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in this venue I'm going to show
you how to contribute the big
top service nude to duplicate
the duplication and to eliminate
any redundant packets before
they arrive at the monitoring
tools can be duplicated on a
network in a number of different
ways for example when you have
multiple pass attempts at our
place in a series of
point-to-point links this will
result in sending multiple
copies of the same packet to the
monitoring to what's the big
debt service nor can eliminate
this problem the big day of
service known detect duplicate
packets by comparing all the
packet feels a bit of serious
note can also detect duplicate
packets even if the packets were
modified by routers which for
example when the change the
decision maker is or when
they're older increments ATL
field in the IP had a big debt
service north will still take
that first step in the big top
service not configuration is to
physically connect the big tax
service appliance to your bday
monitoring fabric the big day as
the controller will
automatically detect the serious
note and connect wit you only
need to use one interface from
the service of lines in order to
send and receive traffic of
course you can use more
interface if you need more
ballads the big top service node
will be managed in contribute
from the SDN controller so to
start the configuration I will
look into those in control you
can trigger the serious note you
only need two steps first step
is to configure service profile
second step is to link the
service provided to a policy so
for step one I was I picked up
managed service this command
will create the profile for the
packaged application service I
would consider a profile name
then I want to find a service
action you have reaction options
back at slicing back indeed and
flexible ticket matching the big
tax service known can do any of
these reactions here I'm going
to choose the action
then I would choose the report
back adoption service can be
configured into moods either as
routed back it or as a fullback
back and basically means detect
duplicate packets even if the
link to information of the
package changes next command is
to identify the interface that
you want to use your clients may
have several interfaces when I
get your fabric so this
identifies the interface that
will be used to do a complete
application now I'm done with
configuring the service provider
I will link my service providers
to an existing big day policy
the big day policy is where you
identify the public input and
output ports also its will
redefine the traffic matching
conditions I will enter service
provider they just created to
this existing policy now I
created service provide for
packaged application and I added
the service providers to an
existing policy let me go and
sign some duplicated traffic and
see how the big gap monitoring
fabric deals with it before i
sended rapid I just want to go
through that the policy here I
have to tax installed on tap is
placed before the rotor and
another tab is placed after the
road I would bring a host from
my network traffic will go
through the router and I will
get a duplicate copy of the
packet from my DroidX the policy
are considered on the controller
will match the ICMP ping request
that is sent from my host on the
right side of the screen this is
my Wireshark on the left side of
the screen this is my host where
I'm going to do the ICMP being I
would send five packets
side of the screen you see from
where truck that I got five
packets because the packet
deduplication appliance is
eliminating all the duplicated
copies of the same packed so I'm
only getting five practice the
same number I said if I go back
to my controller and a remove
the duplication service from my
policy then you would see the
duplicate packets so let me go
back to the controller and
remove the Danube service so now
I'm back in the big day policy I
would move the service provider
that I previously created to
show you how the monitoring
public is going to behave if the
deed of service is disabled so
now I will tell the Wireshark
and I will start to bring again
and sending five packets but on
the right side I'm getting 10
packets on the west shore
because when the package
litigation service node is
you get all the duplicate
packets if you enable it then it
would remove all the duplicate
packets from your monitoring
fabric with that a compliment
them thank you for watching

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Product Demo: Big Monitoring Fabric (Packet Deduplication Service Node)

In the short video, Big Switch technical marketing team demos how to configure a Big Monitoring Fabric Service node (x86 appliance) to eliminate any duplicate packets before they arrive at the monitoring tools.