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higher on and this is aditya from says
online training and today i'll teach you
how to write a simple SAS program i'll
give you a brief introduction about
myself I'm a real-time experienced guy
and having nine years of experience
incest programming so i have given the
training to the lot of people and today
I thought of sharing my knowledge
through youtuber so that the most of the
people will get a table for what it says
and all those staff
okay then just let's have a look
so what I'm going to teach you in this a
couple of minutes right so most of the
people aware of that sass is a big
demand right now in market so what
exactly the same software and what we
can able to do with this s of way so you
can see my desktop so here and here is a
psych on over here so before that just
clicking on psych on let me explain
stas means you did the established
together analysis system software in
earlier days but now SAS itself it is a
brand so that it is no definitions
nobody's so what we exactly can do with
the software first of all let me just
open my just a software double-click on
it so it is just opening yes so once
it's get open
now you can see this is the protocell
software regularly what we are using it
so these the exact version of software
what we are using Indian time for that
first of all you can see there are
different windows so enough sassa one is
freedom second one is log third one is
output explorer and result window so the
five windows in SAS just five windows
have a different significance each of it
let me go for editor window so anything
is the window is used for writing a
program so writing a program in the same
so whatever you want to write any
program just write it in the editor
window suppose imagine i'm writing one
program something something here
I'm writing it you're so I'm writing the
program so what I'll get it out of it so
there is nothing you should not expect
up out of it
the reason behind that is so once you
run something once you write something
so you have to select it and you need to
choose the option called running bison
below here if you click on this then
only the program will be submitted to
this s until dad it won't submit to a
anywhere it will be just like that so
the rule number one whenever you write a
program in your editor window you have
to click on the submit button over here
so what I do is right now for just
understanding poppers
I just click on the Run symbol so this
we call it as a run symbol that we can
call it as running by Cimber i just
clicked on it but still didn't happen
anything to me why haven't I don't know
then you immediately jump into the log
window then check it out what exactly
happening so log is saying that the
statement is not valued our it's used in
out of prada do you know what is the
reason behind that is that means
whatever the statement you have written
that means whatever the program you have
written in the editor window that is
wrong are else maybe you have not
written in a proper Radha imagine proper
order in the sense if I'm asking you can
just write the numbers in the proper
order so that that will be 12345 that is
auto suppose if I'm writing 1423
something like that if I'm writing
scattered manner that is not a proper
so says is thinking that the program
what you have returned
maybe it is not right program or else
maybe it is right but maybe there is a
case it is not in a proper odda that was
asses thinking so what you need to
understand based on this log so log in
the window is clearly tells as that
whether we are writing right or wrong
whatever it is just explaining it up in
the log window
lahu know is the proof that what exactly
you have executed
now imagine
ok I get to know that yes there is a
problem with my program so that what
i'll do i'll remove my program i will
try to right and correct program here to
write a character program so the just
basically details i'll give you just
interested in five minutes just a
careful of job and guys whenever you
want to write any sass program in SAS it
must be start with a keyword called data
so data is the key word is used for
creating a dentist named incest after
that given space and try to write of a
data set name whatever you wanted
so that is a name in the sensor imagine
you don't know anything about sassa but
try to understand if you know Excel
you're trying to create MS office action
MS office excel sheet you're creating it
so if you want to clear that you need to
give a name
I'm trying to
do the name as a bank to the exhale
so imagine for a while you are giving
exit name as a bank and after that I
give it a semicolon the reason behind
the semicolon is see we know whenever
the better graph is ends will stop with
the full staff at the same time so
anybody we have done with the statement
that means one statement we have done so
that semicolon we are giving giving you
a semicolon is nothing but it is a
statement terminator we can call it as a
so one particular program we have
written as of now now let me go for a
writing a statement called input so
input is the statement so we need to
write it so what this in four days input
is nothing but to create columns incest
so inputting the statement is used for
creating a columns
ok what I right there is deep eid
nothing but the positive highly in my
bank and as well as years of that
particular person and as well as sex of
that particular person and give the semi
corner so you can see in the input state
manda so each and every qualified i
maintain the space that reason behind
that is then ever you have antenna space
then always ask an able to understand
that it is a new column imagine there is
a certain place as if i write it like
this d PID that means the positivity and
eh you know is it two different words
were there but unfortunately SAS will
think that he plays as a one-column only
but that should not be happen whenever
you mention his peers then on this ass
can recognize that it is a new column so
BP ID and the age and sex is at three
different variables variables in the
sensor see as for the SAS terminology
very well
is called problem sir roses called
observations so I'm just repeating one
more time variables his car columns of
roses called observations in tasks so we
just created variables and now we try to
create the observations so if you want
to create observations incisor you must
have to specify data lines so data lines
is the statement is used for creating a
arrows adults we can say there's a
observations so give the semicolon and
then you need to specify what rules you
need to specify so imagine the patient
here are sorry that deposit variety is
hundred years of that particular person
maybe imagine it's 1050 60s for use a
maid right so now i'm giving and don't
give the semicolon over here that is
wrong you should not give the semicolon
here so just click enter and try to give
it another person tents i'm just giving
another deposit variety is 200 and maybe
is there is a 60 years and meal this guy
also and enter i'm giving it out books
and i'll make it as a 300 so maybe she
is their own 40s cremated right good and
giving this McCollum that's it you have
to give the semicolon here if you give
the semicolon here it is wrong
so after the SAS syntax that you have to
muster follow this one general what
