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what is serious
let's start me with the second
bullet point with the isaca
organization i SAT guys a
nonprofit organization which
conducts the sea risk exam
actually isaca offers for
certification exams seesaw which
is for auditors system which of
our IT security managers see
guide which is for senior level
management and see risk which is
for IT risk management
professionals the first time the
exam for see risk certification
will be held will be in jun 2011
but the series stand for is
stand for certified in risk and
information system controls as a
sad jun 2011 in the first exam
so far there are 3000 are i
would say approximately two to
three thousand certified see
wrist and they're all have done
to grandfather so who this see
this certification is far it is
for writing risk management
professionals it is for IT
auditors and for the public
accounting firms and big for
which he called consultants and
he just for the i key management
as most of you have noticed that
almost every organization now
has a formal department called
IT risk management this
certification is highly
recommended for those jobs now
this exam will be held twice a
year and the exam I sack exams
are always held on the second
saturday of june and second such
a day of $MONTH december only
twice a year you miss one you're
away for six months this example
the pepper based
and exam will be held in 240
cities around the world on the
same day which is the second
saturday of junior december at
the same local time which is
nine there this examined before
I was long it will have 200
multiple choice questions that
those of you who are not
familiar with multiple choice
questions each question will
have a stem and four possible
answers and out of those four
there's only one correct answer
after you have appeared in the
exam you should expect the
results are within two months
now question is one of the last
day to register for the exam you
cannot just walk in you have to
register for the exam with
aisaka and the last day is the
first wednesday of apron for the
June exam and the first
wednesday of $MONTH october for
the December exam so don't
forget to register for this exam
by the way for risk management
professionals i highly recommend
we believe that we are the first
one in united states to offer
exam prep class for see risk now
after you pass the exam you do
not become automatically
certified I look at the are
never bad URL above on the top
of slide number seven
you have to download the
application to apply for
certification so passing the
exam according to me is ninety
percent of the battle filling in
the application is ten percent
you have to have minimum or five
years experience our to apply
for certification not even if
you don't have experience you
can still appear in the exam
pass it and then wait to gain
the experience i highly
recommend for fresh graduates
out of college the pass this
your employment chances become
very high and then you can wait
for the experience while you are
on job to get the certification
this certification has a five
domains on let me recite them
for you
on slide number 8 the risk
identification assessment and
evaluation it is called risk
analysis and that God is the
rate of thirty one percent that
mean you'll have 60 to questions
from this domain then you have
one risk response sector domain
is risk monitoring and then the
last two domains are on the
design of controls and on the
monitoring of controls as you
know controls are used to
mitigate risk so these are the
five domains now students ask me
what's the past grade how many
questions are apprehended you
have to answer correctly to pass
this exam
the answer is little complicated
I i did not make it complicated
i seconded their say on a scale
score of 280 290 452 pass now if
you translate into English
approximately it means 75%
questions have to be answered
correctly plus minus two
percentage points now since jun
2011 is the first time this exam
will be held on the global pass
rate is not known
now how do you prepare
this exam well and the first
week of $MONTH march
isaca will publish a manual
called see risk review manual
I don't know the quality of this
because it's not out yet but I'm
sure like other eye socket
publications will be very good
so arm that's not that that's
the only help you have actually
as far as the written material
is concern so x approaches the
serious review manual- published
and read it will there be
anything I second chapter
conducted classes
the answer is probably no but
ask your eye socket chapter if
the plant repeat serious car not
according to us
technical university the only
one which will be offering this
class if there are other
independent schools which are
offering the class make sure you
know who the instructor is try
to check the references of the
instructor on google now what
kind of questions do you see the
the answer is you don't know so
you can buy sample practice
questions manual from isaca it
lists about the 100 questions i
highly recommend that you buy
this practice manual now as you
know there's a limitation on how
long the video can be on youtube
so what we'll do is our issue
and watch the full video which
is 20 to 25 minutes you go to
our website tec-9 university .
com and you can watch the free
full length video so this time I
have to break because YouTube
will allow you more than certain
length so take care

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What is CRISC Certification? This CRISC Certification Orientation gives an overview of the CRISC Certification, the latest ISACA Certification. This video goes over CRISC Exam & CRISC Training. This gives valuable insight on why to obtain CRISC Certification (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control). Presentation is given by Jay Ranade at TechnoDyne University.