Subtitles for News - featuring Swiss luxury watch Maurice de Mauriac -Zurich

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distinctly it'll break from the
investments that in that focused
on the festive season a state of
the tradition makes the most of
what they spend it this year
logic is this is one of the the
basic needs from christmas too
much of it as it has been
this sparkling donations chinese
the inflatable apparently
smaller alginate
present weaker than expected
their car sales and given a
bleak outlook on christmas sales
analysts are anticipating a four
percent decline for the industry
in two thousand and mine
i think it's kind of priests are
few and make sure that uh... i
think memorandum running into
the the christmas
probably the worst christmas
though the luxury goods made is
probably for at two or three
decades dot it's not all bad
news for the magic effector some
friends even profiting from the
current market conditions as the
dollar's value strength
makes exclusive watches bags and
close to you for a for u_s_ and
japanese shoppers while always
labor and material costs which
are recorded in the rose not all
watch makers are feeling the
pinch at least not yet
this to say that to be demand
profits so much
in the last year's into people
because the peak people they
wanted beacon names very
expensive watches
leading profit so much but
d_c_-ten now recent highway
review india relatively
not cheap but not very very very
expensive we have steady and
more more
plans coming
so despite the occasional bright
spot industry is that
foreign rocky two thousand and
live its best hope is a speedy
recovery in two thousand ten
nothing is forever homeowner

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