Subtitles for Libra weekly guidance 6th june to 12th june 2016

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hello brown its freedom from
so here's your key card reading
from 16 2016 tilt option 2016
and the casa monday tuesday
wednesday thursday friday
saturday sunday we can card in
July's God the challenge guard
so you first guard for monday
tuesday king of cups
this person is a practical
person emotionally very
well-balanced person mature
person you know I think someone
in your life may come and advise
you something very good a father
figure could be your husband
would be your boss your
colleague or your best friend or
your mother
a person who will actually give
you the you know bastard why is
actually tell you
so be open to receive ok and
ok rrrr and swing back to the
first card or if it is view then
please go ahead and advise your
friend who actually need your
help at the moment please go
ahead if you have if you are
this father figure if you are
this person you know any better
so please move ahead go to that
person and advise that you feel
is right at the moment I tell
you you're right
please go ahead and see king of
one see a confident one
what you are doing at the moment
in full confidence you like
challenges you like four
competitions and a tense you
become impulsive
don't be and whatever you are
doing with full confidence is
very nice
ok and then is of cups is of
corpses into shin guard
awakening card
new love and a lot of emotions a
your I don't know something
please feel free to let your
fears flow if you can climb in
front of anyone with nobody
likes to cry in front of people
if you are if you have been
through something if you still
have that within and you feel a
lot of you know pain inside you
gotta cry later to your slow and
wake up start for something new
and follow your intuition your
intuitions of very strong right
so till weekend and then
your engine advising you to
temperance cops see your ages of
their we do there supporting you
in whatever you are doing they
are just asking you to do
what do other than what you're
doing at the moment something
different you know
and then try to balance them our
experiment if you are thinking
to start a new n job
try that go for it
something different do something
really different and then what
you have been doing for a long
time and then the challenge in
my face
ok and they got tell you
something when it appears in the
challenge but I tell you just
try to do something ends up
being the family's wonderful
spending time with your family
quality time is wonderful
better we can do than spending
time with ro loved one but at
this moment when it is in your
chance position
please try to do something new
try to balance your business
your project your career what
you're doing at the moment
don't another thing what I'm
getting at the moment don't
overdo anything
don't if you
don't overdo anything if you
love party
if you love to travel
everything is very nice please
do but don't overdo
please balance do something
different something new
please follow you into shins and
if you have something in the
everything in any pain
let your tears flow and wash
let them go ok and please trust
edition anything
it's a conception you know it's
a but God to as it's a new
beginning card
so overall I think libera
the cards are telling you to
take advice and be confident the
way you are and let you use flow
move on trust in institutions
and balance
try something new don't overdo
anything and being with family
is wonderful but you gon do
something new
you need to do something
different right
hope it helps please do
subscribe and till then you take
care and I will be back with
your next week at reading base
soon lots of divine love
take care bye

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