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13 bizarre beauty treatments
number 13
bird poop facial while it may be
hard to believe people do pay to
get bird poop lathered all over
their face on a regular basis
the treatment is fairly uncommon
here in the States but it has
been used in japan since the
sixteen hundreds if you did want
to get this done in the u.s. you
can go to the Shizuka New York
skin care salon and have one
done for a mere one hundred and
eighty dollars
the droppings used are from
nightingales after the poop is
collected it is run under a UV
light to sanitize it
the poop is then turned into
powder and mixed with rice bran
and turned into liquid form
number 12
chickens you can find chickens
being used in a surprising
amount of beauty products
glucosamine is a main skincare
ingredient that is found in many
animals exoskeletons but chicken
bone marrow is apparently one of
the best sources
collagen is another ingredient
found in facial skincare
products though you may not want
to use it after finding out it
is made from chicken feet and
ground up animal horns number 11
wale excrement also known as
ambergris this substance is
often used as a base and
perfumes most makers of perfumes
have phased it out using other
alternatives instead
but there is still a definite
market for this stuff as a story
from april of 2016 proves a
couple from the UK was wandering
down the beach when they came
across a large object that looks
like a rock
it turned out to be ambergris
and it is estimated that the
lump could be worth as much as
70 thousand dollars
number 10 leech therapy
this technique has been used
since ancient times and was once
used much more prevalently then
it is used in today's society as
a lot of the potential benefits
once thought to be read from the
bloodsuckers have been disproven
but that doesn't mean that they
don't have legitimate benefits
and they are still often used as
an accepted form of treatment in
the medical world
leech saliva has over a hundred
bioactive substances that are
extremely beneficial leeches are
also effective at dissolving
blood clot
they can be used to treat
circulatory disorders and heart
thinking of leeches always comes
with a slight fear and a
flashback to the amusing but
slightly terrifying scene from
the popular eighties movies
stand by me
number nine fish scales there is
a commonly believed myths out
there that guano or bat poop is
used in mascara the confusion
may come from the fact that
there is an ingredient found in
mascara called guanine which is
a shimmering crystalline
material this material is made
from fish scales which I suppose
is slightly less gross than bad
poop but not by much
this material can also be found
in nail polishes and lipsticks
number eight full semen hair
several companies have come out
with the hair products that
include bovine seminal plasma or
bull semen as one of their main
who knows how someone came up
with this idea perhaps a toro
working part-time in a salon was
watching there's something about
mary and had an epiphany
either way it is said to be a
very effective treatment for
your skin
according to one salon owner
leaves your hair looking
wonderfully strong and thick and
that the product doesn't smell
another company trying to sell
products that included the semen
touted it as viagra for your
hair which is an interesting
though admittedly clever way of
putting it
number seven
shark liver oil sharks livers
create an oil called squalene
once the oil is extracted it is
used to create shark liver oil
which can be found in many
different beauty products such
as lip balm sunscreen and
it has also been used for
centuries as a remedy for
respiratory tract and digestive
system problems while the use of
this product has declined due to
environmental concerns
it is still widely used to this
number six Beatles coach inial
beetles feed on cactus plants in
Central and South America
the females eat red cactus
berries as a result crushing the
beatles produces a very powerful
red dye this die is safe for
human consumption and is used in
lipstick and eyeshadow along
with several food items like ice
cream and candy starbucks got
some vegan consumers upset when
they admitted to using the die
and some of their drinks
number five animal fat animal
fat is used as a skin
conditioning agent and an amalia
in many different cosmetics like
lipstick but where does the
animal that come from the answer
to that question is not very
lab animals deadstock euthanize
shelter animals expired meat and
roadkill are just a few of the
interesting sources of this main
beauty product ingredient the
carcasses are then boiled in a
pot to create the fatty buy
products that are used in most
of the cosmetics that you put on
your face and all over your body
number four
snake massage apparently if you
let snakes rub over your whole
body it can actually be
described as a soothing
experience that helps people
feel more relaxed this
unconventional massage technique
certainly doesn't sound like a
relaxing time at all but to each
his own
the snakes to use are usually
pythons who have their mouths
taped shut to avoid biting this
bizarre treatment has been
marketed in Indonesia Israel and
Russia it is also marketed in
Thailand a country known as one
of the top spot destinations in
the world and a leader in New
Age and unconventional beauty
number three snail facial snail
mucus contains nutrients and
so it is no wonder that people
in Thailand started using snails
and their slime to give facials
people in Thailand certainly
believe in the snails
rejuvenating qualities but
expert opinions are mixed
what is unclear how beneficial
these treatments can be
it certainly provides a welcome
alternative to Botox and plastic
surgery in the beauty world
number two fish pedicure
having a bunch of tiny fish
slowly eat away at your feet
sounds like something out of a
nightmare but it is actually an
up-and-coming way to get a
the fish are known as garra rufa
or dr. fish
they seem to enjoy the calluses
and other gnarly imperfections
that can be found on your beef
this recently utilized treatment
may not be totally safe a group
of british scientists reported
in 2012 that the doctor fish may
carry bacteria responsible for
an array of potentially
dangerous skin and soft tissue
infections while this is only
theoretical as not enough cases
of infection have been reported
to cause alarm the group warns
older people and people with
compromised immune systems to
stay away from this alternative
number one neil baths this
exfoliating treatment originated
in China and has gained some
popularity in the United States
the treatment involves fully
immersing yourself into a bath
of tiny yields this crazy
technique is one step above the
fish pedicure and it also seems
to be a lot more dangerous
something that song non can
attest to firsthand the 56-year
old Chinese man took an eel bath
and at first could only feel the
Eels nibbling at his body but
then things quickly went south
literally and figuratively non
described feeling a severe pain
and came to the harsh
realization that one of the Eels
had found its way into his penis
the eel made its way into his
kidney and the man ended up
needing a three hour operation
and what can perhaps be best
described as a living nightmare

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