid is not too bad and only
when the
notification all the reading
Green syndrome that you treat
the kid and the kid because
it is too bad of dr. changes
on the meeting CBN mr. in spite
of you treating
the prognosis is not good the
prognosis is not very good
when due to malformation
midline sinus like sinus all the
like when it is latter life to
the Latin sinus
the prognosis is good because
eventually that get some
and its popular public if this
is a problem
dead score the problem that the
kids will die
still that too many things in to
do without my permission that
you have to decide
before we decide to treat and
we'll show you this case of the
saw you that we haven't actually
greeted him
at all by the band taking us to
do it
you can see that a significant
battlefield 3 the whimsical
on all lot of guys have been
looking everywhere
and I'm other again you can see
do side for me be laws
wheatly inside to do inside the
box below
accomplice I'm nor the diagnosis
you get up call it official of
course but it is
primary diagnosis here is that
you will sign a confirmation
with hike to a beach supplied
supply me come from by lovely
from the du Lac WI
and this is just a TV show is
another regular do related
and you can see that than that
like vision of them out for me
you on it on for size but still
that is already occlusion taking
place and show you some of the
you can see that the right dump
already uploaded
left on I'm you also included
and he'll
sign it about Palm with high
not make you decide 3 in case
you treat
you just a game should try and
reduce the flow and not get
Moffat that as we would on x
bacall including the time it not
really an option
17 that you have a good look
whether the palestine
doing it because people don't
sinuses are not eating out
and you have to look at the top
the government sinuses luckily
this kit
is more than one year 8 still
the government sinuses
up pecan began its capture has
taken place
and to the governor sinuses are
able to dream to be
but because all the kid not in
good negotiate
and be finding that you have now
you can see that
it is worsening as we go along
following up
this is amazing being single
despite all anything and
everything that you would do
with him
this kid is not going to me and
so this is something that
which I had to share with you
experiences that we had
increasing a pediatric raving
about formations
and we don't gotta and do
thank you for your time

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Pediatric Intracarnial Vascular Malformations Classification and Treatment - Part 3
Dr. Uday Limaye