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rosen presidency
exner Heritage Village I'm
pleased to give you a brief
you above all the services we
offer here at the village
since our opening in 1951 Wexner
Heritage Village is grown from a
three resident jewish seen your
home into an extensive system of
health care
in residential living options
serving over 500 individuals
every day our short term post
hospital rehabilitation center
located on our campus offers
private suites
as well as physical occupational
and speech therapy
seven days a week in our three
thousand-square-foot jamon
a rehab specialists work with
you and your position to
customize your program
you can get you back home safely
your highest level than the
if you feel you or a loved one
the benefit from assistance with
day to day care and activities
in your home
we can help %uh whether you need
our services for a few hours or
twenty-four hours a day
whether on a temporary basis or
Wexner Heritage Village home
health and wellness
brings our sixty-year reputation
and expertise to you
power in home care specialists
help you thrive in the comfort
of your own home
0 were here at the cottage one
of our beautiful assisted living
residences on the campus
somewhere exner Heritage Village
the cottage provides a secure
home like setting and
specialized programming
to uniquely support individuals
living with Alzheimer's disease
or other forms of dementia
gracious amenities include
private bedrooms with living in
activity spaces and a beautiful
outdoor gardens
Creekside at the village
features independent and
assisted living in a warm
inviting settings
well appointed one and two
bedroom apartments are available
with several floor plans and
levels of service
enhance your lifestyle with
social and spiritual programming
business in our classes fine
dining and much more on
heritage shower in Bexley
heritage apartments offer
comparable one and two bedroom
apartments for seniors with
limited incomes
tended to meet the federally
established guidelines pay a
percentage of their adjusted
annual income is RAM
amenities include onsite service
emergency call systems secure
entry and more
on for six decades Wexner
Heritage House has been hold
individuals requiring long-term
our compassionate and skilled
staff pride themselves on
providing the highest level and
person-centred care
in a dignified safe and activity
environment we offer private
rooms intergenerational
off-campus outings and spiritual
in our programs
shalom house offer specialized
housing and care for adults with
developmental disabilities
a supportive environment fosters
growth in areas such as
social interactions healthy
lifestyles and work skills
village shalom apartment offers
individual apartments for those
who benefit
from a more independent
lifestyle is Usman Hospice
provides treatment directed to
improving quality a life for
people living with a
life-limiting illness
this is awesome in hospice team
led by our full-time medical
is available 24 hours a day
seven days a week %uh
to provide hospice services in
your home were our inpatient
facility heads Usman house
had susman hospice we specialize
in providing clients in love
ones with the highest level
a family focus care as well as
the resources and guidance to
assist you through the hospice
germans general medical x-ray
and lab services in partnership
with Ohio help are available
right on our campus in the
pollster Medical Center
power dialysis Pavilion is home
to the kidney center backs one
an outpatient dialysis treatment
center open to those on our
as well as those in the
community %uh to further ensure
their westerner Heritage Village
maintains our standards of
the whp institute has been
established as an extensive
staff training on
the institu- will also serve as
a platform for programs and
partnerships that lead to better
models of care
I'm our founding jewish values
teach us that we must care for
the health and well-being up
each individual at every stage
in their life these values guys
am purpose and everything we do
and while we honor
our Jewish heritage we respect
than welcome individuals evolve
a into our family and services
into our family and services
the generosity of our community
makes possible our growth and
we thank them along with all
those who trust us with their
in our dedicated staff and
volunteers who are truly the
heart and soul of our
it is only together that we are
Wexner Heritage Village thank
you for spending this time
to learn more about the wide
variety of services we can offer
please contact us to let us know
how we can partner

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