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my name is Jamie Compline and I
really bond and moving math
tutor that
just down of the basque and and
I am
when I went to college i went up
to Trinity College in Vermont
for to the Women's College
and Mac Louis
my my Allah Jaipur Paso was
someone who with her husband had
spent many summers
here at the MB out and cheer is
wonderful teacher
and very enthusiastic care and
ambassador of for the MBL
really because and anyway I
decided to
company and the allies
so now after I graduated as I
couldn't each in our to get a
feel far
what I had been hearing i'll
i'll and I'm
I range to come and stay for the
summer and that was the summer
of 1952
attended like Commission read
papers and
I for some not the that around
I and read their manuscripts
and so I was getting you know
very new
where information about what's
going on
I'm and the cost for this summer
across I meant Pakistan charging
Bartlett partially at
social gatherings but renowned
many opportunities to track
and my men our guest he offered
two years he he referred to it
as I followership but he added
me to your day
at that time his lab by thing
only year-round lab at the FBI
no and up until that time
and the summer investigators you
les larmes at where assigned to
universities and colleges in a
something people
so it wasn't a matter I'm
somebody getting a grant and
applying to come down I've be
here and people who came
sometimes there on sabbatical
and then European who who came
but they had to move out
and the summertime because I
wasn't room for the summit paper
not until I blurb and whitman
press their own through I'm
accommodate everybody
working with that
saint george et Iowa worked at
our as his assistant and
as his associate over the period
have their
I'm 52 until he died in 1986
I here is a very energetic
precedent here income banking
and mining and Iran AP
starting out pretty number and
that pressure idea today and
overnight me really discuss
these and then
you is very much are at the
pressing and I'm far are you
you human and mine can do and I
read bear
do something related tarrant and
I might think about
and eventually
don't want it came true arm you
know maybe putting the paper
together then
are I would give my report
to him and I'm hearing that the
paper together in front of
random primary
idea that car like to thank you
I do you read
are re dealing with well with
understanding live at the some
molecular on the electron level
and and I
approach a nice a few think
about 2 a.m.
the electrons and now I'm
molecule their pay and and
then the payroll care okay in
opposite directions are there is
magnetized and so it to you
if indeed local I a pair
than you wouldn't have a.m.
you really radical to Tualatin
you have a free radical
and now I'm we moved along I V
surrounding that that basic plot
and be knowing I'm
bent a lot of time
I'm casting a various samples
that we were able to
at work up I V CAST and I and
a a-minus with thank
cancer and I'm room
did that perot on lengthy time
and now I'm we didn't have any
act great
and success west side you can
see some but not a great success
I think the and thinking about
I doctors and drug Asia work
I still have to
come to brew
and now I 1929
time he had come through the
Boston far the International
tying meeting an hour
and many
I think many of the europeans
had come I came up
you know her Parker along so
about coming over and not the
MBL had an extended an
invitation cure them to come
down here
visits EMBL and not
they're worth a number a busload
job the
physiologist do hang down
and I
I messed up all these I'm not
sure on
and invited them but cheney I
doctor law bass who had the
property that was on the kept I
that Panzon that I think
yeah the cops have at this time
a doctor la bar
and yeah lobster potting and not
a doctor thank God you know he
said he remembered the
lobster the lobsters and the lab
and now
probably and Matt are yet so
I'm when he you was playing lot
hungry known hairs and their a
communist were not very nice at
that time
and I'm so he came to
for there are going on with Tom
became the birthday around
at that time
I 10 1950 true
10 1950 true
I there are more
paper running welder
there are more people running on
the road race now the number and
the whole love the town about a
month at that time
I think a Kansas up 1950 was
about nine thousand for the
whole love the town about men
an hour at
yeah at Nam's can beach there
was a PLO
of being and the beach with a
bath houses I'm
and I'm not gloat over the sign
that said
no men allowed on this plot
without bathing suit tops that
time late last than the 54 right
and Iran again here measure how
things have changed over
the last communion I'm when I
first came
there was no resident director
and how much math was it the
manager and he did a beautiful
job everything went very
smoothly and now I'm
I you needed something you would
try to accommodate that
your are you know I
a bill I'm sure on what the
at that time he would come a few
times during the year
your bills that I don't know
whether it was associated with
trustee meetings about
but are I'm doctors and John
and I thrive off and hand judge
doctor I'm strong
again are interested my Labrador
be there true inner doctor I'm
trying with burger live power
turks you don't fly to the hand
type character and not I had the
pleasure of and I'm bad I'm
riding with him on the train
when he was heading back to
and Iran's heading Prabhat and
terror a
with chronic good
car honor I N and carried that
out back damnit
at and up until
prime time
probably in the sixties we had a
class bro
came Graham and
and an hour
day here are very often special
pieces of plastic
you might need anything yeah
I'll describe a piece of that
Kit piece from him and he went
down but the top
and I went and he is quieter and
not a rare
