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I like Endicott's Phys Ed program because of the class sizes.
I knew I would get a lot of attention with the professors and get to pick their brains.
You gain a sense of confidence over your years here.
Starting out we do a lot of peer teaching in class,
so I would prepare a lesson and then teach it to my classmates.
That's the most intimidating thing, is trying to teach in front of people
who want to teach because you know they are critiquing you.
Obviously you are nervous the first time you do it,
but we've done peer teaching over all four years,
and they are going to give you their feedback
and they are coming from the same place as you
and they want to be teachers so they have good feedback for you.
So it's a good place to try out different activities,
or try out different styles, try out different types of teaching
in a kind of safe environment where you are going to get good feedback.
Being able to do three different internships is great because you can try out different levels.
Here you can be certified K-8, and 5-12.
So in the end you can be able to teach K-12.
So in your three internships you are able to try out,
I have done elementary, I've worked with 5 year olds,
and then I was in a middle school,
so I know that I kind of like the middle school age, and that's where I ended up now.
So I had the opportunity senior year to spend a month basically student teaching at a Sport College in England.
Our goal was to just exchange ideas.
I got to see a lot of how their style of teaching was.
I still use some of the activities I learned there.
So getting a job right after graduation I think says a lot about Endicott
and how well they prepared me
and now I have a job where I can do exactly what I want to do every day.

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