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oh hi kids i'm bob today we're
going to learn the alphabet a is
the first letter we need to find
let's go and find a kids can you
see a
he is hiding behind the lamp
hi Bob hey will you join me
yes Bob
what are you doing up there be
my was looking for you and here
you are
look kids there c is he seems to
be going somewhere
i'm bob i see where are you
going I'm going to the park
why don't you join us instead ok
d what are you doing behind the
what are you doing behind the
trailing playing hide and see
will you join me on a fun ride
I e power you would you like to
join us
hi Bob I'm fine thank you yes I
would love to join you kids
what is that oh my goodness it's
f hi Bob i G
hi Bob i G
where are you going bye-bye
I'm going to meet eh go
IH I bob g let's join Bob
yes kids the next letters are I
and J
we are waiting for the bus the
old take us to the floating
I'm going to the floating
islands to both of you join us
kids look at k he is on the
Bob can I join my friends I and
J yes yeah for me
yes yeah for me
you want to come to war
I am what are you doing
I Bob I'm going home why don't
you join us instead
yes I and why oh I'm Bob
I p where is Q hi Bob
I'm trying to find q can you
help me find Q where Q is hiding
behind the house
look kids
there's s I Bob
I am waiting for IT
are you going somewhere hi Bob
I'm going to the city to meet
you and we
let's go meet you and read
hi u and v will you come with me
to meet w
yes we are going to me know when
you do let's go together
hi w
I blob I'm waiting for my
friends d me and you have you
seen them
yes they're aboard
why don't you join them
look at all my friends could we
join them to Bob
yes x y&z this was fun see you
next time

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