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what is up you guys that
realistic sports gaming here and
back with another episode of my
MLB the show 16 milwaukee
brewers franchise as you can see
the month of May is now complete
I believe we went around 13 and
15 in this month we did sweep
chicago in Chicago which is
always big but we did get swept
by san francisco at home all the
other series we either put out a
game or two or the opposing team
did and now since we are going
into June
that means we're going to the
2017 first-year player draft
here in the first round we were
looking around a couple pictures
in one position player but we
have taken down and jones and
closing pitcher who is 19 throws
and that's right he's 511 out of
he's got good potential and
looks like a good overall right
now and hopefully he can make it
to the bigs and contribute
quickly as we don't really have
a closer
a true closer on the roster we
do have been able filling the
spot as of right now here in the
second round
we take the position player that
we thought about taking the
first round because he dropped
so far but that is brent praetor
he is the right fielder who can
also play a little second base
he's 22 he bad switch and throws
right he's only five seven
hundred seventy-five pounds so
he's a small guy and he's out of
Canada in the third round we
also take another outfielder
this time it's a sinner filter
named Jason ogawa he's 21
throws and that's right he's 58
167 so he's also a small like
prather and he is out of Japan
in the fourth round we take
another relief pitcher by the
name of Omar cannon
he's 22 he bad slept throws
right 5 10 170 out of Texas
he's a hard-throwing guy that
has a lot of movement so
hopefully he'll be able to
control that in the future in
the fifth round we are looking
at several different position
players but we have taken second
baseman DJ Gallo he's 22 batt
and throws right 5 10 200 pounds
out of Iowa
hopefully he'll be able to make
it to the big one day but he is
getting old and he hasn't
developed much so we'll have to
in the sixth round we take
another relief pitcher but this
one is on the 18 years old
his name is Jacob right out he
throws right thats which he's 64
- 31 so he's a big guy and he's
out of California
yeah and with their final pick
in the first-year player draft
in 2017 we take another second
baseman by the name of Patrick
he's 23 that's left throws right
6328 out of jamaica and now it's
time to sign all these guys
every one of the players we
drafted would be signed this
year unlike last year but the
first guy up is Delmon jones he
will be signed to a one-year 120
thousand dollar contract and he
is a 67 overall would be
potential nexus praetor he's
getting a hundred K for a year
he's a 48 overall with a
Jason gamma he's a 49 overall
would be potential and he's
gonna $80,000 a year contract
can and will be getting seven
thousand a year is a 65 overall
width D potential DJ Gallo is
also a deep potential but he is
a 54 overall he will be getting
90,000 his first year
Jacob right out and begin 90,000
as well
he is a 54 with see potential in
our final draft pick Patrick
Sinclair is a 57 overall width D
potential and will be receiving
90,000 his first year
unfortunately dan said in our
draft pick from last year
tore his pack and we'll be out
two to three months he just got
caught up to double-a was
progressing nicely
hopefully this won't set him
back too far but this is just
the beginning of a ton of
injuries in the month of june as
we have already been plagued
with some injuries early in the
season it gets much much worse
this month the same day Dan
setting gets hurt
Tyler Thornburg probably our
best reliever as of right now on
the bullpen broke his forearm
and he'll be out one to two
months as well since the one
berg did hit the dl we need to
bring up somebody from triple-a
will bring up Brent cedar he's
been by far the best pitcher in
triple-a he is a starter but he
will be in the longer leaf spot
in the bullpen and we'll move
pin you to the middle reliever
spot and since we brought him up
from triple-a there's a whole
and the rotation there so we
bring up who leone a base our
first round pick from last
year's draft
he's moved very quickly through
the minors and will now be in
triple-a knocking on the big
leagues the door
another injury is chris carter
fractured his arm he's out two
to three months and that's two
majorly guys that we've lost in
the past week plus ryan braun is
gonna be gone for the whole
season so things aren't looking
