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this is also true path leaving
dot com and today maybe doing a
review of a Hostgator I've been
hosting with Hostgator now for
over two years have about six
hours in total with them I've
had every shared hosting that
you could have had almost I've
had a two-year the diamonds
level so I've had aluminum
copper silver and gold and their
reseller hosting and their VPS
hosting I've had up to level
seven as well so overall whose
Gator has been awesome you know
I still have a couple shared
hosting accounts with them and a
couple reseller hosting accounts
with them absolutely love the
downtime is minimal of anything
the phone supports all somalis
piece you know they're really
gonna die instead they also have
live 24 hour 7 days a week
chat you can go right over here
said a bit shy and is you know
it's really helped me out a lot
there's been times when I just
didn't feel like talking on the
phone like most hosts they make
you only calling on the phone
and overly up live chat so with
those Gator I just have the live
chat even if it's like two in
the morning and I'm just sitting
on my couch and having some
trouble no matter what size
account I have you know they
always have me out right away
help me get it solved when they
do have to put in an actual take
it to be administrators itself
within a day really quick so you
know i i don't have anything bad
to say about Hostgator
you know I highly highly
recommend so again this is also
true path saluting dot com make
sure you click the link below
this video to use specialized
get your discount gotta deal
with Hostgator to where they
give us a special deal
give you a special deal for
anyone who signs up to make sure
to click that and get signed up
right away and enjoy your time
with her skin click the link

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