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hello hello friends
my name is khan study the networks work in a company that is dedicated to
networks and
rooms services
I decided percent short videos must create explanations for consultations
in the producer swizz
application servers
Kozak one can see that they are ogesa that are difficult but become
fools of themselves
this means the video the idea
quero Kiir and up small
acts configurations
pesificadas not so much
So long story and there
perhaps future can change the whole situation of the sector the country
the fundamental idea his short life
with its safe there have been repeated brief explanation
I'll go up 2 percent above the xisco quipo and Yanni
that I have
Bouygues will use a software
ao po very naive people who work can
8 I have heard stop Cetes
in that it is a free software that can lose and can emulate what is
You can serve it so that you are as magical but this ideal
that all commands a difference there of what is
I refrain
as well
as mentioned in I'll try to upload
and eye equipment
I will look with your team and real
for feigning small and configurations and matching
models of how to do each
each design discount or
as configure it to do such a thing
perhaps as the first game but the future still little hope not
A) Yes
let the first case
p touched me that many people are complicated when they hit a router
truth as cisco
because it is different hunting Mexico believes pouet configured and ready
I call real is simply more settings per console
these large companies like yan and persists
is strong and together command is your console and there is his
although they have invented or have been created I go back and
User pri
all all kinds in the case leading console and came
in our market many many years and
many people get used to and work from the same manager console before
May is questions or touched me or spend that and
very difficult to move from web console but
seems to stay but accepts utility that case if they are bilingual
worry that complex rules with probes
the consell the first case alone make them a hoover dam in a room
how to get
computer internet hunt
It is like
indicating cisco
obama finally accepts a suitcase if cobos are those
monfils lucky my style had made in genetic knoll with
a mattress
good for one of the eternal and that tells us that one by Monthisa Niese
and also eight other kind of nothing
it can not be the goal but no impact
there are about 4 synco service in the fortnights and this
but good all an act overload
I will go also said that I had before
or the normal structure of our website
on the other hand
the cloud environment
and what we need poland those two worlds
a team that does not give
in this case usually the products
write this little
poor made by lara
rcc and dissimilar fact
who pass comment to the elite
to be used private league
the identity we have our milán
are not random p
It is a is
a rule that
kiss without irony and 13
It will take the public ip that are in Internet
as they are quite small Invías i the solution to the shortage
It was a
through a public ip that gives me my internet provider
I could take one
a wider range of private levees plan
through this configuration
yes notice that was because we have touched us Aziziyah
it is not that the schools are not bad Institute
It is already
giner have lied and steak and become very large large companies
that has a network
lan 12
91 points 1 point 1
united corresponding public internet
perhaps already not submitted luis montero someday when she anyone in
corresponding to the team murray
resolves public ip 91
she would not be able to see because their internal Latin detected
eye site noted this when it is
both when we are studying or when running a network
in practice
use one of these three banks
avoid future problems
despite not included
and continue milk
we are achieving this is not in that country
let's get products
in this case
clapton diagram imanol the monkey
i is not everything
small computer that can give it the previous session
listed on our
and let us not remove the fas it will not go off key
and I started Mosul
pt software as communicating this very real communication communes ago
to what other partners
as you mentioned that you are
Carlos are taken
our products
hd set everything
exist again be clear that the judge will occupy
In Malaga
i ip Internet
Internet ip always remember a
that was during your provider
where it is located
and st
because internet was recorded yesterday
they are the only ones
This value
ponce tissue apparent public lp
meanwhile our call themselves lancet
It denis in profe derived from dissipates
He tells me they are mnemonic topic
which say
min so no student or you know people who lie
the vícar
- Our cars and had to have started going to game consoles that
and part of the products
remember the good step and internal impolite of many SMEs in the command
with eight years
you can see
all present in products
and look osona this is often not
asked router comes with the interface off
if you plug in a cable
most likely not only because the door is off to
administratively down
ACAN indicated by this command roof
p will be full command tell the judge one could live in cisco and
in others that are good but today started yesterday with two full
mike indicates ACAN is actively under
Good to ensure our
i went fairly simple but they are not
we must
end entered configuration
we publish our face Actor
Internet in this case in which this poor did not want to do 2 0
i will add
that we are not touched us
in this case
percent in the test that I have are the following