too good for Milwaukee as of
right now
Colin Walsh will now take over
the everyday first baseman
duties will bring up chase
d'Arnaud is hitting 302 a play
he can play anywhere in the
infield and right field and
he'll be our utility guy off the
bench and here's injury number
for the month as centerfielder
trend Clark goes down with a
broken ankle
he's still progressing in the
minors and hopefully this one
set him back
either he'll be gone for 12
months Maldonado goes down for
three to four weeks with a
sprained ligament josmell Pinto
goes down as well one to two
months and it's now really
starting the stretch our catcher
position pretty thin
Hernan Perez pulls his calf will
be out two to three weeks we'll
hit the 15-day dl and the final
injury i think this month is
josh hader he fractured his arm
about 12 months and he just got
back two weeks ago from a dl
stint and he's right back on it
the month of june is now
complete as we went 13 games
once again if that's
back-to-back months with that
same win total we only lose 14
this month instead of 15 which
makes it a little better I guess
but we did get swept by
Washington home and then the
next series at home we sweat
Pittsburgh so that will make up
for that and put it even but
thankfully this month is over
and we will now head into July
and in the very first game of
the month we will be taking on
the Los Angeles Angels in Los
Angeles so let's get right into
the Brewers come in at 37 44 and
the angels at 36 and 40 for as a
bruise have a half game lead on
them and look to hold it even
though it really doesn't matter
as we aren't in the same
division but Garrett Richards
the right-hander will be on the
mound he's three night the
season with the 4.5 to ER a
through 16 games he has 71
strikeouts - 26 walks
RC is leading off the day as he
usually does he
got a 3-2 count on the eighth
pitch of the at-bat he rips one
into left field but it would not
be able to drop and that will be
the first out of this ballgame
the lineup today for the Brewers
is RC a-- Jeanette Lucroy
Santana Phillips prado wash
Nieuwenhuis and kyle r in now
the man at first and two out
Santana comes up
it's a hard grounder up the
middle goes off Richards leg and
he will recover in time and
throw Santana out at first which
is pretty fortunate for the
angels to get through that with
no injuries and no run scores
you see the pitching today for
the Brewers is wait young wrong
he's seven Bob with 3.9 ER a he
has a hundred four strikeouts
249 walks on the seasons the
first batter is Craig Gentry who
will pop this one up on a 20
count and Nieuwenhuis will come
under the ball catch it and that
will be the first out in this
inning for the Brewers
now the starting lineup for the
angels you have gentry
Aoki trout Kron Calhoun Escobar
soto Andrelton Simmons and cliff
Pennington to round things out
Aoki up to the play with Owen
County fifth pitch of the game
we'll hit up the middle a week
line drive to run out in center
field he will bobble filled in
the easy balaji takes his eye
off of it and that will be
enough for Aoki to take it to
second so that could be a costly
error here by run in the first
now at first and second 31 count
you out the line drive base hit
to left right - Brett Phillips
so wait too long and the Brewers
will get out unscathed here in
the first inning now in the
second man at first with nobody
out a hanging curveball will get
a swing and miss and i'll be
waiting Long's first strikeout
of the day
now with two outs the runners
still at first and no one count
and cliff Pennington will rip
this ball down the left-field
wright-phillips gets to it
pretty quickly throws it back in
but the relay would not be
strong enough as the runner
slides in right past the tag of
Lucroy and the angels will go up
one to nothing
the next man up to bat will be
Craig Gentry hit a weak ground
ball to first products got to
get a hard throw in but he has
the arm strength and they will
get out of the inning now in the
third 0 2 can
one out with nobody on Kyle rain
will line this up the center and
he will get this single to start
off this inning
I think he's in about 3 80
something now since he's been
called up so he's been doing
exactly what we wanted to do
RCA will come up to the plate
hitting ground ball to the
second baseman and that will be
an easy DoublePlay as it seems
like the Brewers hit into a lot
of those in this game into the
bottom of the third nobody on 1
0 count with two outs
wait young long mrs. location
with the sinker and senior
