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many with Peter Mitchell & the
registers owner senior Helpers a
Burlington and Ocean County New
his work is informative video
and you know why senior Helpers
is the leader
in in dementia and Alzheimer's
care in the whole region thank
understanding dementia care
seminar series
if the Nationwide Tour
cosponsored by senior Helpers
and the Alzheimer's Foundation
of America to help educate
families and professionals
about Alzheimer's and dementia
care the tour features keep the
a renowned dementia care expert
who shared her practical care
strategies for
tens of thousands of people
caring for individuals with
Alzheimer's disease and other
dimensions hay bale
let me get that the hinge you
and we maintain dignity wowie
how in a way that's acceptable
I'm a happy say that respond not
react when your caregiving you
have to make choices
all the time to respond not
react not to do what comes
automatically to you but to
think about what's going on here
and make
a troy you gotta realize how
much me you can handle
and usually it's not much
because it's so hard to be with
as I am because you knew as I
as I am because you knew me as I
watched it's really hard to let
go of it the more you can let go
of it the better off you're
gonna be
the more effective you can be
with me because you gotta let go
of who I was and how I was
to be with me as I am because
I'm doing the best I can
I learned a lot I've great
and I just wish other members of
my family would have been here
because it was that great
and I hope that I remember at
eighty percent of what I learn
because I love my mom so much
and I want to be the best
daughter to I can be and I just
I really enjoyed tonight thank
you so much it's amazing
wherever we go
its universal people need more
than they have
and they need to understand the
disease in ways they don't have
a clue
and everybody's struggling and
so it's really great fun to have
people started getting and have
the modem
are hot II all and so you can
see the light bulbs go off
and that's really what it's all
about is having people get it
so they can make a difference in
their life and the people that
they're caring for

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Description - In Home Care Elder Care Respite Care Toms River NJ - We help with Changing Linens & Bed Making, Diet Monitoring, Alzheimer's & Dementia Care and much more -- call 732-657-3600 or 609-261-2995