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welcome back to switch to linux so today
we're going to have a quick pro and con
distro review of anti-gas so enter Gaza
is a well some people say it's not true
distro some people say it is
1answer gots would be at its purest
level is it is a arch linux installer
although i'm going to say it's a distro
because a disco is sort of a loose word
in the in the realm of linux and we have
to keep in mind that you know some
people might have a definition of a
distro being something to the effect of
you know anything that gives you
something different so there was the
quote shaytanic a district or of course
that was never included on distrel watch
and all that basically was is simply
wallpapers and and some styling themes
and so you have that of course you have
the the justin bieber on me Hannah
Montana distros which did actually show
up at one point in time at distrowatch
they might still be there kind of scary
if that well those also work true
distros they were basically just a boon
to distros I think they were been too i
can remember exactly but they were
basically just linux linux builds which
had different feeling and you know just
different theming maybe different icon
packs coloration sounds integrated and
of course there was the Christian
addition of a boon to which contained it
you know that would have styles themes
but it also had a few other packages
mostly the bible study apps so you know
there's a lot of there's a lot of
interplay between what is the distro and
what is not a distro so we're going to
have looking and ragazze today and i'm
going to call it a distro some people
say it's a distal some people say it's
simply a graphical installer regardless
this is a system that allows you to put
arch linux on a computer without a
problem and as one person in the
add aptly stated that we don't need
necessarily need the elitism that comes
with or at least used to come with some
of the arch install because of course
the fun and geeky thing to do and and
maybe a fabulous way to learn some deep
terminal linux is to build your arch
install up from the ground up
well some of us want to use arch but
don't have time for that
maybe not even have the expertise for
that but if you still want to use arch
because there's reasons to use it and
your glasses a pretty good way to do it
now of course we looked at manage our
o-line analyze that last week two weeks
ago I think we looked at majora which is
also based upon arch and some people say
that manjaro is kind of like the boon to
of the arch community whereas a boon to
builds on a lot of platform a lot of
stability a lot of control on on top of
on top of debian majora does a lot of
the same thing for for arch linux now
the downsides that people saw two
manjaro is that packages are not updated
nearly as quickly and sometimes that
means that security updates are not
pushed out until another version is
pushed and no holding back packages is a
blessing for some people because it
means that your system may not become
unstable but it's also a curse in some
cases particularly if you need
ultra-secure systems and you need the
packages as quickly as possible so enter
gasps basically allows you to install
arch in a graphical system and it allows
you to do that without having to worry
about the expertise of arch but it also
does not have a lot of its own a lot of
its own packaging now it does have a day
or so delay in the arch releases so it's
not like as soon as arch comes out it's
it's updated but it is a system that
that gets you the updates way faster
than a lot of other distros wood and so
on that basis that's why some people say
that and her glasses or enter Joss is is
merely a is merely an installer for arch
so regardless
whether it's an installer or whether
it's a full distro we're going to have a
look at it today so what I want to do is
I actually have already installed it and
played around with it a little bit but
i'm actually gonna walk through the
installer since people make a big deal
about the installer I thought it'd be
neat to see what it is and in fact
there's a lot of fascinating things
inside of the installer that I really
liked so we're going to walk through the
first part of the installer and then i'm
going to reboot the machine and i'll
show you what i did with it so as we
were and as we're looking at some of the
options will show you some other things
here so we'll hit the install it
of course this is running on a virtual
box so sorry if there's a little bit of
camera lag i'm working on this new
computer build down here and when this
is ready to go we might be able to do
you know higher quality videos without
nearly as much camera lag on top of
virtual boxes so that's kind of what I'm
shooting for here so the first thing is
you want to select your language and
it's going to do the double check make
sure your system looks good and then we
have to select our district now this
actually comes out of Spain amateur
whites defaulting to Australian English
unless it's simply because that's the
top of the list which is probably likely
so we are going to go in here and select
the United States we're going to select
our timezone are keyboard layout now
this is the this is the neat part about
this distro is that you do need the
internet connection to install it i