chrome will watch this one out
to right center field for the
solo shot to give his team a two
nothing lead early in this game
top of the fourth now scooter
Gennett sup and the first pitch
of the inning will be a hanging
breaking ball internet will take
it right back up the middle for
the leadoff single now Lucroy
comes up the bed and what I was
talking about those double place
occurs here as he gets under
this pitch that's high in the
it will be an easy double play
and now the Angels don't have
any threats in the inning bottom
of the fourth 02 count with two
outs to the batter and it will
be a high fastball in pennington
will check swing and waiting
we'll get yet again another
strikeout now in the fifth man a
second with nobody out
a fastball hits the outside
corner of the plate and Aoki
will go down swinging
now also runners on first and
probably hit up the middle
Arcia momentum will take him
away from the bag so he can only
go to first instead of getting
the double play next batters up
he will look at the change-up on
the outside corner and waiting
long will get out of the jam
with the two big strikeouts in
that inning week Roy back up to
the plate with the man at first
and one out here in the sixth
inning he will ground into
another double play and the
angels will get out of that any
bottom of the six man at first
and second two out this will be
a dribbler write down the first
base line Lucroy will charge
nicely and wait on Long gets out
of yet again another Jam now in
the seventh the 100 pitch of the
game is a hit and run the batter
mrs. but Aoki will still sliding
safely into second as he still
has a lot of speed in his old
later on in that bat long we'll
get another strikeout with a
high fastball in crown would
just stand there looking
it would not believe it was
called a strike the next batter
will hit this one deep to left
center field
we probably should have took
long out before this at-bat but
we kept them in so that will be
a stand-up double another run
would come around to score
so it would be three to nothing
and that would be the end of
long day as we bring in Michael
Cartman the left-hander he's 13
on the season with a 4.4 pra
he's looking to get out of this
any quickly so the first pitch
of the bat is hit to the first
baseman by Escobar and kirkman
will cover the bag in time so
one pitch will get them out of
the inning
now here in the eighth first
batter 2 2 count a sinker will
strike out the better and that
will be Michael Kirkland's first
case of the day and now the man
at first and two outs balls hit
into right-center field a little
weak ground ball and it seems
like we take a while to get the
ball back in and back to home
but the man from verse would
easily come into score is the
relay throw it was not in time
you know make this game four to
nothing now Lucroy is the last
chance here for the Brewers in
the bottom of the nine to hit a
ground ball to the dark basement
who will charge it go to first
and in the game the Brewers had
quite a few hits in this game
they had six but they could not
get anything going is every time
they got somebody on it seems
like they would ground into a
double play they missed a lot of
the best player here in today's
game for the Brewers was scooter
Gennett he went three for four
bumping his average up the 269
as he started this year pretty
slow he's getting back on track
pretty slowly ran also had a
good day 143
he's hitting 375 now
which is pretty crazy but he
does have a limited amount of
the vets now taking a look at
the pitching
we have one who got a 6 loss of
the season he gave up 11 hits
and 3 earned he got Bob case is
your ra barely moved from the
start and then Kirkman will come
in and give up that one iron and
his er a will go up to a 4.6 now
taking a look at the angels in
their offensive stats on the day
several guys had big days but
the few that didn't with Soto
and surprisingly Mike Trout was
relatively quiet if you take a
look now at their pitching stats
you can see the Garrett Richards
did get the complete game
getting his fourth win on the
give up six hits got 4 case and
lowered his e ra to a 4.13 but
that's all i got for this
thank you guys for watching and
I'm out

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Twelfth episode of my MLB The Show 16 Milwaukee Brewers Franchise playlist. In this episode, the Milwaukee Brewers take on the Los Angeles Angels. Milwaukee tries to spark a win streak after the many injuries that have recently occurred.

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