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hey guys i have some study house
for you guys and final season
and stuff is like basically done
but listen to have this video up
before then
I have five different categories
one of us is over tied
what you should do from way
before your testing I don't want
is for procrastinators the date
of testing during studying other
thought is just plain sight
I've been reading them off my
laptop is that organized a bunch
of different hacks on a document
so i hope you guys enjoy and
let's get to the video the first
hack is used out what kind of
coffee because apples give you
sustained energy while copies
doing it's a fight or flight
drink some water preferably cold
it's 11 when you wake up to make
you feel more awake
so he's happy with the set and
see what that seemed set because
your brain will better ship of
those memories and the subject
which is situated broke up that
safe or not
during your testing so brings
back certain boundaries
Commission you guys use
government or unusual plane they
don't really choose it has your
brain to strengthen memories
while you sleep
my time is a great time for
studying also in the morning
your brain is still absorbing
some information so you can
review information that I pour
in the morning of the next hack
is apply some meaning to the
information that you're
retaining for example you can
remember the words baby chicken
tennis shoes and music and
remember the state me a baby in
tennis shoes
dancing to the chicken dance the
nice thing as mnemonic devices
riving acronyms solved
this could help you remember the
order of certain words such as
dumb King Philip cable from
German soil from
eight seven innings
classifications the next hack is
a hack that I've done multiple
times sometimes record your
voice at listen to your voice
while you're sleeping you're in
college his body bring whatever
could understand that
information to this works the
same for lectures trying to
understand and listen to
lectures before you see and play
them while you sleep
the next category is for gas
meters first one is reward
yourself if you have a 10-page
paper or like a chapter dream
after each little bit you could
watch some YouTube videos or eat
I always do this hack and that
is to listen to classical music
as you study it helps you focus
on what you're doing and I just
get lost like I never even pay
attention to my phone all the
I just do my work there's a
six-hour video online of
Beethoven playing the piano and
that is so useful
all we can double of change your
environment when you have lots
of work to do but make sure you
have everything with you so you
don't have to keep getting up
and getting distracted in
language classes i use blue pen
for vocabulary words because
blue a house with memorization
make sure you know your way of
organizing and take notes and
I like to call your coach so
maybe you could try not flash
cards are great for Sonny but
they aren't the most recommended
because those are you super
short term memory
so you might forget the
information after the exam take
short breaks frequently your
brain remembers more information
from the beginning and end of
your sessions so try and take
more sessions space all your
studying this helps a lot with
long-term memory
and make sure you review a lot
test yourself or have somebody
test you so you know your weak
areas and areas and to practice
you'll forget things you get out
because often so use active
politicians short-term memory to
long-term memory box every call
is great for changing short-term
memory to long-term memory
the more you can call something
quicker while you're closing
yourself the better you'll
remember in the future please
leave some video class out below
my birthday just passed so swag
if you want to see anything
about my birthday leave it down
below i hope this video helped
you guys and that just if you're
seriously watching what to study
and how to say long you should
be studying
you must be from crossing so you
should go get to study and also
you guys about this video
I'm interrupting the walls of
the video recording
it's so funny watching

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Back with another video for finals season! Happy studying...
- Eat apples for energy
- Drink water with lemon to wake you up
- Study and sleep with a certain scent
- Chew a certain gum during studying and testing (peppermint or unusual flavor)
- Study at night
- Review at night and morning
- Apply meaning to the information you're studying
- Use mnemonic devices for order
- Study while you sleep
- Reward yourself
- Listen to classical music
- Change your environment + have all your materials
- Blue ink helps with memorization
- Know what way os studying works for you
- Flashcards are good for emergencies
- Take short breaks frequently
- Space out your studying
- Know your weak areas
- Use active recall

Watch: to find out why they work and more tips & tricks!

Music in this video: A ton of you guys are commenting about which song is in my video, specifically my intro!

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"Effeil 65- Blue (KNY Factory Remix)" Uploaded by Zero Seven

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