believe not everything here is included
in this live key that i had downloaded
which is a little bit larger than many
of the other live Jesus was 1.7
gigabytes but the cool thing about this
is that the life key that were running
on is based on the gnome desktop which
you can see that there are selecting
here as the default but you can have a
lot of different that's tops in here so
the cinnamon was actually it was kind of
started with the cinnamon desktop as as
one of the disk though defaults now they
have the cinnamon they have the genomic
que te the mattei they have the open box
in the xfce and I've actually never
looked at open box before so
I kind of want to go and install one of
those and play with a little bit you can
also install the base if you want you
know just the basic carnal and packages
there you can do that
so once you select what you would like
to install the next screen allows you to
pick some various packages so you can
use the arch user repository and which
is turned off by default you can enable
the blue to support this computer does
enable bluetooth bluetooth and i think i
have it turned off just to conserve
memory and there's really nothing I want
to use the computer with bluetooth for
it does default to the chroma of the
chromium web browser but you can turn
that off and turn on firefox instead you
can turn on some extra font packages
there's a flash plugins you can do alts
kernel version you can install or D
installed LibreOffice printing support
you can install steam firewall and an
SMB actually i bet i forgot to install
that that's why i could not get my
networking working one of my complaints
as i could not get the networking going
probably because i did not scroll down
far enough to see that windows sharing
is an option here so you can turn on the
various types of things that you would
like and then here's what's going to ask
you about erasing the disc which i'm not
going to do I just went through the the
hassle of setting this up and playing
with a little bit so we're traveling a
quick look at the desktop itself we have
that's good on three so everything that
you'd expect out of genome three you
have the the option to to look at here
i'm not a huge fan of a good the genome
desktop there's some specific advantages
and you know a lot of people really love
I'm not a big fan it's simply a personal
choice it's a really cool application
and actually one application i really
like this for is I want to build a
system that is always signed into my
social media accounts mostly so that i
can play around with those because i
don't use social media i'm not a big fan
of it but i do have some accounts and
the kinome platform in these settings
will actually if set
these are installed on this it may not
be installed on the live key
yep there they are ok so the genome
settings will actually allow you to
input online accounts and it does give
you a lot more online accounts than many
other systems do so if you were using a
platform to use with google and facebook
and and flickr and Microsoft other types
of accounts this would be a very nice
platform to use because just like on a
mobile device you can sign in with your
accounts and keep those integrated into
the system so that's an advantage if you
happen to use such devices
that's a good advantage of using them
again with the modern feeling i really
liked the overall theme but i'm not a
huge fan of the icons again that's just
another personal preference these are
utilizing the modern flat icon look in
the square flat icon look I'm not a big
fan of that i was able to go into my
install and change the icons very easily
particularly nice because they install
the tweak tool by default so that was a
a very nice very nice system there
so what we're going to do here is I'm
going to go ahead and shut down and
restart the computer if I can remember
how to shutdown and restart the computer
on going home
ok thought it was over here we are
see ya don't want to log out and shut
down this is how little I used genome is
I am totally forgetting how to actually
log out i should tide
I thought you just come over here and
you've got the option to shut down the
computer let's go and log out
alright anyway I'll get that figured out
we're going to come back here to full
screen it will take a few moments to
boot this up so if i run out of things
to say then i'm gonna go ahead and I'm
going to go ahead and clip some time out
of the video
alright so we're gonna cancel and remove
the disc and start the virtual machine
alright so on well this is loading back
up let me tell you some of the things
that I found on this that i really like
to or or just some things that I that I
had at things think that I had noted the
first is so this is based on arch of
course which is generally a rolling
release tight platform and pretty much
as soon as arch gets loaded up you will
you will get the the updates out to I
think they they said that it's within a
day or two but they also the the user
community base is also very good and the
developers are very good they're very
active on their website and they give
you a warning for example that there is
a new cinnamon update coming out that
has a conflict with python 3.6 and so
they say don't upgrade python until you
see the cinnamon upgrade to go with it
so that is something that I know nothing
else about other than it was on their
