Subtitles for How To Enable Family Sharing in OS X Yosemite 10.10

  Pause sub
the man
he has moves in agement
he has moves in the management
use it so did a pre which
initially in
how to setup family sharing in
Mac was
and Yosemite so leave you know
they're napping now
you can Commission customized
on damaged settings you can have
martin's family she recently
one pictures
you wanna make things happen to
have an iPhone have sign
my son's mine ap story
from computer to use this
impression high-power
anodized Mary
so you can set up family some
family sharing his patron
a stand-up Sony little detail
seeking and website in Apple's
some here and can't
sharing you know the information
that he can't see
said said seen in a continuing
series main
me change E use could continue
and you can go back do you want
to be your Dr unit for his hands
yes non nopers me with the
yes and non nopers me with the
might happen to be mutually
family you can use a different
can't need to continue in here
is my credit card
and I can many company produces
making manage maintain
please animal in on happen that
comes up
to confirm in just like that
you're the Sena
and sharing Peter silly
had a family member the capital
I can here
course and Zoe region the
answers person dead
and two years family 3 cool
just like that you have family
sharing me
very featured a in include the
you're in I right now to happen
member added like and make them
now so many India's your you
now and so many India's your you
can set up
and sharing analysts and used to
meet him
10 I'll see you next time don't
forget his friend bottom
like video in peace out how much

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