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the good
the did
it your TV crew met seller
it your TV crew met the seller
here with rhinestone world dot
com in this video tutorial on
the TrkB stone with version two
that's going to go over some
things that I promise you soon
as we got back from these trade
shows how to create a video on
so what we decide to do
we decided to add a couple free
upgrades into the 2.05 you can
see am working on right here
so if you've purchased the chair
to be stone was aversion to you
when you don't have the 2.05 up
top you can just go back to your
account history and download
it's a 2.05 and I'll have a few
at the free upgrades that we
decided at
so wanna miss our copy selected
that's just duplicate but right
to make it easy and then another
thing we decided to do
is we wanted to give you the
option to be able to do some
custom Oct up so you can see
in our mock up tab you can see
your women germane to use your
excess treason in your custom
you have one through six so what
we decided to do
is let's say for example you
sell a different brand shirts so
we have some pretty basic
designs in his lot in the next
level and killed in
Bella different shirts like that
well let's say you have a bad or
tote bag or something different
type a brand of shirt that you
use and you use that a lot for
all in your customer you want to
get that
into city are damaged on whether
I'm show you exactly how to do
that right here which is pretty
cool feature so it's been in it
for a while now but
I just wanted to create a video
to show you exactly how to use
so again we where using the HR
to get on with their
version 2 for CorelDRAW here
that we have available on the
and what we're gonna do is win
any do this Mustangs basketball
I'm gonna show you how to put it
on this tank
or this of hooded sweatshirt
right here so we got really be
in our model here for us
9 a show your it's gonna be a
little bit longer cuz I wanna
show you how to use like the
b-spline sure different things
like that to crop it out so you
don't have a background
and give you some different
ideas of things that you can't
get cell first thing we want to
is we want to go ahead and crop
out the design so
I may go ahead and go to my crop
tool here and
first thing I want is I want to
get rid of the table stop at the
back we don't need it all the
way to the bottom so we'll go to
about right there
crop now what I'm gonna do them
to come over here and use my
piece blind to Los and a man is
a man here
and I'm going to start racing
this year
now doesn't need to be perfect
you can see I'm not gonna
I don't want to spend too much
time on this but the good thing
is spend a little bit I'm on it
once you have this done you're
only gonna have to do this party
that one time
and then once you have it saved
you'll be able to use it for at
may go down here let's click
come all the way across the
bottom of the shirt here
click their and you can see I'm
just following it all around
here sell
not gonna spend it time on this
like I said but I wanted to
still look pretty good
because this is basically like
for example of this is happening
sweatshirt or whatever um
product that you're
point to sell you want to
obviously look nice
but the reason why I'm doing
this is I want to be able to
change my background color I
don't want to have the drywall
in the background like we have
so this is going to allow us to
do that
now the only differences with
this right here you
aren't going to be able to
change the color the shirt
because of the way that we do
that for our mock-ups
but its very calkins and give
you the option to be able to
your exact colors and their
shirts that you have
and be able to you show your
exactly what that's going to
look like cell you can see and
just I'm not getting
perfect right on the line there
I'm Jess and
let's go have a although heading
actually but really in the
picture here too
cell me click List around is
here a little bit here
I'm going a little bit inside
just so
we don't see kinda white border
around in I would
normally spend a little bit more
time on this but
just for the sake in the video I
just want to give you an idea of
how you do this part
and you can obviously spend a
little bit more time on this
part of it
wants you guys are creating
yourself obviously the longer
you spend on it the more detail
you can get with it the better
you can make it look
let's we're gonna go ahead and
leave the south-south outright
and will come around really
takes pride in his hair so we
don't wanna butcher this too bad
yes go around the edge
come down here and of course you
can have a little bit of a white
in there because where showing
through to the wall but that's
not a big deal
either way it's gonna look nice
