Pause sub
the critical numbers
every business owner must know
businesses lead-up
numbers just a bit everything in
business that matters
is a number you seals margins
new custom piece
costs you profit and your cash
flow the old
I numbers it comes to growing
your business there's a
mathematical month
sits behind me if the business
we understand this month
stopped truly understand what
drives sales
what drives mu me called in this
short video
I'll share with you how that
understanding this model
dramatically accelerates
the growth your business 9059
just can't passionate hymns
done the profits Hughes the big
secret used to me
massive difference your profit
line just my understanding
deploying some simple powerful
growth drivers
this understanding easy century
building and growing
success sons to illustrate let
me explain this
with Louis simple fashion of the
mathematical model
using simple numbers matching up
just 10 customers each of those
customers things
campaigns each time the nine and
each lose customers
nice from business ten times a
year so we have three
growth drivers here
ok number
customers much the same home I V
each time
and hope of peace the mall
heidi's yields together get
through sales so who conceals
for this business
be 10 things hand painstaking
which equals a thousand
in other words each customer
stains 10 pounds paintings here
so the stained under and zinnia
miss the business
past have those customers all
staying under each
you total since the comes 1000
if this was you who this is
you could undertake some schism
our team activities
to improve even use numbers
let's imagine you need to
increase the number of customers
10 by 10 percent
this means Muhle 11 customers
ruttan 10
and the total seems no become 11
times t times
in which a hundred pounds in
other words increasing number of
customers by
in person seems me decide folks
increasing how much the same
person if you do this
your customers stain 11 each
time by
rotten 10 to conceal overcome
in enzyme things
in other words increasing how
much customs things
20 percent he says seals but
you could surprise there instead
the focus your efforts
get the customs duties
violent things yes from teen in
the museum's
in person Houston if you
increase any single
he who driver by 10 percent who
he spent in person what happens
if you increase Paul
me the seals drivers 10 percent
in the same time
in other words customers numbers
who's up from into loving
spending 11 pains
and no by 11 times a year by how
sales increase I've had some
businesses you suggest
10 percent another study same
actually we didn't pass
seals who from Ocean Pines 1,331
33-point one person's what's
you it's called sanity and
healing point is this:
you business woohoo much faster
we meet small improvements he
each of the growth drivers
rather than folks in
just money cones see many
winners me is to focus only been
getting more customers
keep this new show uncovered
exams you who divers if you want
to find though
what fall seven he to drivers
be happy to let you hot be
completely free
initial consultation you find
all my contact details on the
don't worry if you die know each
other people easily meet online
virtual meeting

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Business is made up of numbers.

Just about every thing in business that matters is a number - your sales, your margins, your customer base, your costs, your profit, your cashflow. They're all driven by numbers.

And when it comes to growing your business there's a mathematical model which sits behind every business. When you understand this model, you start to truly understand what drives your sales and what drives your profit.

In this short video I'll share with you how an understanding of this model will dramatically accelerate the growth of your business.

Here's the big secret.... You can make a massive difference to your profit line just by understanding and deploying some simple but powerful growth drivers. And this understanding is essential to building and growing a successful business.

The key learning point is this.... Your business will grow much faster when you make small improvements in each of your growth drivers, rather than focusing on just one area. The common mistake many business owners make is to focus only on getting more customers.