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my name is Mona Lisa como I the name of
my company is enterprise capital into
part is is a name that we chose because
it means amongst equals and we thought
it would be perfect for a business we're
helping other small businesses prior to
this i was twenty years and financial
services in Wall Street working
primarily for online brokerage firms and
this was a nice transition
when I left wall street after 20 years
we were looking for an opportunity to
invest in a business our focus was to
find a business that we could literally
put our retirement funds into give a
business to our children and we were
looking for a franchise we and in part
of looking for the franchise financing
we came across commercial capital
training corp as an opportunity for
small business lending but we also saw
it as an opportunity to invest in
another business we looked at the
business model and after being 20 years
and online investing and knowing the
strength of empowering investors with
tools as well as technology we knew
right away that we wanted to invest not
in a franchise but in commercial capital
training corp and within four days
before the registration deadline we cut
a check and jumped on board
the class training was a surprise to me
with about how much content they could
squeeze into a seven-day period it was
an absolutely wonderful experience to
not only have the practical training but
also have access to the lenders and to
speak with him directly
it was a great experience for me also to
meet new CC TG entrepreneurs and we
stayed in touch since then
i would write C ctg on a scale of one to
10 and 11 and the reason for that is
from a return on investment perspective
they give you a low-overhead to start
your business model they give you tools
they also give you a starter kit which
means that you can pretty much start day
one focusing on your business model and
you have training that continues to be a
part of that months years afterwards
whenever you need it so it's definitely
the best investment you can look at if
you're wanting a startup business with
low overhead and an empowering business
as well definitely use the commercial
capital marketing group I've worked
extensively with Alex and Brittany and I
would say unequivocally if i had not put
the investment that I had done early on
with the CCTV marketing company i know
for a fact my company would not be where
it is today
i would write them off the charts and i
would say that because having worked in
companies that spend hundreds of
millions of dollars on marketing and
first learning about what CCGs marketing
team gave to me the value proposition
was unbelievable you were able to get
packages from an all the car perspective
i could give you video they could also
give you commercials and radio and then
just the content that they would give me
for my social media i know for a fact
that we would not be on the radio today
we would not have the quality of clients
that we have today if we did not invest
in the social media and into the
marketing package that CC TJ gave us in
the beginning we were a bit hesitant
because we weren't sure if this was
something to wait to see how the
business had gone out but i would tell
you that I would do it again and if
anything I would spend more money on the
I absolutely think the work that i've
invested both financially and partnering
with the cct marketing team has been
worth it and every penny
the main reason why is his optics if we
didn't invest into a bigger marketing
package we definitely would not have the
website presence today that we have and
secondly from a credibility standpoint
we definitely would not have the type of
investors as well as businesses that
would partner with us in this day and
age whether we like it or not your
website presence and your social media
presence gives credibility to the type
of organization you are and in a day and
age where anybody could be out there
with their own place card saying that
they're doing business clients want to
know that they're investing in a
business that can actually sustain
itself and if you have a website front
end and you have a social media presence
it does give the optics of a very large
organization and we couldn't have done
that without the investment of our time
and effort with CCTV marketing
so we've been very fortunate with the
website presence that we've had we've
been able to garner a lot of interest
into our business within the first two
months of our location presence on the
website we were able to get a business
that looked for a small business loan
and within the first month the first
Commission's that we were bringing in
two months after graduation was about 25
thousand dollars in Commission since
then we've been very fortunate to
graduate to real estate deals and as of
today we have in our pipeline with even
hotel deals we have five hotel deals in
our pipeline for a total value of 50
million plus so we're very fortunate to
have that pipeline of growth that
continues to fuel our our commission
working with the cct lenders has been a
great experience especially educational
for me and my broker's one of we do
first and foremost have a few of our
favorites i think that's normal with any
business line but with 40-plus lenders
to work with
we definitely have a great pipeline of
products and services and each one of
these lenders has been so so wonderful
to work with what i like about what we
get to do the cct lenders is that once
they know that you are sec TG graduate
they're very understanding they take the
time to explain to you their programs if
you don't understand it immediately and
then they call you back to see if you
have any more deals or have any more
questions and that type of partnership
is really important if you have a lender
that just picks up the phone and doesn't
really want to check to see if the deal
went through that's not really going to
be helpful for you
so we've been very fortunate again we
have our favorites but definitely
wonderful to have a portfolio so large
the trainers at ctg Chris and John are
excellent source of education but most
of all they care about your business
what I like is that you have access to
them you you're not waiting for them to
call you back you've got a direct access
to their cell phone numbers kristenjohn
really want to see you succeed and so if
it's a small question if it's something
that I don't feel comfortable with in
terms of submitting a deal
they're always available to take my call
and to answer my emails
the CCG postgraduate support has been
the most beneficial for us from a
start-up perspective this is a company
that doesn't charge you for phone calls
they don't charge you for asking
questions they don't charge you if you
really are looking for some help or even
strategic vision in terms of if you're
not making any headway with an email
campaign or mail drop what I love about
having a support system like this is the
value has already been built into the
entire business model
I feel comfortable as a business owner
knowing that if I need to pick up the
phone and speak with their marketing
folks about what's happening in the
industry talk to them about social media
trends if I need to speak with them
about new lenders are always available
in addition to that they're not done
with their support from a training
perspective this week we have another
lender that they're introducing into the
program there's another webinar and how
to increase your email traffic so this
is a program that's going to continue to
give their graduates with no additional
cost further ongoing support because
they do truly care about seeing you
I would definitely recommend cct g2 any
entrepreneur who is looking to help
other small businesses grow it is a
empowering and it's also a very
fulfilling business model if you do want
to help and do want to get out there
into your community and meet other
what's great about this is all so that
you don't have to only help business
from a start-up phase you can help them
throughout the entire lifecycle of their
business and it's a great relationship
building for your community as well as
with other business owners also

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InterPares Capital was founded by recent Commercial Capital Training Group graduate, Monalisa Como. She worked on Wall Street for nearly two decades and decided to advance her loan broker training into the world of commercial finance.

As a graduate of our commercial finance training program, Monalisa is now a commercial finance consultant that has the ability of providing commercial financing for many types of business owners.

Her previous experience and eagerness to educate herself in the industry of commercial finance has contributed to her success and she continues to grow her business daily.

Listen to this graduate talk about the power of our marketing group and how she made $25,000 in commission in the first two month of her business.