website if that happens to apply to you
running cinnamon anywhere keep that in
mind and i'm going to look into that
little bit more later i love the fact
that this thing can have multiple
desktop environments you can pretty much
pick what ever you happen to want and it
is completely media ready in fact it
didn't even give me the option to select
or deselect media that's may or may not
be a deal-breaker for you but it is it
is something that is that is worth
considering that it is a media ready
system so you can install you can
install your your system and go right
onto youtube I did test youtube as I
said I was not able to actually get in
and do some network sharing i think
that's because I never installed the the
Samba servers but all that being said I
have confidence that the the thing would
you can choose a lot of your basic web
browser and basic software that we have
seen and of course the community
definitely affirms that updates come to
the arch system way faster than they
come to them and Jarrah system and then
of course you as we saw you can
you can utilize the arch user
repositories alright so now we are
locked back into my system that took
away faster boot-up then I was
anticipating and I was going to double
check over here
okay see now now I pull down my menu I'm
not going crazy okay now i can pull down
menu there's my lucky but that was
actually lacking in the in the live key
okay good i feel better about myself I'm
not too incompetent on genome like it's
not like i never used this I i actually
use it more than you think but I just
don't do a lot of videos with it
alright so on this of course you can see
that i did change the icons back to the
icons that i like better i just really
like the look at these and and so I i
changed back to that so here's our
settings and we go to the all platform
there we go
alright we are of course running a
little bit slower because we are on a
virtual box but it is actually running
pretty quick some things that I noted
there was there was some see if i can
find it now
there were some adjusters that that i
can make to the overall theme settings
qt5 settings i believe that for whatever
ok now these want to work in just fine
actually the icon theme i could not
actually get the icon theme to to change
using this platform you can see here
that that I can come over here and and a
must for some reason this does not
changing the main icons of the system
which I thought it would but this match
color appearance we can change this guy
here you can change these to you know
older style other types of Windows newer
types of Windows but what is nice about
the system is it does have the tweak
tool built right into it and so you
don't have to worry about that because
you can come right into the tweak tool
of course I added my desktop icons which
is what i like to do you can install or
you can run different themes without a
big deal here
so depending on on what you like as far
as you're feeling you can
you can do these and then here's where i
change my icons so we have the high
color we have the contrast icons these
ones are pretty nice actually these are
pretty nice it gives me the same icons
here except different color on the on
the folders and then we have some light
options and then here's your square more
modern icons in the event you like the
modern icons you can use those as well
that's awesome if you do it's it's need
to have the options in the system but i
like the ability to to rotate between
ok so I didn't even look at the cursor
is available looks like we don't have
any other cursors or she'll themes
installed and then over here we can
enable the desktop icons and it did
actually give me the icons a little bit
larger than I then I liked but I just
went ahead and opened up on genome of
course if you do not like the size of
your icons you just open this up here
and click on each one is it one of the
service the context menu button here and
then you can create a new folder
bookmark the location there's a new tab
and this will allow you to increase the
folders you'll see that it will increase
and decrease the folders across the
whole system and I like about that size
so we can sort it is easy to a last
modified first sighs tight and we can
show the hidden or reload inside of
inside those windows
alright so extensions and not actually
have a look at the extensions but it
looks like we do have the very similar
extension system so we can install more
shell extensions by clicking over here
because this is the gnome desktop of
course if you install this with with
cinnamon or xfce or the other ones then
you would have whatever means is
currently the most frequent means to
utilize the the desktop environment
would be available so here I'm guessing
let's see not support i'm guessing that
what it is is we need to hit the allow
the shell extender to load that's
usually what you need to do on newer
versions of Firefox is to enable that
and then hopefully then we'll be able to
come in here and install new things we
might have to go up change your settings
in the browser over here with the
add-ons and then restart the browser
that's that's my thought that's usually
what you need to do always activate and
we're not going to go through the the
time to open that back up but you can
see that there's still a lot of a lot of