down me and the mailroom
doubt he would they are quite
talented dinner
glassblowing a
and something out I thought I
wanted to mention to you
and Amber hollow out with the
library and
at that time and her has been
well as up seaver how r
he was a machinist it down on me
a baseband Southwest Connor
baseband Southwest Connor
that where they had the exchange
shop yeah
Anna that your damn mountain
where the sponsors
far Albert Center Rd and his
wife manager when they became
am and their
now that farm to nice
nice atmosphere but this for
everybody to be living in
you're being at welcoming and
outgoing for each other from
it was a very light are
an owner
when there was space a
for many years and no stress
through the fifties and iPod
nearly sixty
we had to you every afternoon at
everybody got together and other
you know it it's a break and I'm
we covered a lot of many
different objects through air
Amanda Benner might have been
signs that might have been a
sartre might've been political
but time rehab cane cookies of
char farrakhan
thank you thank you
penn's aunts and now I'm place
namely the stuff and when if
there a good when you spot out
there and I
I was on the Bayside
the and panel and just before
the seawall home
and doctor if they do I do need
like you
rush when I'm traveled through
the whole
I and come up and I am other
side unnamed I'm
homicide I'm pens and which
really read
that just across the street from
my arm as players and
hear it very round turned into
the tied so you knew
an hour but he wouldn't be
swimming again
you know and now I'm we often
hand there
Beach parties out there and on a
weekend afternoon fr
and our and I holidays their
usually about me and I'm very
often in between times there
will be in very often does
gathering for would be costume
missus same jury duty belt that
if she was going to have to work
that's the potty shut up that
everybody else they can I have
to work better cost them
together open about
are we have done now would be if
the moon
and you had your comment at the
same much whatever you came at
present I remember one time a
crowd around the famous
potty they think you're doing
didn't have it
but and Tim want some are keep
on your party and
I'm handjob cam up he
German are their indications
through I think about everybody
in the MB Alan probably would
ok you and you're already in the
sand that mister Tomkins mister
Tom controller said god damn
character and not busting your
think about math and so on
and Nur kamarck knew nothing
about it
the implication was karadic the
camouflaging resident and he
knew nothing about it until it
out and getting many responses
from people
but he decided to go along with
the pad and he stocked up on not
letter and manner but i won want
to hamper pot in
and but he decided that he was
gone I'm
make an Apogee have Jim wants
and shower they put together the
plexiglas fuck you and Nat
standing on some broken down
sneakers which is about what
care more on its p
an ash cloud had that on the
topic here Ben and memento
he had this are spiral and not
he had damn I don't
I'm not there is there are
tennis balls are
are and I wrote Paul
with the balloon Big Blue Dot
time I inflamed keys and mirror
hanging down from the compound
yeah firearm and it Tom Marino
and dry
probably found on the beach road
put on the appropriate place for
not and now
so i think im really appreciate
it but
that anywhere that with our cam
retribution for having have the
pad in Japan on like that but
time ever you know you're a lot
of interesting things like that
I was happy to
my work working on a longtime
back nothing juror during and
I'm never did take the time jim
and I bantering so I have found
very poor can and
and now I'm I have a name you
will spirit that there was in
his lab that didn't
are didn't look down upon that
and I'll
and not he felt under fire could
be what I was doing
and I he didn't dare it didn't
their mind that I didn't know I
have an advanced degree but I
think it does
play a role I when you're
other situation RR the
yeah at a point when are doctor
same jury duty
and now doctor said show I
wanted to propose
mean Park operation member and
not write back and I'm oh I
think about
sixty late 60s and
me committee
I didn't approve it
and so I
jacket and Tara decide while
I they haven't approved it
because you haven't yet
do not recognize it as an
independent and then independent
I all whatever reasons I don't
know what that day but
he cherished our the next time
we're going to hear something
and data putting our reporting
galloper publication
well putting on earth separately
you publisher by without
so we did that and now I'm a
Kb yeah nomination my
to bed again and make many
turned it down
but when I went to the trustees
and steam Kofler
gotop and protested that
shouldn't have been turned down
and than harry groaned past
on top band supported him in an
all day thing past these
got up banned for Parliament go
anywhere became my operation men
and not
that was that was an instance
where I
my credentials were not I an
what they 30 committing monitor
the MBL
a special
come anyway that kinda hard cure
get through them but I the
their set up a happy balance
between noon and I'm
I relaxed atmosphere and
30 a science now
I think that's our such a
wonderful balance and I'm
the emphasis
is on the research
and not the other details though
no loving and socializing and so
I'm I'm and I think that those
far thought about my fair is
important not to what
yeah attracts
everybody through keep coming
and also makes it comfortable
for them to have their family

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Jane McLaughlin worked in Nobel Laureate (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1937) Albert Szent-Györgyi's laboratory for over 30 years. Here she discusses her experiences in his lab and her time spent at the MBL.