Pause sub
me and down and giant tub our minds i
thought we have all these marshmallows
and we have to find them because there's
hidden toys and then ya to sign it OH
newer square which means i'm so excited
on to open this morning HD I'm happy
places series kill and these are new and
also the screen door opening our new and
God have it's a quickie to normal
oh my god
whoa this is white
oh my dog one it is going to eat and
dance is a schoolteacher bird the bird
and the sparkles cue i love this story
and little off and then come on come on
ok what is this a mirror I open that
must be his spoon right here got one
more tiny little pieces and I guess this
is like a player song so this is what I
got in my happy place a series two paths
you can make this I screener has like
this some place you can put the little
spoon in and I'm like a cute little face
we're going like this sure
like this the kind you can like a just
and then there's a cute little play with
a little face on and tada i love me the
yeah we really like oh yes I'm like a
whole more just for the little petra
meet you I have a room
yeah there's a lot of shops all right I
opening shot into ornaments and I need
to get the pay i get the gold ornaments
and this pick into high
well someone and then right here in a
hat and there's the argument how many i
got a gold or them in a pink stands a
high in miracles duplicates events ok
howdy and I got a libra help you take a
little shovel and a pocket and this is
turning santos and castle is now a great
time right come on
found him
I got you I got my little pony and we
hadn't been opening my little pony in
World long time and that we haven't been
opening of knowing I don't ever open
vest finding the right thing to do
chocolate and then 11 times after you
just kind of like huh
y-y-y-yeah everyone like that and white
light so i go twice but conscious gold
glittery and here's her card to
disappoint chocolate and I got to hurry
just keeps his story kappa chapter truck
stop it okay
there's no chocolate it's just chocolate
define my gosh she found I had i invite
hey oh my god yes
second season ships i love shocking
check plugs and i'm going to open the
pickup and I love
so we not only way I where you can see
them or hear the petstore and there's
like a bunch of get those cops there
I'm going to be like pulling out yes
just get you guys
oh that old account and then love so cat
here are whatever name he looks fine but
ok and this actually so this is my
little red shop pack comes with a
country girl simply and on this little
cute TV which is made sure stylez &
nikki was sitting on is really cute pink
count and it comes with this blue pretty
breath oh my god i don't handle dropping
and Marilyn my friends we have one where
to find so I ready
i frighten me my finger
hi-yah general are very very first time
with real number three and I got there
and pretty and cute and I'm number two
and not know Terry's one
ok i just opened my Genie ball go into
pink water and really pretty chain this
is it on my cute little red team
I got a cum oh that's no okay yeah too
strong for me that's most okay smile
actually like punky and strong in the
glass shop and she has two different
conscious pink and um you know our
favorite part was totally digging the
marshmallows right everyone
yes yeah I feel like sending that into
like something pick up da ya make this
school and like this woman yeah i would
feel so little feel like you're full of
islami and ya stop
they are uh huh and we got really really
good toy my favorite is that you place
that but I also really like the Russians
gonna come in handy for Milo spread
shops expressway the cat so my LPN bed
and these everything comes really and
handy because this my uncle J thinking
you know moist knows me well and i'm
going to try to pick them up with
although p.m. ok so please come down
below which one is your favorite and
then going against I priest I am I
watching this video we hope you liked it
don't forget to subscribe to analyze
free click on one of the pictures to see
more fun videos when I moved to liking

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