is gonna turn out nice
an like I said once you get
saved and in the chair to be
stone wizard
10 be pretty awesome how you can
always pull up your exact
product that you sell
so we want to give you again we
want the wizard be
the most customizable program
you're fine as well as the most
user-friendly so
when we're setting things up
like this yeah it's gonna take a
little bit the time to do it
that first time
but then it's always going to be
saved so you won't have to worry
about it anymore so
next time you want this design
yeltsin take us ten minutes or
15 minutes to get everything set
up perfect here
but once we have it all setup
it's going to be samples from
there on out
choose actually use
going here
and come into the bottom archerd
shown in a calm straight down to
you that point there
click over two hours start point
here and click
okay she can see we have our
outline their now what I'm going
to do
is on you can see it's a black
outlines and come over here to
the weather right click on my ex
that to get rid of the black
outline their
come over to my pic 21 click on
my overall design
okay controls you to go back and
I may go to attacks
power clip place inside frame
now I know that train that I
just drew is right there so
watch right click it
a.m. there you go check out how
awesome that is now watch when I
go here not let's just say I
draw a big circle
green at it but agreeing to the
back and then you can see
they gotta green background or
whatever you want there or you
got a black background
so pretty cool you can see you
week ago in touch up some little
parts in the hair here
just you make it look better
Bobby chop it off a little bit
see ok see all that weight part
looks like it's snowing right up
to the head
but you can set up something
that again you can spend a
little bit more time on to make
it look a little bit better
or you can just cut off their
head and go straight for the
okay so now we have that part we
got our main part of the design
there that we need
sell what I'm gonna do it as an
come over to my export cat inna
on the same it really hurt E
and yes go ahead export that as
a PNG file and we're gonna
PNG file and we're gonna
exported into
are just put into live pictures
or a video capture everyone to
put in our video chat
and hit save so that's going to
go ahead
export that for us so exporting
to PNG is finished
alright so we're done with that
part now what we're going to do
now we gotta get into the
corral draw here to be able to
get this to watch what's gonna
happen if I get one over here to
this design right here I
highlighted this
and I went to my mock-ups I went
to custom I click on custom wine
this is what's gonna happen K
sell you can see is just going
to put it very large on the
design right they're not really
a lot you don't really know
exactly what's going on there
that's because we haven't
told it which actual product to
put in
so nicely that page and now we
want to go to our folder here
and in our folder here we're
gonna go to
we're gonna go ahead and go to
our Dropbox year and we're gonna
go down
issue are I'm sorry when a guy
Darcy drive
am going to go to users and then
when I go to you
my folder my app data my Romine
and once you're in you're
roaming you're going to go to
ending custom data now inside
custom data you'll see the chart
at least on whether I'm
click on that and then you're
going to see different things
cell see mock-ups right here and
click on mock-ups
and then products said these are
all the different products
okay this is what rideshare
mock-ups right there
so I see custom one back I see
custom one front okay so if I
double clicked on this custom
one shrine
watch what's gonna happen its
gonna pull up a
red box right here doesn't look
like much to us but
red box actually means a lot so
now I'm gonna go file
and employer may go to my video
and I am bringing really I come
on and really
so we got really in here let's
go ahead send really to the back
and now we have this red shirt
here so watch what I'm gonna do
I'm images click on this red box
and the size it to whatever I
want so I'm
size it to when the design goes
on here where I want it to go
so for example if I put it way
up here I wanted a front left
I could do that it's gonna size
it there for me okay well I want
in on really
and I'm gonna put it right here
somewhat this is i'd ago across
the full
tried the shirt and let's say in
case it's a taller design I'm
gonna put it like that
so there we go we at Rudy and a
red box I
now when a man do is I'm going
to go ahead and go file
save as and you wanna save it in
that exact same spot
as that exact same om filed
so we're not changing anything
and I'm just gonna hit safe
Aniston sadu one replace custom
one try why yes I do.
