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hey guys its have enjoyment for
them to make 2d and it's
challenge time we're doing a big
challenge never pizza crust here
and her 16 mystery ingredients
and each value that is a
different ingredients some were
supposed to go on preachers and
some are not
I think I actually like the ones
that part's must go on the
future looks plain cheese pizza
each bag have your own number
I'm the Ottomans over here and i
have the evenings
we're going to cover and reading
it a little bit later but first
let's start off with the cheese
and sauce
I got the mozzarella mm-hmm
ok now what I'm cheese
these meetings like putting
Roman now it's time to get a
little crazy in love with rock
paper scissors again you this
first yeah
that baby is about paper
scissors that paper scissors
uh-huh I got fruit so we have a
bunch of numbers in the
detective hat and we're going to
try them out one at a time
I got number 11
banana banana phone
guys I'm doing the pizza
challenge we're going to need to
chop it up a little
ok let's put on these yummy
banana chips
you not
number nine ok let's see what's
in the air is not something bad
yeah tommy was no I got gummy
worms the real fruit juice
good thing that's not the world
largest gummy worm
okay my turn
I got number 13
hey routine is bad luck
hopefully not today
yeah i know you guys put
something back
let me ask twice
always i love all hey you want
to trade this room anywhere
no sorry that's against the
rolls okay we only got numbers
so hopefully this isn't even
six right here
many all right I guess I never
really wanted Orioles
oh yes i have RS oh yea this
look I made a face on mine on to
the next one
look it's number 10
yeah you got a buddy with really
pepperoni what I'm not a huge
pepperoni fan and I guess you
gotta try it someday
6 game
this is fun look like this
smoothie challenge
just like last time I get it
picked the flavors things out to
lawn clippings lots of egg barf
and to top it up here's a skunk
bring no not spray
hey - can you look pretty
colorful and now let's see what
we get
fine okay what is it it's
chocolate chips
I got a month to talk about
chips here to go great with the
ok i'm putting them on
ok mushrooms California ground
I'm not a big fan of fun guess
I'll put one right here
one right here for years
pull another one out oh I got
number 40 Danny
oh its people's
this is when from bad to worse
all right I got to explain these
here are at the top at least
mine now has some color in it
yeah the color of boogers i hope
i get something good
yes you got something back seven
on cabby
yeah haha what I like to get the
onion on it on your number
and it is number 14
I don't really have a good this
stick ok now i got to see you
find more Indians left
yeah i remember away from the
chubby bunny challenge
mine's gonna be pretty Gilly
former laughs and I got number
i won I nope Chuck E
I really like a frog me and Mike
Ross bit my leg
oops i think i've got a little
bit over war only three items
I got packet number two second
is the bass and what's this
it says and chubby and olive oil
what's an anchovy like it comes
in a cute little container
dog food
hey now you have some fish to
second supposed to be the back
but this time it's the worse
ok so we're left number 30
I have a bad feeling about this
bring balls
no fair so I got the original
pringles so I'm putting on the
pringles my turning the look and
a mountain so I got the last one
here number 12
and yay
that's some goldfish here flavor
blasted chitters
ok so here's our Pete says I
think I got the bag on so - I
fruit um breakfast and seafood
chips and some sour pickles
I got them yummy l'oreal bean
boozled onions goldfish and
chill these marshmallows
gummy worms and some fine guest
ok we're going to sprinkles and
what she's on the helps take
your meeting together
ok time to stick them in the
ok so you are cooked pizzas my
typical kind of birth mother
look too appetizing my goldfish
got burnt - on the gummy worms
Mill Creek and I could still see
the bean boozled beans
ok time to cut this up and try a
nap really have to go
17 got the person reading I get
the first piece
by that time it was horrible
I thought I was gonna like it
but it was pretty nasty
ok your turn buddy Garuda
yeah push sticks with a banana
and did not taste good
yeah well there's a reason why
only like cheese pizza
I never want to see another hole
again especially when the next
to pickle a juggling tricks on
yeah but only if it goes out of
people ok
huh like it
oh wow whoa
salt even Anna it with your mom
Drive hey mom
Mr P whatever the book
disgusting but I'm starving
I came here is the jillian
yeah i think she'll be back
I really try my ass kicked my
oh yes
no it's gonna overheat god
ok I am so out of here dad is
looking he wasn't a child
ok guys so that was a pizza
challenge I don't think we're
going to be making me kind of
pizza is anytime soon
how to keep the leftover get
anywhere for a your face
watching see you guys next time
why hey guys involved or
anything good
I'm starving
hey what's this somebody want to
get pizza
mmm tangy
I feel so good
like I want me to see more

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