Test the committee but I am playing very nice public
to realize that teva
and I began to door in turn and as the
activated by tucumán
and 80
there are fixed threw a lot of products
the door remains already found
finally we see our port art
that will enable us to domestic
forgiveness of fisticuffs with activity andré lima
like the previous place our ip
in this case it would be very sad
erika magín that can be used
often leaving again control sirte
and like the previous
let the boys
the sector left our
Interfax Internet
and we 30 users
we are adding a description
so that later we recognize
Trosel víctor flowers
0 1
Rays show
and let's see what we seasoning zero fifth to set a tournament system
many attendees hero 1
this set as the respective consultation
what are we missing
the gateway as weapons is knowledge and coma
which it indicates that our door and Sep to be
this can also be done to level fas unemployment
eye I demand and many suppliers
oscense team which consolidated
at present he does not
here they can also choose the rough torso as I already know the p
it is much more involved and 10
then returning shaping not do our interface that militated in
the earls of public
the fifth to miguel alarcón night
and turn our astonishment
I think we should try to do now
the first instance to nostra
on these days
perfect and we remember the exclamation francisco
that which is responding
if there is no exclamation as does this case or there exists pekín
example in the temple
clay jars
and points that
It does not mean it is not
that disc is dead
You may not get him the index in the little Jesus after
he reigned
p indicates that it is coming to us at the other end I insist you can
be a lighthouse Volpe got and shows this situation
what are you going to do
now do
thinkpad Ghubn
their property
we are reaching the gifts ee uu try uninsured
perfect and arrived at the hotel as
What I think
because what people there still unbuilt makes a new
I thought that with that and is ready and can not a computer
eye tpc's computer Genesee pretty coves
is typical not only know all this is not a consolation
Wii percent
for this item this month is simple but moncton
both southern command in Burgos
what are we going to do
let's see quispe have your pc or indicate that it has nothing
hills and bad place
- Facts few days
It is 24 correspond Interfax
one prove
Yugar speechless good of all
pulque if kaká
is assigned Ryback
his place the accent in this case the door implosions Product
You are checking whether there is sixto vizuete i seoul tape
and we will also give us all into being that will be the bereaved
Now censorship sun
to verify constructions
but as he as nations many think that with chacón structures
endesa their environment
let's try
Laso the stress test
the pc
I'm not the last being given topic
instead the product and what we are today
if you leave
We control that because there are four steps
therefore so
first he entered into two fas
the door brewer internet Internet
percent designate taking
this indicator is port will look
wings and technological or internal
now we started both proposals more
and indicates moss
with this command quito
this interface
glass of wine and piquín
retinal millet
that tells us if only in columbus
review a accessible
I will assign the number one
oo in this case will eject the kids as often Piris
eye is falling quite a list we need a axel and
it frightens
that if you look at river
1 correspond to 99 but below repeated again
as extended
and that in Madrid before the district
not some taxi drivers create 10 but not the unemployment foul
kirk in his command because of his highest success
it will allow them to receive
Aguil eye here for fall
I'm wrong
mention bad but she invents his sermon uis the helmet and mask in
and the most expensive of this network would be desirable that we are using
the turns that is the opposite
that's unheard
fourth command
'My pain' ok knows and inzaghi penalty
English accésit use chase
we want the ipe na inzaghi
liz souza 10 we just created
What we will do what we are going to throw an interface
easy to have zero zero roll is our seat interface
i what will be
The event began with that command would therefore an overload
with this configuration if
we look at the environment interface
with public seven
He added internal regaled indicate that is treated
and Lodging
and ended in the fifth to stand at 0 1 declared want to work
with their respective p rice that 19 18
and we are indicating that this interface will make you look
towards the lagoon or what goes all if internal
the proposal based
and here we have our
accésit díez which will allow one to one network pou heroes and 24
which i call this command
to overload serene sky and through interface
It will come out internal
tt and fashion
Leptin ovation navigate the uninsured
same command
8 8 8
i'll see what responds navigation
try to resolve site
now melancholies
and fixing our computer was delivered to the monitoring and
and that only four commands
aarp adding aarp I trust it is issued
today we had a relationship
no internet browsing asia
boy is everything percent and hope it is a video standard to follow
increasing future
and I hope that bridges iz up tables
therefore all is well practiced with the one to be unwrapping any
I will upload
also servers and other brands and configurations
di simply there too at some point and when
from the bench
for consultations in Monza
team as a favorite thing
and we do not know

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El video se basa en el software GNS3 para configurar un router cisco y ver su configuración básica desde consola para poder navegar a Internet.