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hi everyone today I'm doing a
tutorial on the character from
the movie frozen
and yes i'm going to show you
guys how you can look like the
beautiful and regal Queen Elsa
i love how she learned to accept
who she was in the movie by
letting it all go
so if you want to look like
Queen Elsa then keep watching
so first take your foundation
sponge and i love that this one
looks like a flower and i'm just
going to take the pedal off make
sure it's dampened and then i'm
going to pick up the lightest
liquid foundation that I have
and I'm gently going to Pat that
all over my face
now that your skin looks as
brightest not take your powder
foundation and just apply it all
over your face with your kabuki
Queen Elsa's browser thin and
arched and their dark brown
so take your dark brown I
brought cake and your angled
brush and just start shaping
your brows
I love her eye makeup just
because i love applying purple
to my eyes
so now i'm going to take this
really pigmented purple
eyeshadow and apply it on the
corners of my eyelids
next I'm going to pick up this
really pretty light purple
eyeshadow and this is going to
go right on the center of my
then I'm going to take this
pinkish red eyeshadow which I
would usually not where but Elsa
rocks it so I'm just going to
apply this on the corner of my
purple eyeshadow and blend it
really well to make my eyes look
more animated
I'm going to take my black
eyeshadow and i'm just going to
start creating the stone shape
which is similar to else's
then I'm going to take my jet
black eyeliner and i'm going to
start lining it from the inner
eye corners and just dragging it
across the upper lash line and
make sure the line is really
thick and after that you can
lightly wing it at the corner
now i'm going back with a purple
eyeshadow and lining my lower
lash line also has that really
cute button shape knows almost
similar to rapunzel
so I'm just going to contour
that and then I'm going to take
my light brown eyebrow pencil
just to create freckles
underneath my eyes and all my
now i'm just going to use the
help of my white eyeliner to
make my eyes look bigger and
also eyelashes make all the
difference so I'm going to take
this beautiful long lashes and
just start gluing them on my
upper lash line
i'm also going to add some lower
lashes just because my lower
lashes are barely visible
compared to Elsa
and I'm gonna finish off my eye
makeup using my favorite
drugstore mascara
for the blush i'm going to take
this paper blush which i think
is pretty meet and then I'm just
going to rub that paper on the
sides of my cheeks and also a
little bit on my nose
for the lips i'm going to take
this raspberry red lip liner and
else's lips are a lot smaller
than mine so I'm just going to
start creating a new lip shape
and just feeling that in also
her upper lip is a lot darker
than her lower lip
so after you're done filling the
lower lip then dab a little bit
of blush on top
I can't be also with my dark
hair so I'm just going to put on
my wig cap and here's this
gorgeous blonde wig that
<operand> four </operand> from
<operand> four </operand>
workshop made for me and I'm
just going to put that on and
style it a little bit
now that my hair and makeup is
done i'm going to show you guys
my else address so i got the
beaded blue skirt and the fabric
for my back from ebay and I made
the sequin corset going all the
blue sequins individually on it
the blast is actually a light
blue panty hose which I
decorated with glitter
and that's how you guys can look
like the beautiful Queen Elsa
also if you guys want to build a
snowman with me then don't
forget to click this link and
i'll show you guys how you can
make your own
no laughs so thanks for watching
and until next time take care
and bye bye

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I asked you what you wanted for Christmas last december and many of you answered saying You wished I did a Tutorial on Queen Elsa from Frozen. Since I could actually make that wish come True..Here it is even though its a tad bit late.
The movie Frozen was Awesome. I like that this wasn't the usual Girl finds true love story it was actually about sisterly love. I have 3 sisters of my own so the story was really refreshing.

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Instagram : PromiseTamang

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Music in this video is used under license from the rights holder
by : James King

How to make Olaf the Snowman Tutorial :

Products Used:
Soho Petal Beauty Sponge
Makeup Forever Hd Liquid Foundation
bareMinerals Powder Foundation
Too Faced Eyebrow Kit
Urban Decay Ammo Eyeshadow Palette ( Purple,Light Purple & Black)
NYX Pink Eyeshadow
Makeup Forever Black Gel Liner
Bh Cosmetics Eyelashes
Etude House Lower Lashes
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Lancome White Eyeliner
Mai Couture Pink Blush Papier
Makeup Forever Burgundy Lipliner
Blue contacts : G&G Gbt blue

Elsa Wig : Axel wig Shop

Elsa Dress
Ebay : Blue Sequin fabric, Blue Corset, Beaded Blue Skirt/Dress, Light Blue Panty Hose
Tree House Studio : Mermaid Sequins
Michaels : Glitter

Thanks for Watching !!!