Subtitles for DON'T Touch the TOILET! Elsa & Anna toddlers - Bedtime - Brushing teeth - Afraid to flush the toilet

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singing in the showers play more
are you okay over there a cheeky
chocolate up here
ok mommy watch me turn on the
oh right it's yucky huh
i'm reading a book p hi this is
ok I'll see our money and now
i'm going to take a shower over
there please go to the living
no money we want to stay over
here in the bathroom
ok thought but only in one
condition can you please not
touch the toilet over there
okay mommy promise
yes we will promise all right
that'd be good girls are going
in the shower
ok mommy we're going to space
let me just move the curtain
oops I forgot some stuff let me
get some here and some shampoo
and stick it right over there
can we take a shower and mommy
or you just took a bath remember
oh yeah all right now let me
turn on the shower
all right
the water is nice and more and
it's dripping on my body feels
so good to this
I wish I going there and now i'm
going to put some soap on get
some and put it on my hands and
dog neck and on the other hand
squeeze some soap
ok now it's time to rub it
scrub-a-dub-dub look at all this
so funny bubbly bubbly and on my
legs as well but the bubble
bubbles rubber my legs to clean
my way
well bubble bubble bubble I like
singing in the showers and my
hands and my name
and now i'm all clean now I just
need to put shampoo in my lala
hi like singing in the shower
with warm water it going on my
body and I'm washing my hair
with shampoo
squirt squirt squirt to wash my
hair feel so good i love it
hey kids are you okay over there
it's okay I'll saw the right
here with me sister and I'm
reading a book but i'm still
watching them
yes mommy we are playing with
the shopkins and I like this one
the most because they are cheeky
just like cheeky chocolate
because they are both chi and
I'm like this pixel box because
i love feat SIA and it's famous
papi science and it also looks
like the jelly over here
jelly jelly jelly and I like
this the ring because it's so
sparkly and shiny and it's also
a limited edition and see I have
to go to the washer
can you wait for me sure go
ahead on here
okay and I'll just slip this up
their toilets and go t and
their toilets and go there and
i'm almost done
yep and i'm done now i have to
flush the toilet but I am a
little bit scared
come on Anya what tapes taking
you so long we have the play
I you just afraid to flush the
toilet because it sounds like a
monster like this large and
and I don't like that sound ah
yeah there is no walks through
the toilet what's this
and then there's and water in
the toilet you were so funny
come on Anya I understood when
you are younger but now you're a
big girl you shouldn't be afraid
of this thing
ok mommy watch me good job you
did it on my baby and now you're
not going to be afraid next time
no i won't on ya have to wash
your hands now right
yeah blimey I will go now okay
and don't forget to count to 20
okay I will ok I'm just going to
climb up on ice
cool and I'll get the soap ear
and turn on the water
to wash my home let's put some
soap on my hands rub it on this
now i'm gonna play like here in
and never by rub your hair over
here there and let's swing my
hands and all done
let me turn the water
now I can go back to play with
the shop
oh right time so I'm taking a
that was so relaxing now it's
time to come out
pull the curtain
hey guys i'm taking a shower
girls were sorry but you have to
stop playing it's time to go to
bed go brush your teeth please
Oh me we want to play more but
girls you have the whole
tomorrow to play with them but
we want to stay up all night
oh don't be silly guy's ok now
go brush your teeth to your own
ok but else first no you go
final you can hold together huh
okay mommy
let's go out all right tell us
when you're done on yes
did you ever touch the water
it's inside a toilet
he'll but that is so disgusting
else yeah but it looks like in a
query and just please just the
yeah well you go because I I I
don't want to touch it was a
water feel so hold em
we go we click oh I feel so cold
splash splash splash hey stop
splashing on me
well I am just playing on ya LCI
stop doing this because our
mommies will be so mad at you
it's yucky and it's disgusting
we are not supposed to do this
swish swish swish
hey girls what are you doing for
yeah sure what were you doing
over there not think it has to
be something I saw something
silly that you're not supposed
to do what was that
tell me now i'll see ya who no
mommy but it
LC yeah LC yeah i did you touch
the water inside the toilet
yes I just a bit i'll see ya
why would you do such a thing
for women look so cool
mommy huh I could feel a bucket
of water for you to put your
hands and not the toilet
that's disgusting LCI black it
looks like you are wearing and
so I wanted to touch it and was
so cool
you want to see in a query and
we can go to the aquarium and
then you could see a bigger .
full of fish but this this is
disgusting come on Elsie I told
you not to touch it
go wash your hands right now
Elsie I'm very mad at you
promise me you'll never touch it
again yes mommy
I'm sorry ok let's make sure
this doesn't happen again
now go wash your hands and I'm
gonna watch you this time
ok my stork here and I will
brush my teeth with the soap
turn on the water and put some
soap here get some soap
here and that means hand and
not now i can brush my teeth I
will be first
OCR because I didn't touch the
Tory legs and squeeze the tip
are there now I can brush
hmm like at the same time Anya
okay oh yeah great
we got like swipe wipe on my
hmm All Right girls goodnight
here's a blanket let's tuck you
when there you go
mmm good night girls good night
the night LC and don't ever
touch the toilet again goodnight
mommy and I promises that I
won't touch of the water in the
okay goodnight ok lights off see
you tomorrow
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This toys dolls parody video shows ELSA, ANNA toddlers getting ready for sleep. Elsa takes a SHOWER, she enjoys the warm water, the toddlers play with the SHOPKINS, then brush their teeth and wash their hands with a lot of soap foam. Anna toddler uses the RESTROOM. Why is she afraid to Flush the TOILET ?
Also, Elsa toddler wants to do something silly, she wants to touch the water inside the toilet! Wow ! Will she do it ?
Watch the movie and enjoy it! :)

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Main characters / dolls of this movie:
From Disney's movie "Frozen" :
Queen Elsa of Arendelle and princess Anna, the regular characters & the toddler dolls

Music Sound Credits:
From YouTube Music Library
"Prelude and Action", Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0