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the UF mba program has a pretty simple
formula but it's an important one and
that's pairing the world's best faculty
who are excellent in the classroom and
are experts in teaching in the distance
education environment with the world's
most accomplished students that are
passionate about what they are
participating in and ready and eager to
add value to the experience for their
peers and creating an environment that
is like no other living in Boston there
are any number of opportunities that
could have pursued for my MBA but what
none of them brought to the table was
the flexibility that the uff da provided
me I wasn't going to give up my job my
schedule didn't allow me to be in the
classroom at regularly scheduled times I
have a wife and son and I'm expecting a
second one very soon I couldn't walk
away and do a full tad program and I
wasn't willing to give up on the
commitments that I had to my family and
doing the USFDA allowed me to balance
both and if you go back some period of
time how people would have to sell the
homely the job moved to another city to
pursue graduate studies that will get
the advent of Technology were able to
have an extremely rich graduate
education experience through the online
environment many of the technologies
that we wind up using are going to feel
very comfortable to students because
they may use many of them in their
day-to-day lives so this idea of
incorporating embracing the best
technologies that are out there and
bringing together into a seamless
package i think is part of what has made
it very approachable and very easy for
students to use the economist ranking
specifically for distance mba programs
went to the heart of the matter they
asked the students their opinion on the
quality of faculty the quality of their
student peers the quality of the
technology and something I think it's
very important for an Internet mba
program specifically the connectivity to
a school you know i was skeptical in the
beginning that i'd be able to learn in
this format because everything's done a
distance but it
has been an absolutely wonderful
learning atmosphere
I'm one of those that actually thrives
off of learning off of interaction
within a classroom which I actually have
not lost by being with Florida they have
been able to set up a program in which
the interaction still occurs between the
students you still have the interaction
with the professor's I didn't
necessarily expect to have that and I've
been grateful that this program has been
able to provide that I have been
pleasantly surprised by how wonderful it
has been teaching in this program i do
connect with students connect with me
and with each other and even know what
though I only see them face-to-face at
the beginning and the end of a semester
we connect synchronously online through
email by the phone video conferencing i
always think we stay in patch a lot more
than I do with a working professionals
who come in once a month
most of our internet mba students are
coming into this program because they
either want to move into management or
they are already in management and
leadership we furnish them with the
practices the techniques the latest
theories that they need in order to
understand the full global picture of
our business works where you go to
school and the brand that you decide to
join is so vitally important because
just having an mba is no longer enough
it needs to be from a place that has a
stellar reputation that doesn't just
have a local reputation but a national
and global reputation and more
importantly than anything else has the
ability to provide the content that will
allow someone to progress through their
career successfully I think the regular
course work is is
very good i think it's challenging a lot
of the material outside of the
accounting was fairly new to me i had i
had touched on it before but getting
into the depth that were getting into
I say it's it's very challenging the
manageable it takes work
no doubt that I am tasked to do is
negotiate guest appearances and
basically convince them why they want to
come on Piers Morgan by having an MBA i
will be able to marry not only the
skills that I have acquired through
producing i'll also be able to
understand what is going on within the
well I think the USFDA could do any
number of things for me i know that if i
were to leave the journalism industry i
could be a principal wherever i go i
could have a seat at the table for many
many different things in many different
fields that we've learned some things
along the way you don't do things
perfectly right out-of-the-box and so
those years of experience really come
into play when putting together a
preeminent experience in the distance
education format i think the combination
of our faculty the technology and the
reputation of the University of Florida
brought together into a single hole make
this program is land

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