your different shell extensions so
anything you used to doing on the genome
desktop or if you're not familiar with
the gnome desktop come in here play
around with the shell extensions they
are pretty cool we can adjust all of the
fonts on the system and I like the fact
that they have this tweak tool installed
by default this is a very handy thing
that for some reason is not installed on
on fodor's genome here's your startup
applications if there is an application
would like to run on startup maybe you
want to load your emails you know right
when the thing starts up actually that's
what I'm noticing is I don't think
there's a default email
huh yeah there's not a default email
email application on here it's not what
i can see so if you want to check your
email on here make sure you install
Thunderbird revolution or or some other
ones course whatever notifications up
here at the top and in genome so i think
overall your your positives on this we
have a very nice very close to two arch
system that will allow you to push the
updates you can also pick all of your
desktop environments that you like and
that does look like everything is it is
pretty well configured when you get it
out of the box maybe on the downside
some people may not like how quickly
updates come to it in the event that may
cause system instability but you know I
i imagine that that because they do give
it a day or two release they want to
test it make sure there's no issues
I'm not sure that's going to be an issue
some people have said that that they
have never had any problems with this
platform at all i'm trying to think if
there's other other real negatives here
I don't really think that there are i
mean this is this is a very nice very
sleek system i like the fact that i can
choose a lot of my software out of the
out of the gate and you know you have
all of the all of the stability that's
going to come with come with Archon and
come with some of these some of the
other distros here we have the tweak
tool built into it we can change our
different icons around you can stick
with the more modern theme older theme
and of course some great some great
wallpapers come with come with the
platform as well I picked this nice
waterfall platform you can also select
from other other wallpapers hear that
you know some of these are are pretty
well-known some of these i have not
really seen seen that before let me see
that it's pretty nice
look at that and I like the fact that
there's cars and stuff on there
let me do that one there we go now we're
on a beach with some stars
alright so this is the anti gas pros and
cons mostly pros if you want to utilize
arch and want to stick pretty close to
arch but do not have the time to build
an arch machine this is probably the
distro for you especially if you want to
try around with different desktop
there's only one live key or you get
one's much lighter weight installer I
did actually say early on that that it
was a 1.7 gigabyte installer that's
actually not entirely true because if
you go to their main website then you
can see that what i downloaded was
actually the live key and there is
actually a more bare-bones installer if
you know that you want to use this then
you can come down you can come down here
pick it up and you can just get the much
lighter weight one here
alright so here is we have the live I so
okay so the live I so is the one that
allows you to to test this out without
without installing it and said this is
about a 1.7 gigabyte file you can
download it directly the HTTP or through
a torrent um Nate pake make talk take
there you go if you do not generally use
a lot of torrents and you don't want to
install a torrent application remember
that the Opera browser is also a torrent
downloader and actually that's what i
use i don't use a lot of torrance but
sometimes I find downloading these via
torrent is a little bit faster a little
bit better than been doing so via HTTP
and so on my linux mint computer i have
opera installed and that's what I use I
use opera for downloading torrents
because i like to test things in there
anyway the minimal I so this guy here
actually will not have
the live key operations that will allow
you to simply download it and run the
installer you can see that's only 614
megabytes and so you do have the option
if you know that you like it and you
don't need to download that the much
larger size you can get the smaller size
and still run the installer without
without going directly into the desktop
environment so that is that is my take
on on the answer gas or Android Ross not
sure exactly have the correct
pronunciation it is a Spanish word i
believe and I've never taken spanish and
fortunately so that is the answer Josh
system and I really hope that you like
that and i hope that this open up your
eyes to yet another great linux distro
and with that being said thanks for
watching and I hope that you enjoy
switching to linux

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I had a look at Antergos in a quick first impression / microreview. The distro is sometimes referred to as an Arch installer, but it does that very well. The system runs well even on a virtualbox and many people who are long-term users of Antergos report stability.

Thanks to Fredrick for bringing the distro back to my attention.

You can find more information here: