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with meets there has to be
proper development to cater to
the ever-growing population
on the earth there has to be
even man power distribution so
that the stream
on the main fields does not
become too much of a keen in
earlier days there were less
memory people the doctor could
treat his patience
and at the same time manage I'll
be a light work that was
however the magnitude of demand
and supply is never
strictly speaking with an
economic sense
it never should be otherwise
there is bound to be saturation
in the market for example
earlier the doctor did the work
and drawing blood
testing and treating the patient
but they soon realized it with
more number of patients
it is becoming too much of a
task therefore allied health
services were created in this
a phlebotomist as the work and
drawing blood preserving it been
testing it for the doctor and
the patient
comparatively there arose a need
for other jobs
in the health industry the
newest and them being in the
health management area
in the hospital
there was a lot of paperwork to
be carried out most notably
these paperwork relate to the
patients that are being treated
and maintaining such records a
patients who had been treated
earlier this not only acts as a
hospital record but also can be
accessed by the institution for
some specific case study
as well therefore arises in need
of a manager who can take if all
this paperwork and more
with systems becoming fully
computerized there is a need to
transfer all the physical data
to the computers
thereby saving space and for
easy management of such records
health information management
is there by an allied medical
field where all the paperwork
including data management is
done by a specific group of
people trained in keeping
everything updated as per
they are great help in hospitals
health insurance offices related
nursing homes et cetera if it is
a medical field
there is bound to arise the
needed so much paperwork can
record maintenance
these people are also great
planners who helped turn out
health management policies for
insurance companies and
hospitals as well
they are also experts in
analyzing future trends
and planning according to the
demands what
these people are highly trained
professionals who were able to
administrators as well
earlier there was a problem
updating insufficiency but now
there is data
as much is 117 great data
processing power
however the may need a big day
is to manage the huge data that
is at hand
good data management will help
reduce access times in the makin
institution capable
working more in less time it is
he need to optimize the time
requirement by good data and
information management
it is not hard to see the future
trend where these people will be
the true managers of the medical
the world
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