okay so you're done watch what
we can do now
let's go back to you are actual
design here
so here's are Mustangs
basketball design
and watch how cool this is we
got really saved in there we got
products a in re let's go to
products a in there let's go to
9.7 inches
now watch I got my design lets
highlight this let's go to my
I wanna as local add watermark
we don't need to simulate stones
because there's no stones
we don't need stone detail and
my description is really a
I'm gonna do a front design and
let's just say I want to do
a strike single sure only I
click on one right there which
is where I saved unaccustomed
its gonna run through everything
right here and watch what's
gonna happen
a.m. there is Rudy perfectly
on that design and we got the
design right on top that
now if we want to make that
design a little bit a less a man
that looks a little bit large
for me there
no worries you can shrink that
red box down a little bit to
make sure that design fits up
but its gonna on that they put
that in there for you which is
pretty freaking cool isn't it
night so
and it's an unnamed really heady
so let's see if I go back to you
this red square here where I had
it saved
let's make that little bit
smaller there
so we got that their an now
my bra Peruvian here it looks
like it see out kept that white
UK well we don't want that white
background we want it to be that
original one
sell what I can do is let's go
here you can see on this one
really doesn't have the
background so let's just copy
this original one here
and let's see what kinda
different look we get sonnet
delete really here
control see and then I control
feed paste him in
Amisco to back let's move freely
around a little bit here
and we see the red right there
let's say man that looks like a
better size
okay perfect a scale file and
so all I did this time was file
saved because I know it's saving
it as custom one
right okay so I highlighted file
and I saved
okay so now it should be changed
to see if we get a different
look on that now
so let's go back to my design
here highlight my design
let's go to mock-ups and fried
sure only
click one see what kinda look we
get this time
I get pretty sweet huh
so I can actually put really
basketball your logo
that name KD a different color
background so for example if we
went back on that one
and let's go to are designed
again much in large this a
little bit
on our Design Thailand let's say
we want this designed to be a
different color
let's say we want to read it
have a glitter shirt on so we're
gonna go here when ago
glitter red and glitter black so
we want ready with glitter red
glitter black
highlight that design let's say
we want mock-ups and we want it
to be
different color background we
wanna I don't know
a blue background any color pain
grey let's go to great back
right now it's a grey shirt so
we don't wanna great back alesco
a dark blue background hit OK
so we changed our background
color highlight this let's go to
click on shirt design custom one
for sure
on the front and you see their
desk at the glitter shirt
they're perfectly
got our water market we got the
blue background you get your
local you got your title
pretty awesome and let's do one
more here so
let's say we highlight this
design here we can come over
here to
are front with the actual image
there to you
for a change this to you another
color %uh
let's say we wanted that to be
I don't know that green grass
look pretty good highlight the
green dress
I like the design come back to
mock-ups am looking into you
again doesn't matter cuz we RT
we told anytime you do a front
it knows where to put it so
front click on line which we
know is that really hurt E
it's going to run through here
for SM a.m. there you go it's
gonna show you the design
they're off to the side
there's gonna show you agree
with that designed perfectly on
the shirt
so the coolest thing about this
is you shaft and make
a sample is to save you so much
because you have to make a
sample and every shirt like a
lot of people going to make a
sample at this exact shirt
cut the vinyl in do everything
in and make a physical product
sample where you don't have to
do that anymore if you just take
a picture
and its a design or usher our
product that you save all the
and you use all the you can
and you use all the time you can
just easily put that right into
de TRAb stone wizard here
and just let us know we can add
more we can we complete 12
on there if you want just make
smaller buttons and
it's completely customizable and
you complete anything you wanted
awesome so we got a lot of
different things you can do with
the wizard
tie and the back in like this
we're gonna show you but this is
just one of them to get you
started to show you how easy it
is to put a
custom shirt mockup in the TrkB
stone wizard and still get all
the functionality
up what the wizard can do for
yourself if you have any
questions on the stadium make
sure to give us a call the
numbers 941 755
1696 this is Matt with the
rights to world dot com you guys
all have a wonderful day

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