Subtitles for CCV Quality Award 2016

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I extend a warm welcome on
credit market volunteer word the in circular
the largest radiating power in this world
he treats the entire bandwidth
of the eiti on
employee orientation through to
customer satisfaction
to have in his thoughts while in
achievement cortina
it was clear I will him all
are finally together with them to
coming and there were still more
only then were repeatedly
who will continue their
As for the health I can
have really impressed me really
very impressed because here both the
Management and the maxime
really for us
internalized employee orientation
have people who actually
looks from the perspective of an employee
in the third category
customer satisfaction pays off now
say about him to what is at stake
further expand internationally because the
substance with a colorful evening
with such a solution, there are now
pay the smoke column in the theme of
transformation a digitization also
especially in the growth industry
editor is certainly a great
theme in our company there already
quite a few also it has to be said
the success gives us today certainly
right and disco brings such an award
it certainly sometimes just with a view
on the successes that we the future
want to generate again after
not we have now in 2014 would place the
in the same category
customer satisfaction in buildings goes
not necessarily a disadvantage thereof from
that now two years later the same
again nominated in the same category
is worse than the crop species
All have involved know and rat
scary liberating yes
in the sense would say that reminds
to the effect that we we that easy
see that the need is gone right so
express is right away the via
Maintain corporate culture and us
encouraged the right way to
go that team are the
change to go away the next and
also to develop it

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Über 120 Gäste stießen am 11. November 2016 beim Sektempfang auf die Award-Nominierten an und wohnten später am Abend der feierlichen Verleihung des CCV Quality Award 2016 in der Zitadelle Spandau bei.

Die fünfköpfige Jury entschied sich im Feld IT-Innovation für das betriebliche Gesundheitsförderprogramm der Arvato CRM Healthcare GmbH. Im Bereich Kundenzufriedenheit wurde die vertrauensvolle Partnerschaft der COMBITEL GmbH und der Versicherungskammer Bayern ausgezeichnet. Der überzeugendste Beitrag in der Kategorie Mitarbeiterorientierung war das Mitarbeiteranreizsystem der ife Gesundheits-AG.

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