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thanks for tuning in we've got a great
story to cover tonight in America it's a
common practice to offer guidance
counseling to young adults but who got
the rest of the world
let's go into our resident expert on
this topic to find out over you avalon
thanks avalon well the answer to your
question is nobody nobody is guiding
these young adults and i believe that is
one of the main contributing factors to
the majority of the world social
problems such as poverty overpopulation
or even unemployment i mean is all over
the world and i believe that it's just
because of a lack of education and
guidance i have developed a precise plan
based on aspects of the u.s. is to
implement this idea of counseling in
other countries areas counseling include
family planning career goals or personal
development place that I'd like to begin
isn't necessarily the prime target that
you may think you like Africa or India
but i do believe that it is the best
place to start
what is this place it is Ireland as you
can see i'm scouring the entire and
sport of it and if it is successful I
plan on continuing it throughout the
rest of the world that the program the
plan is designed to be like
self-sustained so once you teach it is
it supposed to be taught
onward and I believe that I can so this
is just very very exciting and i'm so
excited and hope they get started
well that sounds absolutely wonderful
avalon I can't wait to see what happens
please keep us updated well do this was
a lot more reporting for AFS project
change news thanks for tuning in

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Young adults grow up to become adults. International Guidance Counseling is meant to educate those about their plans for the future. This can include family planning for over-population purposes, career goals for unemployment, and general personal development. This is an all encompassing idea that has the potential to ease the struggles of many different social problems. I believe that it will be extremely easy to implement and sustain yet be incredibly impactful. I truly hope that you will consider both IGC (International Guidance Counseling) and me. I have a passion and love that I believe can do some real good.