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i am angel and in this video do not know how we can create with
action buttons and function if an interactive graph such that for example
here I have steel and commercial sale in Barcelona and here I sell
my business in Valencia and what I want is that clicking on the button
action can display a graph or stroke zone line for this we will
use the action buttons and function if the first is that we
to have the john active developer or programmer
we will activate file motions cerci person and intentions and here
we see that the developer or programmer option is selected depending
we have is the 2010 which appear programmer or 2013 or 2016 where
Developer will appear for once we are clear that you want appears
I'll template first thing you have to do is draw the two buttons
remember that as we have seen in other videos buttons all they do
It is to modify a cell and 211 for women and one painted button that I will
Developer inserted into form controls colors you see here
action button
prodded him not form changes the course cursor once and now I'm in the
He prodded and dragged sheet as said oyster buttons will only
modify a cell on any of them once changed the cursor to a
right mouse button hand control format and now linked by
example with this cell now
fijaros the first to paint puts a 1 and the second paint puts a 2 s is
All they do the action buttons change a cell for now I will only
do is just put the function if equal parentheses and logical test
say if this cell that set with f 4
is equal to 1 then itself is a 1 want this thing and if I do not want this
sales data appear valence say do commercials
valencia barcelona or 11 depending on lane 1 February and now dragged
simply go to more
vick now that function and put one or the other data appear here sneaked
Eto'o down here and I have to do now would be noted and data
insert and choose a graphic and time and either do want such as a
Once you finish as the name he would be dragged up and Moeaki and scholarship
which appear or Valencia or Barcelona
bz cell inserted text drew a picture and now in the text box
Entin direct players
Now picture that this will not write here but your client and I babysat
reformulated and say equals eldad staff and thus the picture and this will
changing depending on what you put that cell I put it here and once
thank you very much for valencia barcelona

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Vemos como podemos hacer un gráfico interactivo con botones de opción, que nos permite elegir los datos a graficar, consiguiendo el control por parte del usuario.

Forma parte del curso de Excel para Tratamiento de datos y cuadros de mando del CEF

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