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I am Kelsey Mays for cars dot com Ford redid the fusion for 2010 it also
brought out a new Fusion Hybrid
Karzai commentator Mike Hanley covers this cars mercury sibling the Milan
a separate video be sure to check that one out to here we're going to talk
about what makes the Fusion Hybrid different from the regular fusion
as well as how it compares to its rival the Toyota Camry Hybrid
the drivetrain combines a 2.5 liter four-cylinder with
an electric motor total output is a hurt +91
Force pilots about midway between the base force on a fusion
and the fusion with the 3-liter b6 being a full hybrid the car can run on
electric power at low speeds or gasoline power any
combination of the two you don't have to Palani switches or anything did
just driving like a normal card it manages everything automatically ford
says Electric Power's possible up to 47 miles per hour that's pretty impressive
most hybrids can only do
know twenty or thirty miles per hour in electric mode you'll have to decide if
the car rides a little bit too harsh for you it did for me especially
considering this is a family car the suspension as damn about those bombs
really all that well you get a lot of hybrids an apartment couple gauges
maybe show how efficiently you're driving about gas mileage
there's not a lot to release show you that your in a hybrid
not the case here it starts out when you get in with what for calls
smart gauge with go guys are basically to LCD screens on either side of the
speedometer here
show whole lot of information and at the start in
four different levels which have ascending arrays have complexity
depending on
how much you wanna know actually like the final one empower the most
because it's got this cool gauge here that shows where you're going to meet
the threshold
to stop using electric mode and need your engine kickin
they're useful here trying to manage you know how much your
really using the gas pedal can it get up and go finally on the right side in this
is what Ford calls efficiency leaves I call it hybrid
shrubbery armed drive more officially more leaves appear
prime less efficiently and the shrubbery goes bare I'd watch out
because I doubt the Knights who say ni would accept bear shrubbery
not sure how much rubber you're gonna fit in the trunk it's only about 12
cubic feet versus
16 and a half for the regular fusion I'm
is also falling back seat that's all because there's a battery pack that sits
here behind the rear seat
same situation with the Camry Hybrid that truck is actually even a little bit
smaller than this one
although there is a small pass through there with the back see polly
could be Camry Hybrid gets about 34 miles per gallon in overall city/highway
EPA ratings the fusion I response to get 39 thats
significantly better four charges about twenty seven grand for the
Fusion Hybrid for 2010 about a thousand dollars more than the 2009
Camry Hybrid up but ports o call fives for hybrid tax credits for it doesn't
cause they've sold more than the federal cap on those
I mean you can knock off about seventeen hundred dollars from the Fusion Hybrid
in tax credits through September up this year that's 2009
potentially that makes the Fusion Hybrid less expensive than the Camry Hybrid
less money better gas mileage
definitely a car worth checking out the ball is now in Toyota's court
what for more car-related new Skoda cars dot com
blah blah kicking tires dot net

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Description's Kelsey Mays takes a look at the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. It competes with the Mercury Milan Hybrid and Chevrolet Malibu. Shot and produced by: Matthew Avery Edited by: Sarah Gersh