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regardless of how long you've
been using email
email spam is a problem we all
face you open up your inbox to
send an email to a friend
family member or a business
acquaintance and you assaulted
by dozens of
unwanted spam emails reports
show not only a significant
increase in spam email messages
since last year
but this increases up to
approximately 10 percent of all
email messages carrying some
sort of hoax scam
or virus these messages have
stored in numbers
in comparison to the last few
weeks in December 2008
when the average number of spam
email messages were only a two
for the year overall this
increase in spam messages
is three times higher that the
number of messages in 2008
the spam email epidemic has been
going on almost as long as email
has been around
clearly enough people fall for
these bogus offers listed in
spam emails
so that sending them is still
profitable but what if you want
to put it
and to spam email sport ever
every internet service provider
in existence has their own plan
to eliminate spam from their
email inboxes and truth be told
none of them work all that well
introducing the
first-of-its-kind no tienes
spam filtering system it's the
world's first
five-stage spam filtering system
with you need assistance
with the human factor being the
key essential factor in
determining whether an email
is spam notin spam filtering
system processes more than three
emails per month after gateway
dot anti-spam dot com dot SG
and it's proven system achieves
0 percent spam for its customers
and almost zero percent
false-positive results
with notin spam filter system
there is
no hardware to purchase no
software to purchase
no license to manage no
personnel to waste their time on
a huge saving in bandwidth
increase in productivity
get your free trial at WWW dot
anti-spam dot com dot SG today

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