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Coleman i'm your host Todd Allen I can
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it doesn't really sink in until I see it
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here a little bit different than what
we've done previous videos and the
reason for this is are what we call case
studies and k is just an acronym or
cases just an acronym i should say for
crew advanced self evaluation program
and this program we've got several crews
beta testing this we're receiving a lot
of data and we're analyzing this data
and doing just basic continuous
improvement work and one of the things
you do in continuous improvement is
drill down and find root cost
established countermeasures and so in
drilling down some of our data what we
notice is an incredibly high percentage
of incorrect calls on blocks in the back
so following this data to the plays we
began to determine some root cause and
our root cause for improperly
officiating plays involving blocks in
the back is that we fail to recognize
players when are they are or not in
Chase mode so we've got these three
plays that we want to look at first to
incorrect we call blocks in the back and
they are in fact not blocks in the back
why again root cause analysis tells us
that were failing to recognize the
players are not in Chase mode before the
block and the third play we're going to
look at and involves a player who is in
Chase mode and we do call a block in the
back and that is correct let's take a
look at them start with play one
the first place that I want to look at
involves quarterback scrambling now and
get into the outside goal-line threaten
here this is a red zone play and the box
that we need to look at char on the
outside there's two of them here this
first block and a second block here so
that's the first block we can see that
this watch is really closely
freeze-frame this the blocker passes in
front of the defender and then he goes
to the ground so there's no way that we
could have a block in the back we can
eliminate this block right here so now
we're focused on block number two and
who can help obviously line of scrimmage
is going to be looking at this on the
far left for spring here on the sideline
but also we're going to have the referee
focused in here this is the referees key
that's running the football and the back
judge should be working this to this is
run play so he's at the point of attack
so we've got three shots at this and so
we're going to be focused now on this
second block of the inside block here
and the thing i want to point out is the
line of scrimmage official has the worst
view of the actual contact but you can
see the ball carriers in the way this
blocks on the insider are behind the
ball carrier so referee back judge you
got the best view of this and the
question it has to be asked is is this
player coming from Chase mode and I
think the answer that's clearly know as
you can see this is the blocker and this
is the this is the block that he's going
to make right here he's head up on this
defender and we what we just take this
now through the contact and again
there's no way that this is a block in
the back
what we fail to recognize on the line of
scrimmage his players not coming from
Chase mode and when we fail to recognize
this the this contact come if we come to
it late can trick us but the what I
really want you to take away from this
play is who can help back judge referee
you have to ask how we got to a block in
the back on this play when you're
looking directly at this block and you
rule nothing so you have to have an
we've got to share that opinion and work
together on these place four blocks in
second plate another plate we've got a
couple looks at the wide shot again in
the endzone shot in the endzone shot is
the most telling but i do want to put
this place together with it with the
couple of different looks so we've got
an interception so now we're in reverse
field or reverse mechanics which can
sometimes can be a challenge but for the
outside officials this is the exact same
look it's just the other way up the
field so basically the back judge
becomes the referee and that he's
trailing the play in the referee has
back judge responsibilities and that we
expect him to keep the plate boxed in
but out ahead so we flip the field and
the question has to be asked now here's
a great time to ask chase mode is this
player in Chase mode and this end zone
shot is the best look at the contact
which occurs clearly on the side and
back judge makes this call so who can
help the line judge is at the top of the
screen or on the on the far side of the
field so I think he's are obviously
going to be looking at this I think that
this is a block-by-block that's going to
be between the line judge in the back
judge so we gotta have an opinion can we
help here because when we look at this a
slow-motion especially when we take a
look at before the impact there's
absolutely no way we can confuse this
with Chase mode and this is where these
plays always break down blocks in the
back always come from Chase mode we have
to see the action that occurs before as
we look at these these trends as we look
at these the statistical database and
drill-down root cause why we miss these
this is a thing just is clearing out at
me that we are failing to recognize
these players not coming from Chase mode
and I don't want to beat a dead horse
but we've talked about this the number
of play videos and training tapes and so
the fact that we're continuing to miss
these light into the year and still it's
the same problem shows that when I spend
enough time on we've got to talk about
this more and we've got a recognized in
our pregame meetings we've got to talk
about when these potential blocks occur
who gets a second look keep these flags
in your pocket if you're up
sure of where the player came from
recognize him and Chase mode now the
last play they want to look at we're
gonna compare and contrast these plays
with the other two that we looked at
before we got here is just we fake the
jet suite quarterback turns back the
inside and then moves to the outside and
we've got this wide receiver coming in
and we look at this position right here
look at that now is this player in Chase
mode and there's the contact is smashing
right in the back
this headlines been correctly calls this
block in the back and this is a correct
call but I want to back up and look at
this position is it as we define Chase
mode simply chasing the opponent and
chasing you always change from behind
you never chase somebody from the front
so that's where the phrase Chase mode
comes from we talked about that a number
of times already but you can clearly see
this this player is in Chase mode so you
just following right to the contact pam
but compare those with the other to look
at these snapshots from the screen
relative the position in play number one
where the blocker is compared to the
defender plate number to the exact same
thing and the contrasting difference
here and play three where we clearly can
identify a player in Chase mode
this is the most important element for a
block in the back because from Chase
mode you can have absolutely no contact
in the rear or it's a block in the back
if you're not in Chase mode there can be
some contact in the back as long as the
initial contact is from the side as we
saw in these previous videos play one in
play to wear play three here from Chase
mode all the context in the rear which
they could all be this easy but
recognizing a player in Chase mode seen
the 10 steps that occur before the block
occurs working together as a crew we can
increase our accuracy making the correct
call for a block in the back that's it
for this week and a little shorter
training video but little different
format to and I'm interested in what you
thought about it as we try to continue
to find ways to help develop
improve officiating give you the tools
you need to get better every week on the
field is not always easy i appreciate
the hard work that you do and I know you
guys are giving it your best and just
ask that you keep that up and pushed
wrong here the last couple of weeks the
season got on a conference call with the
crew chiefs and referees on Monday night
began talking about next year and some
of the things that we're going to do and
you're gonna be hearing more about what
we call k screws that we mentioned
earlier in these videos and I'm excited
about that i think it can really
revolutionize the way that we train high
school football officials the way you
work together as a crew and improve each
week and also a lot of things that
you'll be able to do in the offseason
video study in resources that will be
available to you through that case
program we're gonna have a big case
instruction at the camp and conway in
august and we're gonna start early
registration for that this week and so
discounts are going to be available for
that and we'd love to see the room full
of people that are interested in this
case program and also all the other
things that we have going on at the
August clinic it's an all-day deal but i
know you have a great time
it's fun but it's a lot of learning and
so I'm going to challenge you to to come
and check that out this year if you have
here's my email address Todd ahso
if you'd like to send me an email and
tell me how you're using the videos or
what we could do maybe including next
week's video that might help you or your
crew until next week talent for the
Arkansas association of high school
officials and i hope to see you on the

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