Subtitles for Citi: Leadership in Building Small Business Tech Capability

  Pause sub
there very has gone through
initiatives that will help here
is okay cooler than it the
digital landscape
small businesses also it will
enable businesses to continue
managers are you create the jobs
are growing city
the second initiative is hey
you partnership between our
ministers Department harvest
the nonprofit are City City
Community Development
earned by New York nonprofit
together with running a small
business technology coalition
and starting this fall oklahoma
ex families digital technology
in New York
by engaging entrepreneurs glow
and moderate-income
across the city this important
work no was made possible with a
two hundred
fiber thousand dollar grant from
city may develop
back into their retirement City
5 dissipating non-profit
dissipating non-profit
organizations of HMO's courses
at their facilities
extending the reach are NYC
business solutions centers
reached out small businesses
they were isn't going to help me
these organizations mayor
mentioned makes wonder there's
and what city we're to do that
the first project at the
will be to launch workshops on
accounting software
well this will help them
%uh streamline their business
operations save money
and be more strategic and hope
is that if they
are growing their businesses
they'll be able to hire
individuals across New York City
to bar come
the small business that helps a
little bit small business
technology coalition central to
ensuring that we build
progress both open are great
examples of what the public
private and non-profit sectors
to do this
great job

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On August 23, Mayor Michael Bloomberg joined Citi and other private and nonprofit partners to announce the launch of the New York City Small Business Technology Coalition, a Citi-led initiative that is part of the Mayor's new, multifaceted Digital Bootcamp program. The Coalition will develop programs and resources that will greatly expand technology use by underserved entrepreneurs and small business owners, starting with an expansion in all five boroughs of SBS's existing training in popular accounting software. Citi also will donate refurbished computers to each of the five participating nonprofits to increase their capacity to deliver on the Coalition's goals.

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