Subtitles for INTO Queen's University Belfast: Elms Village Student Accommodation

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know my name is filled up my
I'm from not we're in it I'm
up antacid foundation programme
a and engineering and sciences at
and engineering and sciences at
the 2008 get into and then slid
which is though the official
elimination by a
retailers didn't an Asus like
less than five minutes walk from
clinton also
yeah it's really because it's
good to the by some some
business owners be used
hello my name is a silencer I'm
saddam everything's gallons is
a good raise or yesterday's to
so they can socialize others
here as the
will not know any it wasn't this
and as this is an opportunity to
meet other
increased living and services
it's fun fun stuff
for first thing closes it's
really close to the list is
and but that's part of it is
that when everyone comes here
and what most people who we are
pressure their own place just on
his back to the
please just let the country to
the level of anxiety for
everyone disseminate sell on the
physics at each other with
you know with more long so it's
better to it's better to live in
a place like that
i havent an honor to be your
friend from and different
nationalities that and I
some brassieres French friend
Libya as that you may see an
and on the facilities at a later
a let's say the treehouse which
is the social space
and there's me so they make an
get everything and the
that he does not occur and all
the recreation style that is
those it is really good
and though is that the
also a commodities like a
washing machines to make really
the available and its chief has
sold it's good

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Mudra and Ghassan, international students studying at INTO Queen's University Belfast talk about their student life at the Elms Village, Queen's student accommodation