happen if I'm giving here the total
record the last record whatever we have
given the sixth one is not going to be
ok so you can see that 123456 year that
i have not given anything here that is
before coming it by SAS itself i have
not done anything to that right so in
the semicolon and write one more
statement is the last statement right
here on statement that's it
I have done my program my intention is
to create a
raw data inside so by using a data set
name called back so data bank is your
data set name your columns episde and
sex is that the qualities you have given
and three rows you have given means trip
depositors or information one is hundred
200 and 300 three persons we have it
that's fine what I'll do is select this
particular program i'm trying to execute
so once you execute go to the log
mrs. but because i'm thinking that this
program is right what happened I don't
know let me check and go to the law so
while checking it is saying invalid data
for a second what exactly this invalid
data for section and you can give me a
job 0bp ID that means the depositor ID
and is how the values but sex have the
problem why it happened for only sex and
why not gonna happen for me pide and
each so come back again and looking into
the data c-tpat and is all are a numeric
values that means numbers but sex is not
a numeric it is a character data so what
is the problem day
the problem is Sasuke able to understand
the numerical values by default but not
the characters so if you want to give
some character values to the size you
need to specify the dollar sign
he'll then only SAS can recognize ok
they are giving some character data to
me something like that david lee side
right now i'll just execute the program
one more time and running now if I
execute data go to the log messages see
last time what I have executed this one
data bank is your data set name and
everything is perfect and there is no
errors now
ya ali and we have an error so you can
see here but this time when i'm running
the program there is no errors here that
means it is
successfully executed right now what I
do is it is done but I have executive my
program but there is no errors but where
is my output I'm not getting it
if you want to get your awkward to be
displayed in your output window
this is an one more window that is
called with us it's the output window if
you want to get display something in
your output window you have to specify a
statement card fraud then only output
will get active truck means preseason
print means you're printing it that I
called all your data set name so in this
case your data set name is your bank
right it's a bank and run so execute
this piece of course in alpha to get
your output ready
I'm just selecting this piece of
information 10 and 11 line just
executing it
yes my output got ready so you can see
the data the output is created in your
output window the purpose of output
you have to know you have to see here it
is mainly for to display your
information is playing off your output
in northport window so when this output
window Galactico whenever you have given
a proper and then only the output window
will back to until that you will not see
any or put we know right so you have
saved it so what happened you know if I
close the session now all the programs
and everything whatever i have created
out what everything will go off that
means it's a everything vanish so that
should not be happen I need to save my
output this outboard I want to save it
in a permanent way then only I can be
able to utilize this particular output
tomorrow i will send it to my client of
mine is or whatever it is i can send it
so in that case and just go for explorer
window then here we have an option
called libraries
so mainly libraries such as helpless as
user and work at three different
libraries we have incest
ok i will explain in detail mad about
this libraries in the next upcoming
classes but first of all this library is
what happened you know
so what I want the data you have say
over the bank it will be gets into your
work like already seen the bank data set
got same with your work lady right so
you can save this wherever you wanted by
you this particular data set this we
call it as an Isetta the data said you
can I keep it further but I'm anyway so
if you want to keep the data set an
apartment way just write it as a data
SAS user dot bank that's it executes the
program now and running down so that it
will be got executed and now you can see
in your cells use a library bank that
asset impairment way so now if you close
the sashes and open again
don't worry the bandana said we'll be
there with you in throat life until
unless you want really deleted it
it will be there with you in the two of
so what you need to understand based on
the situation explorer window is the
window is mainly used for to saving of
your information to seal the information
so bank is the data that i just created
if you want to save that particular
information in a permanent way companies
are you need to depend on the Explorer
window so that is the purpose of
explorer and the last window called a
result window so the result we know what
it will give you if we just click on
this one in result window is the output
what you have created as the first
output in you obsess programming imagine
if I executive the same program one more
time so if i run the program so you can
see there is one more thing you got it
so Ellie only one program and now you
can see that up two outputs the result
is the window each and every successful
execution of your product printer the
result window will
he created so that it will be created
this is the first result if you want to
go up you can see that if you want to go
for a second result you just go click on
that you can see the second present but
the day by the same but what happened
here will be going because i have
executed my program two times so that's
the reason why we are getting if you
write so most of the people have the
question that so what is the difference
between your output window and result we
know output window is the window is used
for to get the current out what you can
see when i execute the program
immediately i can able to see the
current output but there is coming to
the result window you can see all the
results are for starting to ending
imagine if we execute hundred programs
the hundred at the program you resent
you can able to see in your result
window sorry an output window but total
12 hundred program results you can see
it in your result window so this is all
about total five windows in SAS and just
a controlling the class now so that
means we have a five windows in SAS
editor window writing the program log
window is just checking the error so and
output window is to display all our
ports so whatever you want to display
done and as well as a explorer window is
mainly together
save that results in a permanent way and
result window to see all the results
whatever you have created so this is all
about your first program writing by
using software and if you like my video
just click like and give it comments and
if you are interested in my rent and
classes just contact the displayed email
ID on this video and i'll catch you next
video thank you

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