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though young ladies gentlemen my
name is slow actually have to
give a speech to all you young
people on why education is
supported education is very
important have you all know that
and some of us that and forced
to be educated forced to go to
school or surpass our exams or
to get a job and opposed to work
to be done that obviously not
fine and that's where we don't
sincerely sincerely want to get
also indicated we're just being
force to study study study that
well this speech I wanna tell
you today did not want to talk
about today is well why
education is important we think
and how you can do it yourself
just that
this has been very dear to me
this is when I knew how
education was very important to
me I was it is just a dream it
happen but it doesn't mean there
was in the Titanic the boat was
thinking and I was on this tiny
boat thing he the ship was
sinking in hours and boat you
have been in a dream is not real
but it felt real I was in a
booked individually to life vest
and 50 states and do this or
leader of you get to like the
rest of you think in the school
and died and that one person
must be only have a little time
to decide who gets the life vest
and live so there you were
holding order the lifevest they
said he was a few big reasons
why I should give to view the
the reason should be big enough
for me to give it to you if my
reasons are bigger than yours
then in the second one one of
you gets it so my mind begin
exploring everywhere so I was
just thinking what do i do what
do I do to live now I'm getting
a chance to live in what we do
in certainly oldest amazing
things of what I can do what I
can do
comes to my mind
and that one person was holding
the leftist just told me do you
commit to do all the things that
you want to do and I said yes I
committed and he gave me the
life vest that's running know
that I want to do it so badly
badly badly badly I really want
to do whatever that came out
when I really want to do it so
badly that you actually gave me
life and I must do it you see
young ladies and gentlemen this
is bare this is what I want to
do I'll tell you later what is
it I want to do but now I know
how important it is to me and I
couldn't do it if it wasn't for
my education that there was just
a person's life vest and then
second seniors receive inferior
to others who have the strongest
mindset in what we want to do
with our life all in my face
very lightest and we have to
face the other people and they
said can you help me do this for
me can you help me by making a
mark on the plane it this is so
what I want to do but since it's
not big enough
or so since you get the chance
to live
can you do it for me just let
the young ladies and gentleman
this so many other people who
don't get education can feel the
air emission we have a chance
get indicated so we also have
the power and strength to get to
do what they wanted to do they
don't do it for them and wait
for why you want to live this
just lets just pretend that you
guys are my situation where I
was in the dream you remember
saying let's just pretend that
you don't win that division
right down all the things that
you want to do and make sure
everything feels important
make it important enough that
you would automatically motivate
yourself to get an education and
on the world you're not forced
to you don't have to but if your
reason to live is big enough you
will automatically want to so
everybody has their reasons in
life if you don't have you not
meant to be alive if you don't
know your reason or if you
taking too long to find a reason
create a reason baby reason
ready down and you're one of the
lucky people you got knowledge
to feel other people's dreams
so that's why education is
important thank you so much
ladies and gentleman inhabit

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